Weight loss with eggplant

This very well-known vegetable, present in vegetarian dishes, but not so present in the daily life of Brazilians, belongs to the same family of tomatoes, the “ Solanaceae ”. Like tomatoes, it grows hanging from a tall plant, which is several meters tall. Although there are several varieties, the most common has a shiny and very beautiful surface. The strong flavor and spongy texture are also characteristic of almost all of them.

Eggplant helps you lose weight and reduces cholesterol. (Photo: Can Stock Photo)

There are several studies that prove that eggplant has several health benefits and helps you lose weight.

Eggplant lowers cholesterol

Studies with animals at UNICAMP (Federal University of Campinas) and UFRJ (Federal University of Rio de Janeiro) show that with the use of eggplant in the diet, cholesterol drops up to 30%. The tests were done with juice and flour and the results were very positive. (Why do I have high cholesterol?)

Reduces uric acid

Studies carried out at UFRJ have shown that the constant use of eggplant flour in food, which has a very pleasant taste, decreases the body’s uric acid levels.

Improves bowel function

As it is rich in fiber, it helps in the better functioning of the intestine. You can eat eggplant flour, but the person must drink at least a liter of water so that the flour is hydrated and works well.

It is rich in nutrients

Several substances essential for the proper functioning of the human organism are found in eggplants such as the following:
• Zinc;
• Iron;
• Magnesium phosphorus;
• Potassium;
• Calcium;
• Vitamin A;
• Vitamin B1;
• Vitamin B2;
• Vitamin C.

Magnesium and calcium, for example, are very important for bone formation. Zinc, on the other hand, acts directly on the functioning of the body’s defense system. Potassium acts directly on the contraction of all muscles in the body. Vitamins act in the absorption of nutrients by the human body.

Eggplant gets thinner!

Losing a few pounds eating the delicious eggplant is not a bad thing, is it? Even more, there are several ways to include it in daily life, so that it contributes to weight loss. In a study carried out at UFRJ it was noted that people with the same diet as others, but who ate eggplant flour, lost twice as much.

The daily consumption of eggplant helps to lose belly, as it satiates hunger and helps eliminate fat. (Photo: Can Stock Photo)

There are several ways that eggplant is commonly put on the daily menu to help you lose weight. Here are some recipes:

• Eggplant and orange juice:

Joining eggplant nutrients to orange vitamins can only do you good. Even more if they help to lose a few pounds, right? Making this juice and putting it in the diet is very easy:

Peel and chop two oranges and add with half chopped eggplant. Add 400 ml of boiled or filtered water. Put everything in the blender and beat well. Just drink a glass every day, fasting and share the rest during the day. It should not be strained, so that the fibers that assist in intestinal transit are ingested. If you happen to be unable to drink all the juice in 24 hours, it will need to be discarded. Also great for helping to control cholesterol.

• Eggplant water:

This recipe is even easier to make and also offers good results. Place 9 glasses of water in a pot. Take an eggplant, wash and chop comes small pieces. Place in the pan and turn on the heat. As soon as it starts to boil, count 5 minutes. Turn off the heat, strain, separating the water from the eggplant. The water should be brought to the refrigerator to cool and the eggplant can be used to put in the meal. Drink at least 8 glasses of eggplant water a day.

• Eggplant tea:

It is very similar to the previous one, but more concentrated. Slice an eggplant and add 300 ml of water. Cook for about 15 minutes. Strain and drink then. Enjoy the eggplant to put in the meal. It should be taken for 7 days, then stop taking it for three days, then take it for another seven and so on. Do this until you complete a month of treatment. It is good for losing weight and lowering cholesterol.

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