What is MU-MIMO technology and how can it improve Wi-Fi speed?

With advances in technology, we are connecting less and less with the help of cables. Whether it is to a general network or to a specific device, everything is done wirelessly. And there is no doubt that this makes the connection process a lot easier .

And another way to connect wirelessly is with MU-MIMO technology. If you want to know how it works, no problem, because today we show you what MU-MIMO technology is and how it can improve Wi-Fi speed .

In the event that you have been able to measure the connection speed of your internet  and you have realized that it is slower than normal, then the MU-MIMO technology will be your salvation.

In other words, you will no longer have to resort to homemade methods, such as making a Wi-Fi signal repeater or amplifier so that the Wi-Fi speed increases considerably.

What is MU-MIMO technology?

Not being a very mentioned name, you are surely wondering what MU-MIMO technology is. Well, this new technology allows that, without losing the speed of the internet, there can be many devices connected to a router.

Today it is quite common for a single Wi-Fi router to have a large number of connected devices . Whether they are phones, tablets, televisions, among others, in a home there is always more than one device using Wi-Fi, as they need an internet connection.

So, seeing this situation, the ideal is to use MU-MIMO technology . This makes it possible that, by having several devices connected to Wi-Fi, the quality and speed of the connection is not affected.

How can MU-MUMO technology improve Wi-Fi speed?

There is no doubt that this technology can be very useful in any home today. Not only does it make it possible to connect multiple devices, but it also greatly improves the quality and speed of the connection.

In addition, this technology can be very beneficial for small and large companies. This is because these normally have offices that have more than one device connected to the internet network.

Without a doubt, this technology improves the internet of the WiFi router to be able to play online , watch streams, make videoconferences and search the web quickly.

In fact, today MU-MIMO technology has become one of the first options when it comes to accelerating the internet to the maximum .

What should you take into account when using MU-MIMO technology?

As with any technology today, there are certain factors to consider when using MU-MIMO technology .

Since MU-MIMO technology is very different from others used by Wi-Fi routers, it is worth investigating further. In this way, you can use it correctly.

Here are some factors that you should take into account when using MU-MIMO technology, so that you can get the most out of it.

  • It does not have an unlimited capacity: although it is true that it allows several devices to connect to a router at the same time, its capacity has a maximum limit of 3 or 4 devices. Otherwise, your speed will be slightly affected.
  • Only works on the 5Ghz band: Because it is part of the Wi-Fi AC standard, MU-MIMO technology will only send data to devices on the 5Ghz band.
  • MU-MIMO technology uses beamforming: Unlike other such technologies, MU-MIMO sends data specifically to the device that requested it using beamforming. It does not send data randomly.
  • Devices do not need more than one antenna: although using multiple antennas with MU-MIMO technology can improve connection speed, this is not necessary.
  • Can only be used by compatible devices: To use MU-MIMO technology, you need to have devices that are compatible with it.
  • Channel width does not matter: this technology accepts any channel width.
  • It is really safe: since the MU-MIMO technology encodes the data before sending it, it allows to have a very secure network. In this way, only the device that requested the data can decode it.

We also recommend that, if you want to use MU-MIMO technology, buy the most modern routers in trusted stores. Whether online, such as Amazon , or a physical store, try to make it a safe and reliable store.

We hope that all this information can be useful to you, and that you can enjoy a quality internet connection .


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