What is a potential consumer?

The potential consumer is the person with whom you want to connect a company by transmitting the qualities of a product or service that may be of interest to it. It is a consumer that at some point in the future, can reach a purchase, moving from this framework of potentiality to the present objective act. The company wants to take care of those buyers with whom it has established a loyalty bond, but also seeks contact with other possible protagonists. In fact, a regular customer can be a link to reach other people through the value of recommendations based on individual experience.


What is the reason why a business develops marketing campaigns with which to connect with a larger target audience? This possibility also deduces the growth and evolution of the project, otherwise, there may be a stagnation that puts profitability at risk if the number of sales is low.


Commercial Action Plan

In order for this encounter with a potential profile to become a reality, the entity does not adopt a reactive position in this process, but rather develops a proactive action plan through different resources, for example, a marketing plan, a customer service strategy customer, the analysis of the characteristics of the buyer person , communication in social networks …


It is important that the interlocutor knows the company and the value proposition of its catalog. That does not mean that all potential profiles actually place an order at some time, but from the point of view of the potential of what may happen in the future, this option does exist. A probability that brings meaning to the daily work of the team that makes up this project.



Buyer Persona Analysis

It is advisable to recognize what are the characteristics of this profile to be able to visualize it and position this potential client at the center of the company’s strategy. A company that seeks to position itself in a market must also keep in mind what its target is. What do the products and services of the business contribute to this group of people?


It is convenient to carry out this analysis according to the properties of each project, since an entity that has a varied range of commercial options, having carried out a commercial diversification strategy, can address different profiles. From a practical point of view, a proposal connects with the satisfaction of a need. A concept, that of necessity, that brings a meaning to the link between a store and that potential customer that may, at some point, become a regular buyer.


The answer around what is the profile of the buyer person, which offers the perspective of the qualities that describe the features of this future buyer, gives you clues to transfer this information to the reality of the project. For example, it can help you decide which are the most important social networks in which the company should be because that is where this population group is mainly located.


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