Weapons guide in New World

A detailed description of all existing weapon types in New World and several of the best weapon assemblies for your character

In New World, you will find many types of weapons, from swords and axes to bows and muskets. All weapons in the game have their own specifications and characteristics, and each type of weapon can increase your character’s performance when used. Today I will tell you which weapons are best used in New World in the battle against various monsters and other players. If you decide to upgrade your character in New World, be sure to check out the beginner’s guide .

Character creation in New World

One-handed weapon

Hatchet (Ax)

A weapon that allows long-range throwing attacks or quick attacks at close range. Ideal for aggressive and dynamic battles. You can choose skills from the Berserker or Throwing skill tree.


  • Feral Rush: the character runs forward and attacks his target with a jump, dealing 215% of the maximum weapon damage;
  • Berserk: the hero enters the berserk mode, which increases all damage done by 20%;
  • Raging Torrent: The player performs four quick attacks in a row.


  • Rending Throw: the hero throws an ax that deals standard damage and additionally breaks 10% of the opponent’s armor;
  • Social Distancing: throwing an ax and a dash back simultaneously slows down the enemy by 15%;
  • Infected Throw: The player throws an ax at the enemy with great force.


Speed-focused melee weapon with lots of quick lunges. Such a weapon does little damage, but it can develop the “bleeding” status of the enemy, which deals additional damage for some time. In the skill tree, you can choose one of two branches for pumping weapons – “Blood” and “Grace”.


  • Tondo: the player performs a quick strike, deals damage and imposes the effect of bleeding on the enemy (the effect stacks up to three times);
  • Flourish: the player pushes the enemy and makes a quick lunge, dealing damage and applying a bleeding effect for additional damage;
  • Flurry: The player makes five very fast attacks on the target.


  • Riposte: The player takes up a defensive stance for one second. If during this time the player successfully repelled the attack, the enemy will be stunned for 1.5 seconds;
  • Evade: the hero makes a small step to the side followed by a quick attack;
  • Fleche: The character lunges a few meters in front of him.

Two-handed weapon

Great Ax

The weapon is a two-handed ax capable of inflicting massive damage to a single enemy or damage on the ground. Use the “Reaper” and “Mauler” branches in the skill tree for this weapon.

Two-handed ax in New World


  • Charge: You release a ten meter charge that deals 130% of the weapon’s base damage.
  • Reap: This ability allows you to pull enemies towards you with your ax;
  • Execute: The player makes a powerful attack overhead and deals 175% of base weapon damage.


  • Whirlwind: the character rotates with the weapon, dealing 50% of the base weapon damage to all enemies within the radius of action;
  • Maelstrom: The player spins quickly, pulling all enemies in range towards him;
  • Gravity Well: Throwing an ax creates a whirlwind that pulls enemies in.

War Hammer

War Hammer is the slowest weapon in New World. Ideal for countering enemies with tremors or delivering devastating blows directly to the target. Use the Juggernaut and Crowd Crusher branches in the skill tree for this weapon.

War Hammer in New World


  • Armor Breaker: the skill allows you to break through up to 35% of the armor of your enemies;
  • Mighty Gavel: the hero swings an ax over his head and deals charged damage to the target;
  • Wrecking Ball: The player strikes the ground that knocks down all enemies in range.

Crowd Crusher:

  • Shockwave: the hero inflicts a strong blow to the ground and creates a shock wave that stuns all enemies affected by it for 1.8 seconds;
  • Clear Out: Perform a wide shot that will knock your opponent back a few meters;
  • Path of Destiny: A linear ability that deals 125% of base weapon damage to all enemies within range.


The spear is considered the longest weapon in New World, which can deal damage to enemies at medium range, as well as apply a bleeding effect (similar to the Rapier). In the skill tree, you will find two skill trees for this weapon – “Zoner” and “Impaler”.

Spear in New World


  • Cyclone: the player quickly rotates around its axis and deals damage to all enemies within a radius of 3 meters, slowing them down by 50%;
  • Javelin: the hero carries out a throwing attack at the enemy, applying a daze effect;
  • Sweep: Knock down an enemy with a hard kick.


  • Perforate: with several hits, the hero deals damage and reduces the maximum value of his opponent’s armor;
  • Skewer: the hero accelerates and pierces the enemy with a spear, dealing a large amount of base damage and imposing a bleeding effect on the enemy;
  • Vault Kick: the character stuns the enemy for 1.5 seconds.

Ranged weapon


Bows are the weapon of choice for hunters, along with city guards. Use the Skirmisher and Hunter trees in the skill tree for this weapon.

Bow in New World


  • Poison Shot: the player fires a poisonous arrow into the ground, and all enemies within the range of the arrow take 105 damage every second for 20 seconds (2100 damage);
  • Evade Shot: during a shot, the hero jumps back a few meters, while dealing 125% of the base weapon damage;
  • Rain of Arrows: The player fires a large number of arrows into an area seven meters wide.


  • Rapid Shot: the character makes three consecutive shots, the last of which knocks the target several meters away;
  • Penetrating Shot: the hero fires an arrow that flies about 90 meters and hits all enemies within the area of ​​effect;
  • Splinter Shot: The player fires an arrow that splits into three parts and deals 150% of the weapon’s base damage.


A musket is a powerful and at the same time rather slow weapon. Its main advantage is its long firing range. In the skill tree, you will find two skill trees for this weapon – “Sharpshooter” and “Trapper”.


  • Powder Burn: Allows you to fire several powerful shots with an instant reload;
  • Power Shot: the player deals increased damage with each next shot;
  • Shooter Stance: the hero becomes in a stance, which increases the base weapon damage by an additional 5%, and also increases the player’s accuracy by reducing the character’s movement speed and the general field of view.


In this branch of the skill tree, you will find the ability to increase damage, as well as additional bonuses for knocking back enemies. Otherwise, these abilities are no different from those described in the “Sharpshooter” branch.

Magic weapon

Life Staff

The Staff of Life is a healing weapon in New World that has two branches in the weapon skill tree “Healing” and “Protector”.

Staff of Life in New World


  • Divine Embrace: the player heals the selected target 150% stronger from the maximum value of the weapon;
  • Sacred Ground: the character creates a small area that restores 10% of health every second for 12 seconds;
  • Splash Of Light: The hero and all party members are healed for 50% of the maximum weapon value. When used, there is a chance to remove one negative effect.


  • Orb of Protection: the hero creates a sphere, being in which all characters restore 10% of health, and all enemies take small damage within the radius of action;
  • Light’s Embrace: the character restores health to the target by 75% of the maximum value of the weapon. The effect is increased by 30% for each buff that exists on the target.
  • Beacon: The player fires a beam of light that heals the target ally for 20% of the maximum weapon value every second. The effect continues until the beam of light disappears.

Fire Staff

A ranged weapon that uses fire magic attacks to deal damage. Use the Fire Mage and Pyromancer branches in the skill tree for this weapon.

Fire Mage:

  • Pillar of Fire: the hero creates a pillar of fire that forms on the target and deals great damage;
  • Meteor Shower: the player releases 32 meteors at the selected target, each of which deals 20% of the maximum weapon damage;
  • Fireball: The character releases a fireball that flies forward and sets fire to the ground, damaging enemies.


  • Incinerate: the player sets enemies on fire for six seconds and knocks them back a few meters;
  • Flamethrower: the hero releases a powerful fiery jet;
  • Burnout: the hero makes a powerful dash forward and leaves behind a trail of fire that inflicts damage on all enemies.

Ice Gauntlet

The Ice Gauntlet is a weapon that allows you to use the power of cold and ice in battles against any enemy. In the skill tree, you will find two skill trees for this weapon – “Ice Tempest” and “Builder”.

Ice Tempest:

  • Wind Chill: the hero releases a powerful ice beam, knocking enemies back five meters and dealing base damage;
  • Ice Spikes: the character creates an eight-meter trail of ice spikes, which deals increased damage to enemies and repels them.
  • Ice Storm: The hero uses this ranged attack to slow enemies by 25% of their standard speed for 5 seconds.


  • Ice Shower: The player freezes a small piece of land. All enemies within the radius of action acquire the effect of frostbite, and their speed is reduced by 50%;
  • Ice Pylon: the hero releases ice at enemies and deals increased damage;
  • Entombed: the character creates a protective barrier around himself, becoming invulnerable for the duration of its action.

Best Weapon Builds in New World

Sword and Shield

Sword and Shield are standard weapons that become available to you from the very start of the game. But this does not mean that such an assembly is irrelevant and you cannot use it everywhere. I did not specifically mention them in the section “One-handed weapons”, since they should only be used as an assembly and nothing else. With the timely improvement and replacement of your weapon with the best, you will certainly achieve great success.

Sword and Shield are standard weapons in New World that you get at the start of the game.

Players with this combination of weapons are called “Tanks”. These players will have two lines in the weapon skill tree – “Swordmaster” and “Defender”.


  • Reverse Stab: A powerful blow that deals 175% of maximum weapon damage;
  • Whirling Blade: the player deals damage to enemies by rotating the sword in an arc;
  • Leaping Strike: The player jumps forward and deals 125% of the maximum weapon damage.


  • Shield Bash: the player strikes with his shield and stuns the enemy for two seconds;
  • Shield Rush: the player puts a shield forward and runs for five meters, pushing enemies;
  • Final Stand: Within eight seconds, the player takes reduced damage.

Rapier and Bow

Unlike other assemblies, in the “Rapier and Bow” combination, you can use both weapons at once. In this case, the rapier will help you quickly deliver piercing blows that cause bleeding to your enemies. To do this, select the Tondo and Evade skills from the Blood and Grace weapon skill tree for that weapon.

When the bleeding effect is applied to a monster or other opponent, just move away from him and attack the enemy with a bow. For effective use of the bow in this build, be sure to learn the skills “Splinter Shot” and “Evade Shot”, which in combination will allow your hero to push a short distance from any enemy after each shot fired.

Musker and Rapier

This kind of build was very popular during the New World PTA, and I have no doubt that players will use it after the official release of the game. Thanks to the long range of the musket and some abilities in the skill tree of this weapon, you will be able to kill enemies at a great distance and keep them away from you. But for this, a musket alone will not be enough.

Musket in New World

Here’s an idea for getting out of tight spaces – just use a rapier. Since the weapon offers several useful skills to increase the speed of attack and evasion, it will be perfectly combined with a musket. Although some players tried to use a regular bow instead of a rapier (do you remember the skill in the skill tree of this weapon, which allows you to bounce a few meters after a shot?), Learning to use both of these weapons together is not as easy as it might seem at first glance. Although, if you succeed, then who am I to prevent you from using such an assembly?

Spear and Bow

This is a pretty interesting combo that allows you to deal massive damage with two types of weapons. But it is worth remembering that you are not a “tank”, and avoid direct collisions at short distances, as they can quickly end in your favor (for example, if you are caught against some damage dealer with a war hammer).

This build focuses on Penetrating Shot and Evade Shot. The first ability will allow you to inflict great damage on all enemies within the range of the shot, and the second ability will allow you to safely hide from the enemy’s sight. Remember to use spear stabs to inflict bleeding on opponents.

Life Staff and Ice Gauntlet

The Staff of Life is a classic support weapon in New World. Both branches in this weapon’s skill tree present you with abilities that are specifically designed to keep your character and your allies’ heroes alive. As a general rule, using the Life Staff as your primary weapon is a very bad idea as you are no longer seen as a full-fledged combat unit. If you take the Ice Gauntlet in your left hand and pump the Sacred Protection ability, you will also become a good fighter. Still, even such an assembly will not make you a full-fledged “damage dealer”, but you will make a first-class support fighter.

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