Understand the signs of the baby’s stomach, what to do?

Worm infections are very common for children. However, there are some signs that you will notice that the baby has stomach worms. Often, the mood of the baby is not good.

And her anus is accompanied by irritation, occasional abdominal pain, and vomiting. When these problems occur in children, many parents worry that the baby has stomach problems.

Good to know these problems can be a symptom of worms in the stomach. But you need to know how the worm is, its symptoms and remedies.

Why worm problem?

Pediatrician Dr. Apurba Ghosh said, Usually, diarrhea is transmitted through the nails of the nails.

He said children play with their hands and even put toys in their mouths. Worms can enter the body due to walking outside. In addition, worm infections begin when children begin to crawl or learn to walk. So keep an eye on when the child is on the ground.

Understanding the signs of baby worms

There is usually no sign of worm infection in children. However, there may be some unusual changes in the child’s behavior.

Let’s know some signs of baby worms –

১. Frequent abdominal pain and appetite are less available.

  1. If you have stomach ache when eating food then you should consult a doctor.

৩. Many children start spitting or spitting unnecessarily again.

৪. Knock, bite. Worm infestation increases but such symptoms are seen.

৫. Often worms come out of the mall. So you have to look at the stool.


Stool exaggeration can also be done to see if the baby has stomach worms. In that case, the stool should be examined not once a day, but three consecutive days. You can be sure when worms come out. However, many times the worms do not get caught in this experiment. Then take action as advised by the doctor. Give medicines if needed.


Pediatrician Dr. Chun Gangopadhyay said, After the age of 6 months to 6 months, the child should be fed wormwood. This drug can be administered until the age of 12 In addition, it is important to adhere to hygiene. Keeping your baby clean is also essential to prevent worm infections.

That is to comply with hygiene

১. Wash your hands thoroughly with soap before changing your baby’s food, water, or even nappies. You can also use hand sanitizer if needed.

  1. If the child plays outside or turns around, wash his hands and feet thoroughly with soap.

৩. Baby’s nails should be kept clean and nails cut regularly. Take care not to eat nails. Worms can enter the body from the dirt that accumulates in the corners of the nails.

৪. Bring fruits, herbs from the market and soak them in water. Will eat later.

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