What Is The Meaning of GG WP In English

GG WP is an acronym in English for good game, well played , which means ” good game, well played .This acronym is used among online gaming players as a polite and quick way to thank for the match, either after a win or a loss.In online games, the participants are always in touch, especially when the games are in the cooperative format or PVP ( player vs. player ).

Usually, more experienced players simplify the use of this acronym using variations, like GG ( good game ) or simply WP ( well played ).For gamers, this expression is part of the good behavior of participants in online gaming communities.However, GG WP can also be used as an insult when applied in a sense of sarcasm or irony. For example, when one of the opponents played very badly and the winner sent a ” good game ” as a form of debauchery.

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