What are the differences between Unix and Linux

The development of new technologies has allowed us to achieve significant achievements today. Electronic devices such as a mobile phone, a tablet and a computer are indispensable tools today to carry out work or activities.

However, all electronic devices require exclusive technologies to be called “smart” and the starting point is their operating system . Which specifically speaking is the nucleus and point of origin of the correct functioning of these artifacts.

An operating system is a program that contains a group of programs in the same way . Each required to carry out various activities on the device or computer; such as the program in charge of executing the download of files from any platform to the computer.

Unix and Linux as an operating system

The operating system of a computer is a collection of programs arranged to carry out various actions. There are currently more than ten software or operating systems available in the world. Although the best known are Linux, Unix, Windows and Mac, here you can know the differences and similarities of these operating systems

The navigation software of a computer is without a doubt something essential. Without it, actions as basic as writing a text document, downloading files, editing images, visiting web pages through the internet and many other activities would be impossible.

Linux and Unix are closely related as both operating systems are created with a specific and modular vision . However, the number of actions that can be carried out are different, and the number of programs available in each one is different.

Linux and Unix features

Linux is an operating system typical of a common computer, it performs actions similar to those of Windows Mac or DOS software. Basically Linux can be considered as the ideal program for any computer, since it allows you to execute basic and complex actions , including saving multimedia files, writing text documents and downloading programs or applications.

Unix was developed with a minimalist vision , it is a program designed to carry out concrete actions. In other words, the Unix operating system allows for basic and simple activities . Although currently Unix works in conjunction with MacOs and its main function is to allow the corporation’s mobile devices to enter the web. Here you can find out all the versions of the Mac OS operating system.

Undoubtedly, these two operating systems have a lot to talk about, being used constantly. In the same way and although both allow to carry out different tasks, through the use of the computer, there are some differences. Next we will introduce you to the most common ones.


Unix, although not the first operating system in history, is the first system with the greatest influence since it was launched on the market in 1969. It is basic and fairly simple software that encompasses a short range of available options.

The initial version of Unix was available in the digital market by means of payment . However, there are current versions that are free. Unix was designed to run web access programs and large workstations.


Linux was launched on the market in mid-1995, as a result of a project by the young Linus Torvalds, who set out to develop an operating system with a code similar to that of Unix.

Although it is currently directed to operate on computers and perform its own actions. A Unlike Unix which works on mobile devices in most cases. Although Linux was made based on how Unix works, its uses are different.

Currently, Linux offers the public totally free versions . The operating software has undergone modifications over the years and its main version has more resources necessary to carry out activities on a computer with innovative technology. You can know all the versions of the Linux system and its characteristics.

Today this operating system offers great advantages. In the same way, it allows  showing hidden files in the Linux terminal among other actions, which make it one of the most complete and favorite systems.

We can say that although Unix and Linux are operating systems and one was created based on the other, both have different operation codes and are aimed at different classes of devices and users.


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