What is Web 3.0:5 Facts You Must Know

The Web 3.0 is the third generation of the Internet. This new generation predicts that online content will be organized in a semantic way,where any user can find answers to their questions more quickly.Web 3.0 is also called smart web.

What is Web 3.0:5 Facts You Must Know

What Is Expected With  Web 3.0

For Example, when people will do their research, such as looking for a movie, if they type “I want to watch a movie with my family and then eat a pizza”, the Web 3.0 websites will show results  with information about the family movie that is being shown in the next cinema, what is the best place for you to taste your pizza.

n fact the movement of Web 3.0 can consolidate as main features:

  • Transparency;
  • Authenticity;
  • Navigability;
  • Information Speed
  • Innovation;

Some studies and methodologies are in evidence, such as:

  • Behavior Targeting;
  • Digital Reputation;
  • Digital Identity;
  • Infotopia (How Minds Produce Knowledge);
  • Semantic Web;
  • Web on mobile phones;
  • Social influence marketing;
  • Web Mobile;

1) Semantic Web
The next evolution of the Web involves the Semantic Web. The semantic web improves web technologies in order to generate, share and connect content through search and analysis based on the ability to understand the meaning of words, rather than on keywords or numbers.

2) Artificial Intelligence
Combining this capability with natural language processing, in Web 3.0, computers can understand information like humans in order to provide faster and more relevant results. They become more intelligent to satisfy the needs of users.

3) 3D Graphics
The three dimensional design is being used extensively in websites and services in Web 3.0. Museum guides, computer games, ecommerce, geospatial contexts, etc. are all examples that use 3D graphics.

4) Connectivity
With Web 3.0, information is more connected thanks to semantic metadata. As a result, the user experience evolves to another level of connectivity that leverages all the available information.

5) Ubiquity
Content is accessible by multiple applications, every device is connected to the web, the services can be used everywhere.

How Web 3.0 Can Change Our Lives

. Now, let’s look at an example that brings these 5 features together.In Web 3.0, while you are driving, you can simply ask your automotive assistant a question (“I would like to watch a romantic movie and eat Japanese food”). The search engine will  provide you with a personalized response that takes into account your location, suggesting the closest cinema that matches your request and a good Japanese restaurant. Then it might even present a 3D menu from the restaurant in the display.


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