What Are Halloween Cards?

The Halloween cards are the exclusive greeting cards exchanged during the Halloween party. The idea of ​​sending Halloween cards came from the United States in the 1890s, and they became even more popular during the early 1900s. Before the introduction of home phones, Halloween cards played the same role as the birthday and Christmas cards. In Germany, England and the United States, printers printed the first Halloween cards between 1890 and 1920.

The history of Halloween cards

The first Halloween cards used the same theme as the Christmas and Easter cards, as the printers used similar images with a caption showing the specific festival. The United States has experienced an exclusive postcard Halloween trend from 1900 to 1915, and this has helped to make the Halloween party popular. The souvenir company Souvenir in New York printed the first Halloween-themed cards in 1909. The company produced twelve card models. These cards did not become popular until 1930 introduced home phones and people reduced the use of greeting cards and started calling each other. The Halloween cards were initially sold by numerous private printers who exhibited them in their stores and post offices.

Halloween card designs

Raphael Tuck and Sons and Winsch printed the first Halloween cards. The two companies hired talented artists whose work was on collectable items sought after by collectors. Among the artists employed by Raphael Tuck were Ellen Clapsaddle, Francis Brundage and the artists who created the postcard design queen. Jason Freixas and Samuel Schmucker’s Winsch projects are highly appreciated.

Some of the most commonly used themes during this period included witches, goblins, palmistry, romance and pumpkins. The designs created by the greeting card company Rust-craft from 1927 to 1959 reflected the racism that existed at that time. The most famous work by Wendy Morris, which appeared on over 42% of the Halloween cards printed at that time, was of an African-American child.

As the holidays evolved in the last century, other themes developed in card design, decorations and even costumes. The children started wearing masks to frighten all the evil spirits of the ghost who were believed to wander the streets this night. Shortly thereafter, the idea of ​​the trick or treat became customary, and the children began to go for the sweets door to door. Some card printing companies have also added the phrase “trick-or-treat” on the cards.

Halloween cards today

Today the first Halloween cards are considered classic and loved by many collectors. Some of the modern cards with the same themes are also popular. Currently, most of the cards depict an autumn scene showing the confrontation between today’s vacation and its roots. The act of surprising your friends and family with a Halloween card has grown in popularity over the years between children and adults, with the United States exchanged on 30 million, which makes the 8th holiday the largest event to send cards to world.

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