In our blog you will find countless articles about the popular Battle Royale game Fortnite. This time we had intended to compile a slightly different article on the subject, in which we answer the most common questions related to Fortnite.






There are a whole host of issues related to Fortnite. Below we therefore sort out some of the most common questions:




Getting started and playing Fortnite is extremely simple, whether you plan to play on your computer, tablet or console. If you select the former option, navigate to the Epic Games website, from which you can download the game. If you are playing on another device, turn to the app store that is available.


More information on how to get started with this game can be found in our previous article “ How to play Fortnite? ”.




Running in Fortnite can be very important if you want to quickly get to a specific place or also escape from an intense firefight. Exactly how you do this depends on which device you are playing on, as well as whether you use the default settings or not. Below we explain how to run in Fortnite on the different consoles (provided you have not changed the settings):


– Computer – Hold down the left shift.


– PS4 – Hold down the left lever (L) or double-click it to activate “auto-sprint”.


– Xbox One – Hold down the left lever (L).


– iPad / iPhone / Android – Double-click the navigation button in the left corner to activate auto-sprint.


If you want to learn more about the standard controls on a PC, you can read our previous article ” Fortnite Controls – learn to master the keyboard “.






Even how you talk in Fortnite can vary from device to device. A prerequisite, however, is that you use a working headset or microphone that is also correctly connected to your device. Below are instructions on how to talk on Fortnite on the various devices:


– Computer – First of all, you need to activate the so-called “Voice chat”. To do this, click on the three lines that appear in the right corner when you are in the Lobby. Then click on the gear followed by the speaker icon. Scroll down the page and make sure the “Voice Chat” and “Push To Talk” settings are enabled. When you want to talk in the game, click the “Y” key.


– PS4 – Start by clicking on the three lines that appear in the right corner when you are in the Lobby. Then click on the gear followed by the speaker icon. Then make sure that “Voice Chat” is activated. As soon as you have a working headset connected to the device, you can talk in the game.


– Xbox One – Follow the same steps as above.


– iPad / iPhone / Android – Open the settings when you are in the menu and then make sure “Push To Talk” is activated. When you then play, you will see a microphone symbol in the right corner. By clicking on this you can talk in Fortnite.




Another common question is how to build in Fortnite. Like the above questions and answers, this can vary from unit to unit. Below, however, we explain how you do to build on all units:


– Computer – To start building, you must navigate to the so-called “Building mode”, which you do by clicking the “G” key. Then the following commands apply:


Repair / Update building – F


Rotate building – R


Change building material – Right mouse button


Reset building edit – Right mouse button


Building slots – F1, F2, F3, F4


Select building type – V


– PS4 – Currently, the following controls apply when you play Fortnite on Playstation 4 and want to build:


L2 – Select / Place Stairs


L1 – Select / Place Roof


D-Pad Up – Inventory


D-Pad Down – Emote


D-Pad Left – Change Building Material / Trap


D-Pad Right – Squad Comms


Left Stick – Move


Left Stick Button – Sprint, Auto-Sprint (Double Click)


Touchpad – Toggle Map


Options – Game Menu


R2 – Select / Place Wall


R1 – Select / Place Floor


Triangle – Toggle Harvesting Tool


Square – Select / Place Trap


Circle – Toggle Combat Mode, Edit Building Place (Hold)


Cross – Jump


Right Stick – Look


Right Stick Button – Rotate Building Piece (Tap), Edit Mode (Hold)


– Xbox One: Currently, the following controls apply when you play Fortnite on Xbox One and want to build:


Equip targeted building piece – LT


Change building material – LB


Toggle Map – Up


Quick chat – Down


Move – Left joystick


Sprint – Press left joystick


Game menu – Right center button


Management menu (inventory, etc.) – Left center button


Chat – Hold left center button


Place building or trap / confirm – RT


Rotate building piece – RB


Cycle building piece – Y


Interact – tap / hold X


Pick trap – X


Trap Inventory – Hold X


Combat Mode – B


Edit building piece – Hold B


Jump – A


Look – Right joystick


Repair – Press right joystick


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