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If you are looking to generate income from the comfort of your home why not give the world of Wanaka Farm a try ?, this is one of the newest NFT games in the industry, currently it can only be played on computer, but according to Developer feedback on upcoming updates will be available for mobile.

If you have already played Plants vs Undead you know how these types of games are structured, however Wanaka has at your disposal a series of information about their roles and development , if you are thinking of generating income it is good to read carefully what we have for you.

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  1. What information can you find on the Pitchdeck?
    1. Sound and game overview
    2. How the Wanaka universe works
    3. Who is the target audience
    4. Building Blocks
    5. What to do if you are a novice farmer
    6. How game assets work
    7. Production house
    8. Breeding house
    9. Lifecycle
    10. How to make combinations of miscegenation
    11. What will be the distribution of the tokens
    12. Blockchain
    13. AR and VR development 19
    14. Technology and technical matrix
    15. Community governance
    16. Community events
  2. What is the information on the Wanaka Farm Green Paper?
    1. Opportunity overview
    2. Value proposal
    3. The future of farms in Wanaka
    4. Farm sound
    5. How to expand a farm
    6. Use of funds in your account
    7. Market strategy
    8. Roadmap
    9. The competitive landscape
    10. Team and partners

What information can you find on the Pitchdeck?

The proposal book for this game is a bit complicated to get, this is due to the recent nature of the game, however we save you hours of searches and we summarize in the following points everything you need to know about the game, so that you can evaluate them for yourself yourself before you start playing.

Sound and game overview

With regard to the sound , it has a fairly harmonious melody basis and some shades that are not too consistent, you have the possibility of changing its intensity in the configuration section.

Regarding the view of the game, the graphics are quite sharp and it is a very basic 2D farm view, there have been comments that have expectations of raising the quality to even bring it to virtual reality.

How the Wanaka universe works

The game works under the mode of farm production and obtaining the products, so acquiring the land and other basic products are essential to make both your crops and livestock prosper.

This is what is interesting about the game because not only can you produce food from the land, you must also strive to maintain optimal conditions for any offspring that in the future provide derivative products to prosper.

Who is the target audience

The game consists of production of products within the farm, so its public objective consists of two things : to make your farm prosper and obtain the products, the greater the amounts, the more tokens you can obtain.

Building Blocks

There are several sections that you can find in the game, we made a list with some of them, so that you know what awaits you within this universe:

  1. Lands: The game consists of production, so you can acquire the land as plots within which you can produce, you have to choose between: basic, lake, forest and sea, the price varies according to the properties or benefits.
  2. Rarity: This is linked to the lands, each one of them has its properties to make the harvested product with more value and in less time. You can view it as follows: Common, Uncommon, Rare, Legendary, Mythical, and Immortal.
  3. Energy and its level: Every day each user is assigned an energy charge that, as the tasks are carried out, is consumed and that after a while can be recharged. Likewise, it can be extended according to the time you are playing.

What to do if you are a novice farmer

The first tip is to get your plot with the design of the game you can choose between renting a land or having one, take the one that suits you best, buy seeds and start, you must take into account aspects such as seasons and similar elements.

How game assets work

The game has a series of assets with which you can ensure your NFTs, some of them have their own particularities, for example: the land, the seeds, since they are of two classes, those that are genetically modified and the basic ones.

Similarly, other assets are :

  • The cultivation articles: in which the animals and plants of the game enter.
  • The harvested items: they will be used to be modified or fulfill some missions.
  • Building Items: As the name implies, they are to improve the material conditions surrounding the farm.

Production house

They are centers within the same game that have for you the possibility of combining some elements obtained from the farm, to generate a completely new product that has been derived from the original. According to official information, these houses will charge with the WAI currency, it works separately from the house where combinations are made in the seeds or cattle.

Breeding house

This house is exclusive for farmers who hope to be able to make modifications to their products or assets, from genetic alterations to the seeds to obtaining leafy trees are the activities that are expected to be carried out, even the amount to carry out these activities is not known, but at As in the production house, the internal currency to be used will be the WAI.


One of the curiosities of the game is that you can perform certain actions with the assets, including deciding if you fulfill their life cycle that begins with the sowing of the seed and harvesting it until it becomes a harvested food. Or you take the risk of modifying it to turn it into another good, this is not always favorable, it will depend on the conditions and the seasons.

How to make combinations of miscegenation

You can combine a series of products, for this you must take into consideration how they are compatibility because there are some species that are not and the game will not allow you to meet the objective.

What will be the distribution of the tokens

The game covers a total of 500,000,000 which would sum up 100% of the tokens, which are distributed in 2.5% for public sale, 5.5% for private sales, 6% for strategic associations, 20% for teams and partners, 10% for stake rewards, 19% for game reserves, 25% for game rewards and 2% for DX liquidity.


Many games have blockchain technology , thanks to its incredible operation . The system used by the page is the renowned Binance Smart Chain environment, one of the preferred platforms for NFT games, and according to users it is also one of the safest in this regard.

AR and VR development 19

One of the objectives of the game is to take the player to a completely new world, where the graphics and the performance of the crops reach 3D, this project is a long-term goal, so you will have to wait a bit to be able to enjoy this panorama.

Technology and technical matrix

Regarding the level of security in its technology, only very optimistic results can be expected, since being part of the Binance Smart Chain, its blockchain has a more than reliable encryption.

Community governance

In this universe, there is a decentralized control center, that is, those directly in charge of running the game are the players themselves, this is thanks to the codes granted at the beginning of the game or registration.

Community events

The game is quite interactive with each other, there is a proposal to take its participants to an environment where they share common objectives, that is why the programmers plan to add a series of events in order to grant products and generate benefits by and for the community.

What is the information on the Wanaka Farm Green Paper?

To make your investment in the Wanaka Farm game, you have surely entered the website to find out what it is about . Doing this can give you information about its creators, showing the face and name of the programming team, which gives users a sense of security.

Among the highlights to consider are the following:

Opportunity overview

It is a game that in perspective has many positive points, it seems that they can reach a stability between investments and the exchange for cryptocurrencies, even for those who do not invest directly, the project plans to include them, of course the profits will have a certain unevenness, but so far the trials have been received quite receptively by users.

Value proposal

To get the expected results of the game, they must verify three sections: the gameplay of the game where fun and profits come together, compatibility with various teams to achieve greater scope and finally generate the step to virtual reality to make it more interesting and there is no person who does not want to be part of the game.

The future of farms in Wanaka

Farms have a constant possibility of expansion, which will generate better products and growth among the assets of the game, those who could not acquire a farm in the beginning over time the possibility of acquiring a new one arises.

Farm sound

The design of the game gives some actions a series of specific sounds, to make it more harmonious and in accordance with what a farm would be like, the game has the possibility of being configured.

How to expand a farm

If you have decided to start with the production of your own land, it is good that you have in mind to buy more land to produce, you can also see how to increase improvements in the farm such as plants or animals.

Use of funds in your account

The exchange of your tokens is what will give you the profits, you can receive it under the WAI token, the use you give it within the game, whether it is to sell them or buy new assets already depend on your decisions.

Market strategy

Attracting new users to a video game is undoubtedly a great challenge, the technical team has designed a market plan or strategy consisting of three steps:

  • The first is to attract the attention of the players with the launch of the game together with the creation of the website, thus generating a sense of security among those interested.
  • The second is to add new modalities and NFT to the game, to ensure new investors, expand the devices on which the game can be played, even use some social networks to upload content on the subject.
  • The third and last step in his plan consists of a global expansion, reaching all countries, increasing promotions and managing to keep the transit of money up.


As every video game project has a route or series of steps to complete until it becomes a fully developed, profitable and fully approved by the community, so far they have the following moments :

  • The first phase: The launch of its internal currency was in September, together with the pre-sale of land to be able to produce.
  • The second phase: It is expected that at the end of this version 1.1 of the game will be released to the virtual world, for browsers in principle.
  • The third phase: It corresponds to the first quarter of the game, in which it will reach the mobile version for both those who have an Android system and iOS.
  • The fourth phase: It will be released under its version 1.3, an update that will include augmented reality for a better enjoyment of the game.
  • The fifth phase: Until now the last one, corresponds to bringing the game to virtual reality, with the aim of integrating other kinds of NFTs other than the originals into the game.

The competitive landscape

If you have come this far you will have noticed the differences between Wanaka Farm and other games, but in competitive terms it has properties that place it above the others, among which stand out the use of blockchain, a collateral NFT, the incredible virtual reality, with a valuation of $ 35 million.

Team and partners

This game has a fairly complete team, which has been in charge of developing it little by little to the power that it is today. His team includes :

  • Truong Tran, Thuan Nguyen, Duc Hoang, Sang Nguyen and Cakoin co-founders of the same.
  • Led Ngo like the CM.
  • The design team consists of: Hung Drang, Ank Pham, Xuan Think.
  • Those in charge of developing the game are: Tung Le, Thank Chu, Cong Nguyen, Lam Nghiem and Quyen Vuong, Hieu Nguyen and Tien Tran.
  • The animators and in charge of concept art are: Lam Nguyen, Hieu Le, Xuan Think and Nam Nguyen.
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