How to install and run Windows on a Chromebook?

You bought a Chromebook for its excellent value for money , but you don’t like its operating system. It doesn’t matter, you have the possibility to install and run Windows on your PC by following this step-by-step tutorial.


  • What is a Chromebook?
  • How to install and run Windows on a Chromebook?

What is a Chromebook?

They are the new devices called PCs or laptops that have the Chrome OS operating system integrated . It was created by Google to compete with other systems like Windows and Mac.

Its system is quite simple, but intuitive enough to work using it comfortably. From Chrome OS you can access all Google functions and associate it with your personal account.

It is useful for doing office work and viewing multimedia content. It also includes its own store that, although it does not have many applications, has games available to entertain the little ones in the house.

Chromebooks are usually quite light and are mostly convertible. They are mostly multi touch.

How to install and run Windows on a Chromebook?

If, even after knowing all the benefits Chrome OS offers, you want to switch to Windows, you just have to follow a series of steps.

Find out what your Chromebook model is

This will allow you to know if you can actually install Windows on the Chromebook and with which version of the operating system it is compatible . There are pages and forums specialized in publishing this type of information.

Do a Google search for the phrase Chrultrabook Subreddit and open that sub-forum. It is a community dedicated to installing Windows on Chromebook.

Necessary materials

  • Use a USB mouse and keyboard. Chromebook built-in hardware versions are typically not compatible with Windows. You can search the internet for a third-party driver, but it is at your own risk to do so.
  • Pendrive with the ISO of the Windows OSthat you are going to install. There are applications specialized in creating and mounting disk images on a pendrive, choose the one that best suits your needs.

Backup all your information

Chrome OS is an operating system that is associated with your Google account so much of your information is in the cloud or you can upload it to the cloud to back up your photos and videos . It is worth saving all the information that is valuable to you on a disk , since the installation process will be erased from the disk.

Remove the internal protection from the Chromebook

The first thing you have to do is remove the internal protection of the Chromebook to be able to modify the BIOS. It is a protection screw or a switch that is located on the motherboard, so you have to open the device.

Activate developer mode

After removing the protection, turn on the Chromebook in developer mode by pressing the Esc + Refresh + Power button . On a conventional keyboard the Refresh button is usually found on the F3 key.

When you turn on the first thing you will see is a screen with the message ” Chrome OS is missing or damaged .” Do not panic, now use the combination keys Ctrl + D and then Enter to disable the verification of the operating system.

Press Ctrl + Alt + T to open the terminal. Then type Shell and hit the Enter key.

Now in the crosh of Chrome write the command cd ~; curl –L –O // . An .sh file will be downloaded and must be run in administrator mode.

Run Coreboot

A new interface opens where you must select the option ” Custom coreboot firmware (full ROM) ” by pressing the 3 key. Then press the Y key and then the U.

The Legacy option must be deselected. This configuration allows you to run the Windows installer. Now reboot to begin the installation process.

Install windows

Insert the USB stick into the Chromebook to start the Windows installer. At startup choose the option GPT partition scheme for UEFI and NTFS .

Now select the Create startup disk using option and choose the Windows ISO image. From here on, the Windows installation process begins,  which is quite intuitive. Just select the partition where you want to install and do all the requested settings.


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