What to do to save a child from Corona

Although the elderly are less cautious about the coronavirus, the parents are in constant panic over the children. In this situation, parents know how to keep your child healthy.

Pediatrician at Cloud Nine Hospital in Mumbai, India. Vinay Joshi says some basic hygiene has to be followed, there is no panic.

Most important, wash your hands with soap for at least 20 seconds. The two surfaces of the hands should be washed very well. The finger groove should be carefully cleaned so that it is clean.

– Ask your child to have a good hand sanitizer when going to or out of school or study.

– It’s best not to get too close to a classmate with a fever, this time do not shake hands.

– Do not send your child to school for the first few days after returning from the country where he is being attacked.

– School authorities keep the table chairs clean in the classroom. Floors, walls, bathrooms should be cleaned with disinfectants.

– Suggest children wear masks when coughing.

– Keep hand sanitizer in place when moving out. Try to get to a clean hotel. Don’t eat spicy foods. Be especially careful when eating meat.

– It is better to skip a birthday or something like that when you have a fever.


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