How to wash your hands to prevent corona

The deadly coronavirus (Covid-1) has risen to six. 1 lakh 2,220 people have been affected. The World Health Organization (WHO) has called for Corona to comply with various rules to prevent panic. The most important of these is the washing of hands and feet.

According to expert Sushrut Bandyopadhyay, viral diseases usually spread from the hands and feet. Therefore, it is necessary to wash hands thoroughly after returning home from outside.

Let’s not know how to wash hands to prevent coronavirus-

১. Come out and wash with clean water, at least to the elbows and toes of your hands.

2. You can use soap for hand washing. However, do not use excess alkaline soap. Wash hands and feet with handwash or potassium permanganate made of ethyl alcohol.

৩. Wash thoroughly the surface of the hand, the angle of the nails, the gaps of each finger. If there is any discoloration in the hands or feet, talk to a dermatologist and use soap and handwash.

৪. After washing hands, dry your hands without touching anything for a while. Keep towels and towels very clean.

৫. When approaching an outsider with a cold cough on the way to travel, at least just wash your hands with water.

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