Warhammer: Vermintide 2 – Tips for Newbies

In this article, you will find useful tips for beginners to make it easier to immerse yourself in the game.

Warhammer: Vermintide 2 is not an easy game. Even on the lowest difficulty, your enemies will happily tear you apart. The game features an esoteric equipment system and an amazingly deep combat system. I advise you to understand it thoroughly before you destroy the clans of rats and warriors of chaos.

Basic Tips

You can block strikes and revive your partner at the same time

One of the biggest mistakes newbies make is trying to revive an ally when enemies approach, or worse, they try to kill enemies while their partner is dying. I advise you to block hits and hold the player’s resurrection button as long as your stamina allows you to keep the block. Take this tactic as a habit and those extra seconds will save you from unnecessary command wipes.

Blocking blocks incoming damage 360 ​​degrees

But you will use more stamina when blocking if the attack comes from outside your weapon. To find out your range, look at the tooltip in the inventory menu. There will be a blue shield in the upper right corner. This shield shows all of your block stats. The wider the block area, the greater your optimal block level and range.

Understand the potion system and medical support

If you did not take a character with passive health regeneration such as Kerillian, then your health will always be in short supply, especially at high difficulty levels. Use potions and other medical items wisely if you want to survive and knock out more loot. The potion restores 50% of your health, and medications – 75%. Therefore, try to use them only in extremely difficult situations. Both items also reset the counter of hits you can take before dying. On Low Difficulty, you can fall three times without consuming any potions or medical items. If you are knocked down again, you will die instantly and will be saved later. On high difficulty levels, you can only fall off your feet once before instantly dying.

Spend time looking for tomes and grimmoires in each mission

I dare say that tomes and grimmoires are critical to the quality of your loot. Toms provide a small boost to the quality of loot and experience, but they take up the slot that is reserved for healing items. The good news is that you can discard the tome, pick up a healing item, use, and then pick up the tome again. However, with a grimmoire, such a tactic will not work and it can no longer be picked up again if you threw it out of the slot. Grimmoire can also be lost after your death. Grimmoires increase the quality of loot and experience, but they take up a slot for a first aid kit and reduce the team’s health by 33% (from each grimmoire). This nuisance can be eliminated by using items with stats to resist curses.

You can put status on the silhouettes of allies

If you and your three teammates do not keep in touch and the chosen tactics, then the chance of getting lost on the battlefield and failing the mission is very high. The environment in this game does not allow you to distinguish friendly silhouettes from the sea of ​​rats, so go to the Gameplay tab and deal with the silhouettes of allies by setting the value “Always On”. Soft green outlines will not seriously distract you, but you will always know where your partners are and what they are doing at the moment.

Don’t attack recklessly and use block to break out of the encirclement

Seeing a horde of enemies in front of you, you most likely want to break into their ranks and significantly thin out. However, this tactic will not lead to anything good, believe me. If you find yourself surrounded or run into one of these walls, then do not forget to use the block and swing the enemies. Most enemies will stagger from this move and the threat will be minimal. This ability uses the stamina parameter and is the only way to gain free space. And I also advise you to get a weapon that will drop enemies from their feet instead of the usual daze.

Positioning is key

I do not recommend fighting chaos knights or rats in the open air. Here you will be quickly surrounded and turned into a bloody mess. Walk with your back to the wall or go to a location where you will have some free space for a safe retreat. In Vermintide 2, positioning is the main thing. If you understand this business very well, you can go through all the missions without any problems.

Let’s say you took a tank. Try to lure enemies into doorways and use your abilities to stun enemies. At this time, your comrades will pour their damage into the adversaries.

Other tips

Reassign dodge to another key

By default, jump and dodge are assigned to space, which is a problem for some players. This is not the most convenient configuration, and if you make a mistake, you will just jump like a dummy and die at the most unnecessary moment. So my advice is to assign evasion to a different key. Fortunately, keybindings allow you to separate all commands and assign them to separate keys.

Power attacks ignore the armor parameter

The same is true for regular attacks with weapons that have a pierce effect. You can climb into the inventory and familiarize yourself with this or that weapon in order to find out what effect it has. When you attack and see a red shield above your cursor light up, it means that your attacks do little damage. Try to charge a power attack to hit an enemy weak point (like the head of a Chaos warrior). Practice often. Power attacks have a definite point. If you hit it, then your attacks will be faster.

Don’t mess with crafting until the end of the game

Feel free to part with your old gear. I would also recommend not getting into the craft until you level up to high levels. Crafting has a reward system similar to the chest system. You will receive rewards at your level or slightly higher. At the very beginning, this means that you will change items very quickly and I see no point in wasting precious resources. Leave them for later stages of the game. After that, you will thank me. Because updates will be few and far between. At this point, you can customize your weapon upgrades.

Leave the chests with gratitude to a higher level

I advise you to resist the urge to open these chests upon receipt. You get these chests after leveling up. It is best to open them after gaining 200 power level from the hero. Unlike the regular chests that you get for completing missions on a certain level of difficulty, commendation chests can give you items with a power level of 300 and this will give you a huge incentive to grind at the end of the game.

You can share potions and medicine with allies if necessary

You can heal your friends if they are on the verge of death. I would advise you not to be greedy with these items and help your partners if you want to complete missions without too many problems and shouting in the voice chat.

Press T (default) to highlight special enemies

Another useful way to help your team is to identify goals that might hinder you or are of particular interest. Special enemies often hide in the distance and are very difficult to find. If you spot such an enemy, mark it and a long-range specialist will deal with it.

Understand the bombs

Round bombs do huge damage to bosses and should generally be used on bosses. Incendiary bombs help in the fight against enemy hordes. These bombs do little damage to bosses, but can significantly thin the ranks of opponents.

Drink a potion of strength before throwing the bomb

The whole point is that power potions affect not only melee damage, but also any damage that a character deals over the next few seconds. If you have one bomb left and you are fighting the boss, then use the potion. The additional damage in battle has not bothered anyone yet.

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