What are the best programs to make videos with photos and music?

Surely you have participated in an important event with family and friends, such as weddings, graduations, anniversaries or vacations. In these special moments, photos are never lacking, and perhaps you agree that, by joining them, you can make videos with photos and music so that the memories become more than just captured images.

If you also add a piece of music, the experience is even better. Do you want to make a video with photos and music? At miracomosehace.com we explain how to achieve it.

Currently there are a good number of programs that will help you achieve this, and they are very easy to use. Even if it’s the first time you try it, with these programs you can create videos with photos and music like a professional, quickly and easily. You can even make Glitch transition effects on texts with Filmora to give a unique touch to your videos with images.

Programs to create videos

  • iMovie: It is a simple, free and practical program to create videos with the photos and music of your choice. You can work with it from your mobile device or your computer, without any complications. It also allows you to superimpose an image and make a Picture in Picture effect , to give an attractive touch to the images displayed in the video.
  • VideoPad: This program is very useful for what you want to do. It is a fantastic multimedia editor with multiple functions where you will obtain impressive results at no cost. Its interface is very similar to that of Windows Movie Maker, if you have used it it will be familiar to you.
  • VideoLan Movie Creator: It is a sister creation of the famous ¨VLC¨ video player. This free tool will allow you to easily and quickly create your videos with photos and music on computers with Windows, macOS and Linux operating systems. Videolan Movie Creator supports almost all video formats.
  • Ezvid: It is extremely similar to Movie Maker, so you have a fairly comfortable editing program . Its interface is very intuitive, if you don’t have much experience you can still carry out your project with ease. It is available only for Windows.
  • Wondershare Filmora: It is one of the best programs to create videos using photos and music, in fact many youtubers use it. It has multiple tools with which you can easily apply many effects , obtaining wonderful results.
  • ShotCut: It has a very friendly interface so that you can make fantastic pieces easily and without further editing knowledge. You will feel like a professional generating audiovisual content.

The best programs and applications in Spanish to create videos with photos and music

To create your video with photos and music, you need excellent programs that allow you to give it a special and unique touch. For example, you can learn to edit videos in Premiere Pro CC in Spanish quickly and easily. Other programs that you can use are the following:

  • MovieZilla Movie Maker: It is an easy editor to manipulate, since it has basic functions . It is recommended for those with little or no experience in creating videos.
  • Videoblend: It is a simple program, and quite complete, for those looking for quick editions .
  • VivaVideo: It has very efficient and fast software, with which you can create even movies in a few minutes.  Apply transition effects and achieve an attractive and another level work.
  • Flipagram: It is a basic program that allows you to create videos with photos and music on iPhone. It also works as a social network where you can automatically share your creations.
  • Cute CUT: It is an application in Spanish that you can download on Android and iOS systems. Although it has quite simple functions, you will be able to create your videos with photos and music with personalized texts or drawings to give them a special touch.
  • Magistro: Noted for its speed. It is so fast that in a few minutes you will have your creations ready, something favorable if you came up with this initiative at the last minute. You can download the app on Android or iOS mobiles, either as a professional or a beginner.
  • KineMaster: Although it is somewhat limited, it is still practical when it comes to making your videos for free . If you have a mobile you will have movie results.
  • VSDC Free Video Editor – It is quite powerful free software with the best editing features. It is capable of supporting 4K resolution creations , perfect for those looking for professional results.
  • Inshot:  Contains highly sought after effects and transitions. Some only download the app for these outstanding reasons they can’t get anywhere else.

These are some of the programs with which you can make your  videos with photos, music and animations on the computer to share them with family and friends or to represent a project in front of potential clients. Be the best in the world of video editing.


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