What is the voluntary price for the small consumer

The Voluntary Price for the Small Consumer is a type of light rate. The Ministry of Industry, Commerce and Tourism is responsible for regulating the value of this concept. The contracting of the PVPC formula replaces the previously known as the last resort rate. Different marketing entities propose this type of proposal among their services. The customer who has chosen this type of rate can check this term through the informative document of the electricity bill.

Information on the voluntary price for the small consumer

One of the characteristics of hiring a service under this modality is that the information presented is simple and clear to the reader. For example, this type of formula ignores the possible addition of other data that are exposed in small print. Therefore, if you have any doubt about it you can read the content of it.


In addition, when a customer contacts a company to learn about all the characteristics of this regulated market offer, that entity can provide all the information about the conditions that must be met to choose this contract. There are different types of variables around the PVPC. In some cases, the choice of this type of contract has the particularity that the price of the electricity rate varies depending on the time of day. There are specific times when this good has a higher cost and other times when the price is lower.

In this way, this fact can enhance savings at certain times of the day by reducing the value of the invoice. When a customer chooses this proposal for the hourly price, they must also have a digital counter that provides information about the activity in each period of the day.

What are the reference marketers

In addition, the person has the possibility of acquiring a new modality at a certain time if this is their preference, being able to enjoy this service again in the future through the proposed Voluntary Price for the Small Consumer. What other alternatives exist to the PVPC? For example, a proposal fromfree market. Those who have the opportunity to choose this type of contract can read the list of the names of the reference marketers through the website of the National Commission of Markets and Competition (these entities are those that can offer this rate ). The electricity market is one of the areas of action of this commission that supervises the proper functioning of this space, as well as the degree of competition.


One of the requirements that must be met by the customer who chooses this type of contract is that consumption should not exceed 10 kW of power. In conclusion, the voluntary price for the small consumer is a type of proposal regulated by the Ministry of Industry, Commerce and Tourism that we have commented on in this article.


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