What are the characteristics of Comic Life?

The comic emerges as one of the first mass media . It is characterized by narrating events with static representations through illustrations combined with texts to offer an explanation of what is exposed in the image.

To create these comics digitally you can use the Comic Life tool , an easily accessible program that allows you to comfortably create comics with bullet points and other elements.

What is ComicLife? – Elements and Characteristics

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  1. Everything you need to know about Comic Life
  2. What are the elements of Comic Life?
  3. What are the characteristics of Comic Life?

Everything you need to know about Comic Life

  • It is an application to create comics from the PC.
  • To download it you must: open your default browser, search for the official comic life page, select the Get Comic Life option, 3 options will be displayed where you must decide between downloading it free for 30 days, updating it when the free version expires or buying it directly.

It is a fairly lightweight program that requires your computer to have a Windows 7, 8 or 10 operating system.

  • We recommend you save your work in PDF, so they will be more attractive for your readers.
  • It is quite user friendly interface.
  • It is important to have a draft of the comic that you want to elaborate, so that in the program you only get to capture your ideas.
  • Before starting the work you must have all the images collected (photos, drawings made by you and images downloaded from the internet) of the theme you want to develop.
  • You can place a style for each page.
  • Making use of different fonts and sizesis decisive to assertively convey your ideas and emotions.

What are the elements of Comic Life?

There are many narrative, literary and visual elements that you will find with this great Comic Life tool, below we will show you some:

  • The vignette: It is that box made up of lines that represents a moment in history. These vignettes can be represented in different ways within a comic,such as round, rectangular and irregular figures that provide a unique and different air to the development of the story.
  • The balloon or sandwich: It is the graphic representation that marks a dialogue in the story, it is identified by transmitting to the reader situations where the character is screaming, thinking, talking or expressing some kind of emotion.
  • Cartouche or supporting text: It is a rectangular space that houses a text that accompanies or supports what is shownin a scene, it is usually located in a corner of the story and is colored in a distinctive color such as yellow or red. It also works to give continuity to the narrated story by placing the reader in a certain place or time.
  • Onomatopoeia: It is a writing that represents sounds,giving a specific atmosphere or situation to the cartoon within a scene. Generally, it usually personifies a blow or an explosion, combining with other elements such as the vignette.
  • Planes: In the comic, as well as in the cinema, they are essential to show a scene because they represent the angle of vision within the comic. In the comic we will find: The great general shot, general shot, full shot, American shot, low angle shot, medium shot and the detailed shot.
  • Importance of the text: The type of text in the comic takes a visual value when it comes to representing a graphic piece in the text, since it locates the reader in a certain time and place. In addition to strengthening the plot in the scene and giving meaning to the image. For example: If the text is bold, it represents a change in the character’s tone of voice.
  • Visual influences that the comic takes for its narration: It takes painting, Egyptian hieroglyphs, cinema and photography as influences.

What are the characteristics of Comic Life?

  • Blank templates and default templates.
  • Different comic styles: education, certificates, life stories, blank sheets, classic and stylish blank sheets.
  • Magnifying glasses to zoom in, adjust and zoom out.
  • It contains different ways to write dialogues.
  • Allows you to insert images from any location on your computer.
  • You can put multiple templates in a single file.
  • It offers a solid color palette and allows for gradients.
  • It offers a large number of characters to illustrate titles or dialogue.
  • You can make titles and layouts bigger or smaller.
  • It has several types of frames and borders for images.
  • It has automatic spell checker.


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