How to Remove or Quarantine Viruses from My PC

You are on your computer and it is slow, it may be due to a virus that is affecting the operating system . That is why we invite you to read this article, here we will explain how to eliminate viruses from your computer. First we will explain to you what a computer virus is and why you have to act fast, take the necessary actions on your PC.

What is a computer virus?

A computer virus is a harmful software that affects the general functioning of the computer, these are filtered without the authorization of the user. In addition, they are very dangerous, since through these the virus creators try to enter your PC in some way. With this in mind, we will give you below the steps to eliminate a virus on your PC in an easy and practical way.

Solutions to remove a virus from your computer

Computer viruses escape the eyes of users, as they filter into hidden files on your PC , we show you what to do.

  • Protect your PC with a good Antivirus .
  1. Go to your default or favorite browser first.
  2. In the search engine put the name of the antivirus such as Avast, AVG Antivirus, Kaspersky Internet Security. These are the most used in many PCs in the world.
  3. After selecting the one you want, it will open the official page where they offer you the free download and Premium.
  4. After selecting the “Download” box, wait for it to download.
  5. After downloading, open the file and accept the terms and use of the product.
  6. Later you can open it and start using the functions it has for your computer.
  • Disconnect from the internet

This aspect is important, since many viruses protect themselves by having an internet connection , so when you decide to do so, disconnect from the internet network.

  • Restart the computer in safe mode.
  1. You must first turn off and on the computer again.
  2. When you see the screen turn on press the F8 key so that it will take you to a menu called “Advanced Boot Options”.
  3. Press the “Safe Mode with Networking” option.
  4. Stay disconnected from the internet considering the above solution.

Two more ways to clean your computer 

Here are two easy and practical ways to safely keep your computer virus free.

  • Delete temporary files .
  1. Go to your computer’s “Start” window in the lower left.
  2. And, select the option “All apps”.
  3. After it opens a series of windows, it will select the folder called “Administrative Tools”.
  4. Enter the option “Disk Cleanup”.
  5. You will get a small window that in turn will have a small box with files that can be deleted, you will look for the one that says “Temporary files”.
  6. Choose the option above and press the button that says “Clean System Files . 
  • Delete the virus or quarantine it.
  1. With the antivirus downloaded you can perform the action of removing or quarantining, you just have to do the following steps.
  2. Open the antivirus you have on your PC.
  3. This gives you the option of “Team Analysis” press it.
  4. After the analysis carried out by the antivirus, it will indicate the actions to be carried out.
  5. If the antivirus finds a computer virus, it will indicate the actions you can take, such as “Delete”, put it in “Quarantine” or “Allow”. You will choose one of the first two.
  6. Restart your computer after the scan for it to carry out the changes.

Other alternatives to protect your PC from viruses

  • Change the keys or passwords on your PC.

To protect your operating system, we recommend that you change all the passwords for your accounts and pages so that no malware enters. In case of using Windows OS, use the account protection option in its built-in technical support in “Settings”.

  • Update the software, browser and operating system.

Depending on the operating system you use, it always brings a security system with it, but these require system updates . It is also important to update the browser you use, as they offer better internet security services from time to time


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