What Is WFM:( Management of Work Force)

WFM is the acronym in English for workforce management , that is to say, Management of Work Force , in the translation into the Portuguese language.WFM is a set of processes adopted by a company that guarantee the optimization of the services of its employees , departments and the institution as a whole.Typically, this management is run or controlled by the company’s Human Resources (HR) system.

One of the key strategies of workforce management is to look at the specific ability and skill of each employee and seek to apply it to roles where they can make the best possible contribution to the company.

Some of the key aspects that are included in the WFM processes are:

  • Administration of employee payroll;
  • Talent management;
  • Training programs and training of employees;
  • Crisis planning;
  • Career plan for employees;
  • Control of employees’ time and attendance;
  • Vacation planning and licenses for employees;

These characteristics exploited by workforce management help to avoid overwork or shortage of labor, even for short periods of time, preventing the company’s profitability from falling.Currently, the definition of workforce management has evolved into the concept of workforce optimization (WFO)

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