Way to get rid of headaches fast

Many people suffer from headaches due to work stress or various mental stress. Which is very painful. Many people take medicines to get rid of it. 

However, it is not always OK to take drugs. Moreover, the better the drug can be avoided, the better the pain can be. So today, there are two ways to get rid of headaches in today’s report. Which really works like magic. Let’s find out two ways –

If the magic of
raisins is headache then eat raisins thrice a day. Because 5 grams of dried grapes or raisins contain 5 grams of potassium. If you have headache due to high blood pressure, it will ease the pain of raisins. According to a study conducted by Harvard Medical School, the darker the color of raisins, the higher the potassium levels. So it will relieve headache like magic.

Cleveland Researchers in the United States of breathing said that if the headache is a headache, breathe five seconds with the nose. Hold for three seconds. Then release the breath with five seconds of mouth. By doing this 25 times, neurotransmitter production in the brain will be disrupted and headache will be reduced.

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