How to be a farmer at Wanaka Farm?

If you are a person who loves NFT games, and apart from that you are excited about life in the countryside, Wanaka Farm is the ideal game for you, and in it you will be able to perform activities that a farmer would do in real life, depending on the Tasks that you perform you can get rewards, so in this article we will tell you how you can be the best farmer in Wanaka Farm.

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  1. What game modes does Wanaka Farm have to enter?
    1. Landowners
    2. Farmers
  2. In what phase of the game do you apply to be a farmer?
  3. What are the duties that a farmer must perform?
  4. How is a farmer chosen to work the land?
  5. What is the way to make a profit at Wanaka Farm as a farmer?
  6. How to have your own land in Wanaka Farm and what is the best game mode?

What game modes does Wanaka Farm have to enter?

Wanaka Farm is an NFT game and is designed with the model play or win or in English play to earn, the economy within the game is based on two forms or game modes and these are the following:

  • The owners of the lands or parcels, they are known as the landowners.
  • The farmers: These are the workers of the landowners, and they receive part of the profits, that is, they have a salary, in the Axie Infinty game you see something similar but with scholarships.


To enter the game for the first time is by paying, at the beginning the creators of the game put up for sale 15 thousand areas of land of the basic type, these lands or areas were sold in their entirety and those who managed to buy them are called landowners, these landowner users can work them themselves either by raising some animals or by growing vegetables or fruits.

Also the landowners can choose to rent or rent their lands to another user , if so, it will be carried out by means of a contract so that everything works safely between the players, the work that another player does to the landowner has a certain time, at the end of said time, all the lands will automatically return to the corresponding owner.

As we have already mentioned, everything is carried safely and therefore in the contract there are some measures to take care of the property and in this way prevent the user from selling it to another person without your consent or from stealing it.

As for the purchase of new lands at the moment it is not available, and it is estimated that by 2022 the game will launch more lands for sale and that they will be of another type of land, be it forest, lake or sea and will come with its different rarities.


The second way there is to enter Wanaka Farm is as a farmer, for this you have to find a piece of land and rent it for your work and receive rewards, you can also be a worker for a landowner. This for those that people who do not have money to pay the rent of the land, then they have to share in half the profits that he makes.

It is not yet confirmed is that the game in the future will not be necessary to buy land or rent it, this is because land will be added to the game by default, where the person has to invest with the WANA currency to be able to equip them. For people who play plan vs Undead , you may notice that this work is very similar to what is done there.

In what phase of the game do you apply to be a farmer?

In the previous part if you want to enter the game you no longer have the possibility to buy land, since all these were sold, so if you enter the game you have the option of renting a land to work as a farmer. If you do not have enough money to rent a land, you must wait for the game to tell you if a landowner is looking for a farmer, this usually happens in phase two of the game.

What are the duties that a farmer must perform?

The duties that a farmer must fulfill are basic things that would be done in a real farm among these we have the following:

  • Sow and harvest plants either vegetables or fruits.
  • Take care of or raise some animals, be they cows or fish, and in this way take advantage of their products. You can transform or process these products in order to have more rewards
  • The products that it transforms, whether to milk, flour, cheese, you can sell them in the game market.

Something you have to remember is that to do your farm duties you have an energy bar that goes down every time you finish a task.

How is a farmer chosen to work the land?

Farmers within the game are chosen randomly , as the creators of Wanaka Farm wanted the game to go a bit further and connect people from different countries, selecting a farmer sometimes works like this:

When a landowner enters the game and wants to have a farmer working on his land, he can select what he wants his farmer to look like, this is where the game randomly assigns him one. You can be an assigned user for said job.

What is the way to make a profit at Wanaka Farm as a farmer?

If you were one of the people or users who cannot buy their own land in the game, and you are working as a farmer either to a landowner or renting a land, the way to generate profits is by performing the various tasks, as we have already mentioned, you must sow and harvest different types of plants and then sell or transform them and thus have more profits.

If you are raising animals, to obtain profits, you can cross them to improve them and thus have resources more quickly , this like vegetables you can also transform them and obtain different products, be it meat, milk, cheese among others. Many times these types of products are required to perform a specific task.

If you are a farmer and you are going to do anything that we just mentioned, whether it is to buy or sell to do it you have to go to the markets that are in the game among these we have Wanatrade here you can make exchanges with other users. And also buy necessary things like seeds.

Another option is to buy directly from the game in the Wanashop store, here you can find everything you need for a farm. The purchases you make in either of these two markets are made through the Wana token.

The Wanaka Farm game has a Blokchain system very similar to Plan vs Undead, if you are a person who has been using games of this type for a long time, you must have noticed that it is one of the safest sites in terms of cryptocurrencies.

How to have your own land in Wanaka Farm and what is the best game mode?

As we have mentioned for the moment if you are going to enter the game you will not be able to buy land, and if you have wondered what is the best game mode, we will tell you that the best thing would be to be a landowner, since you can play with much more freedom and apart as well can generate more rewards. However if you are a farmer do not worry if you do all your tasks well you can also generate good profits.

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