Find out the symptoms and cure for your baby’s diabetes

Diabetes is not only for the elderly, but also for the young children. To be surprised, the alarming rate of children suffering from diabetes is increasing day by day. Which is due to the baby for hereditary reasons.

It is estimated that around 1 in 5 children under the age of 5 develop diabetes worldwide every year. According to a study published in Indocrinal Metab, India, the incidence of diabetes mellitus (T1DM) is around 1.5 children. The proportion of children with diabetes has increased by 12% and has been reported as 25.8%.

According to doctors, some of the more complicated complications include large blood vessels, heart, brain, kidney, eyes, legs and nerve damage.

Let’s find out what are the symptoms of diabetes in children –

> Feeling tired.

> Weight loss found.

> Thirst increases.

> Increased urinary frequency.

> Feeling pain in the abdomen.

> Blurry eyes.

> Wounds heal slowly.

Let’s look at ways to cure diabetes.

> Awareness and early detection of symptoms.

> Lifestyle changes for kids.

> Avoid balanced diet and junk foods, oily foods and sugary drinks.

> Regular physical activity such as walking, playing games, dancing, cycling.

> Maintain a healthy weight.

> Regular body check up.

> Traveling baby.

> Everyone in the family should adopt a healthy lifestyle.

> Reduce time spent playing video games, television and computer screens on mobile phones.

> Change eating habits.

> Make sure you have the right weight

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