What is a Chromebook and what is it for?

Chromebooks are portable computers that run on Google’s desktop operating system. It is a system developed by the Google company and it can be used connected to the internet.

This new tool is based on Google services and is used to access programs , tools and files through the online world . In addition, through the Gmail account you can access the entire Google system to use the Chromebook. Here you will know the best products, tools and services that Google offers .

This computer also includes a multimedia player and all this is synchronized in the cloud, for example in Google Drive, for this reason, when you want to use the Chromebook without an internet connection, it will have limited functionality. In turn, the applications for this computer can be installed through the Chrome web store.

Find out what a Chromebook is and what it’s for

In these computers, USB devices can be used without any inconvenience , in addition, most tend to come with less storage than what you are used to. It seeks that everything is online and that everything is stored in the cloud. Reason why it has 100 GB of space in Google drive, the folders found in Drive can be synchronized to your PC

It should be noted that they have affordable prices and it is not necessary to have hardware for their operation. For this reason, laptops that have Chrome OS are called Chromebooks .

The Chromebook is an ideal computer for surfing the internet, in turn, these computers are multi-user, adding another Gmail account will all remain as if it had been configured with it. Also, this computer does not need an antivirus, since it has the security of the cloud.

It is important to understand that the Chromebook originated in 2010, since in that year the Chrome Notebook Cr-48 was launched as a pilot test. From that moment the manufacturers began to create the new models.

Also, these computers have great autonomy, this is one of the most remarkable points of the hardware, reaching models that include up to 10 hours of autonomy. 

Chromebook Features and Benefits

Among the advantages of these computers is the “packaged apps” , these are applications available for Chrome OS that can work without being connected to the internet. Similarly, Google’s work apps, Google docs, Google drive, among others, work offline.

Then another of the important advantages of Chromebooks is that it has built-in storage in Google drive . When you buy a Chromebook you have two years of 100 GB storage for free.

Competitive prices, Chromebooks have relatively inexpensive prices which vary between $ 200 and $ 300. This is a plus, as users value this advantage.

In the same way, they have constant updates and without viruses , these computers are always up to date, since Google always updates the operating system. Therefore, each update will improve the Chromebook, this is a great progress for the laptop.

It is important to mention that another advantage of the Chromebook is that it is compatible with Dropbox . For this reason, you can continue using your online storage system without any inconvenience.

It should also be noted that laptops are very fast, this progress is due to the improvements that Google constantly makes in its operating system. The Chromebook takes only 8 seconds to turn on and once it is operational, the apps and the browser will work quickly.

Chromebooks are personalized, you just have to log in with your Google account and password and it will configure everything to your liking including bookmarks, extensions, and you can install apps . This system allows you to automatically access the storage you have on your drive. Everything will be perfectly synchronized.

In conclusion, Chromebooks have been evolving rapidly subject to constant changes. Which is why many people want to access these laptops.


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