How To Use Letgo?

It is a well-known application designed for the sale of used things. You must distinguish it very well from other applications such as Mercado Libre because if you upload an article that is apparently new, the website will immediately take care of deleting your publication because that goes against the purpose of the application, which is to sell second-hand things.

Of the things that are sold you can find a great variety, such as cars, clothes, cell phones, appliances, kitchen utensils, toys, among others. Little by little it gains popularity and seeks to compete with other social networks like Facebook that do it through a marketplace .

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  1. What is and how to use Letgo?
  2. How to pay with Letgo in an easy way
  3. What are Letgo’s payment methods?

What is and how to use Letgo?

You may be wondering what is letgo? The truth is that it is a digital store of used items, which allows you to get what you are looking for according to your location in real time, that is, examine the closest addresses that are offering the object you want. In the same way, it gives you the possibility to find out if the article is available on a site in your city, province or specific address.

  • It offers you a main menu with a series of categoriessuch as: nearby ads, electronics, clothing, accessories, sports, hobbies, home, garden, bar, vehicles, music, movies, books, babies, children, games, among other categories.
  • If you are interested in selling something used, you must: Press the box called sell, select the category that includes your product, include some details (title and description) in at least 5 characters, upload a photo that you want to include in the publication, set a price , confirm your location and review your contact information.
  • Once the ad is uploaded, people who are close to your location will be prioritized above all inorder to make it easier to make appointments.
  • If what you want is to haggle, clarify doubts or offer your product in a personalized way, this valuable application has a chat that allows you to get in touch via messageor voice note with people who want to buy or sell an item. We recommend using the internal chat of the application.
  • It has sections such as: My Ads, where you can see the publications of what you are selling; My Account, which is where we have our billing, options to configure the profile, help and support; followers since they can and you can follow users of the application like any social network.
  • Once you find the article of your choice, you will have access to the following: 1. Save the announcement in favorites, to consult it later. 2. Send it to your possibly interested contacts with the share option. 3. Check the seller’s information, photograph and address where the item is.

Possibility of making an offer to the seller below what is stipulated, in case the seller accepts you can start the final negotiation through the internal chat of the application.

  • If you’ve been the victim of a fraud, scam, or find the post suspicious, you have the option to report the seller in the app. When you report technical support, it will offer a prompt response, since the application is constantly updated.
  • You can publish endless articles, because for publishing, selling or buying you are not charged any type of commission. The app earns money by monetizing the ads displayed on its platform.

How to pay with Letgo in an easy way

As the Letgo application does not have a payment platform and by collecting in person you can be a victim of a scam with fake money. We recommend you to use the payment market platform which allows you as a buyer to pay with credit cards, debit cards and even pay with cash.

Once the money is on the platform, you can send it to the buyer just by typing an email address and the latter, in turn, can send it directly to their bank accounts. In addition, Mercadopago allows you to make collection or payment notifications via electronic correspondence.

What are Letgo’s payment methods?

After negotiating and reaching an agreement, it is necessary to clarify that this application simply acts as a link between the buyer and the seller. Therefore , it does not have a payment platform, but the payment is made between individuals , since Letgo does not manage the payment and does not keep any type of commission.


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