Wedding gift list: know what to order

To avoid getting gifts that are the same or not the taste of the bride and groom, the gift list has always been a way to be sure that you will get what you need (and like). However, many couples are confused when it comes to choosing not only the store where they will make the list, but choosing what they want.

  • Check out some tips that can help you both at this time:

Common sense

It is not because you will be able to choose the gifts that you can go out and label everything in the store. Keep in mind that your guests are not required to buy expensive things. Especially because many of them may not even be able to do it no matter how much the couple deserves. So make a mixed list, with low, medium and high cost gifts.

Shop choice

Before going to the chicest store in town, remember the first item. So, do a search in stores that offer the option of making a wedding list, and look for the store whose products are equally good and that have better price and payment options. Check the product exchange system. Another tip is to make the list in person – although it is already possible to do it online – so that you become familiar with the product and know exactly how it is.

  • Are we going to the list?
  • Household items:

– Cutlery
– Set of soup plates
– Set of cups
– Set of dessert bowls
– Baking, pans
– set of pans
– Pressure Cooker
– Thermoses
– Ceramic Platters
– Trays
– Salad bowls
– Butter
– Game of bowls
– Vases
– Game of cups
– Teapot
– Cutting board for cold cuts
– Foundie set
– Ironing board
– Kitchen handle

  • Bed and bath:

– Blankets
– Duvets – Bedding
– Cushions
– Rugs
– Basket to put dirty clothes
– Pillows
– Towel set
– soap set
– Bathroom rugs.

  • Appliances / Electronics:

– Mixer
– Coffee maker
– Toaster
– Fan / air conditioner
– Electric barbecue
– Vacuum cleaner
– Blender
– Fruit extractor
– Dishwasher
– Cooker
– Washing machine
– Refrigerator
– Microwave
– DVD player
– Stereo
– Meat grinder
– Home theater
– Portable DVD
– Ice
maker – Ice grinder
– Electric knife
– Iron
– Juicer
– TV
– Notebook.

  • Ornaments:

– Table Lamp
– Carpets
– Vases
– Watches
– Picture Frames
– Candlestick
– Table ornaments
– Fruit Bowl
– Keychain
– Support for books
– Revisteira for bathrooms.

  • Others:

– Ice bucket / champagne
– Port-Wine
– Shaker
– drinks bottles
– Thermal Bags
– Petisqueiras
– cutlery set
– Forceps for ice
– specific Cutlery (rice, beans, pasta, salad)
– Sugar
– Farinheiro
– kit pots to spices
– toolkit
– kit of nécessaires
– Suitcases set
– Bomboniére.

These are just suggestions, but if the couple already lives together and has a large part of these items, you can ask for a kind of “kitty” for the honeymoon, for example. The couple must choose together, and think about what they will really need. Leave to buy other objects with your money.

In the case of more expensive and traditional gifts, leave it to ask your godparents. Have the plastic cups, tupperwares and other cheaper kitchen utensils, leave it to order in the kitchen tea if you choose to have one.

The card from the store where you made the list must come with the wedding invitation. If possible, it should be in miniature, attached with a tiny clip. Send as much in advance, so your guests will have more choice. For those who live in other cities, provide catalogs with the chosen products and send them.

In addition, enjoy your gifts! Because you will probably earn only what you want and what every couple needs for the new home.

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