What is 4G technology?

If you are new to the field of mobile networks and want to know more about it, then you have reached the right post. Next, we will explain in great detail everything you need to know to better understand LTE or 4G technology. Faced with this 4th generation network, it is good to know its difference with the 3G network . In this way you will learn first-hand all the basic information on the subject.

Without a doubt, these new networks have revolutionized the way we connect from our mobile devices. That is why it seems important to us to highlight certain aspects that we must know to be up to date in the world of technology. If you want to know a little more about it, then we invite you to continue reading. Let’s get to it!

What is 4G technology?

In this first section we will give you an open mouth so that you understand the basics about 4G quickly and easily. First of all, the acronym 4G stands for “4th generation” and is a type of internet connection that has been available to the public for a few years now. Regarding its operation, it is based on the IP protocol. This network system is executed by the interaction and operation that exists between wireless networks .

However, the 4G network cannot work on its own, as it needs to interact with LTE technology to improve its bandwidth. In this way, it greatly improves connectivity through this network and allows us to upload our files to the web without problems. In addition, we can also enjoy our favorite content in streaming, due to this improvement in connectivity that is achieved due to the interaction of LTE technology.

What is LTE technology?

To begin, you have to know that the acronyms mean ” Long Term Evolution ” (in Spanish it means long-term evolution). This network uses broadband technology to allow data transmission to access the internet.

Basically, LTE is the replacement generation for the GSM networks that were used a few years ago. In addition, LTE is responsible for complementing 4G technology to increase connection speed. That is why we must emphasize that both LTE and 4G are different and that they complement each other to improve connectivity.

Most significant difference between both networks

This time we will talk a little about the main differences that exist between 4G and LTE networks . Regarding speed, 4G networks are more limited compared to LTE networks. To give you an idea, the maximum connection speed that we will obtain with the 4G network will be 150 mbps.

On the contrary, if we are connected to an LTE network we can experience a speed of approximately 450 mbps . That is why if we talk only about connection speed, the LTE network comes out as the winner.

On the other hand, you should bear in mind that this difference in connection speed is not noticeable while we use social networks or instant messaging apps. Where we will notice this difference will be when downloading or uploading files to the cloud , while making video calls and when we are watching streaming content.

After considering the broad benefits of the 4th generation (4G) network, we leave you a tutorial that gives suggestions to activate it on your smartphone and enjoy this technology. If you liked this content, we hope it has cleared you of doubts; then don’t forget to share it with your community or anyone who may need the information.


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