Halo Infinite Multiplayer – Tips for Newbies

Fans of the series can very quickly start to “drag” in the multiplayer Halo Infinite, while beginners who decided to join the classics of the genre are forced to learn everything from scratch. We help in this difficult matter with advice for both the latter and the former (after all, the game still has several innovations).

Our guide will help you navigate the space and variety of weapons, and also tell you how some non-obvious mechanics work.

Scan the area

Thanks to this ability, the player can quickly check if there are any useful items in the room. In addition, the radar can show nearby players and their vehicles – they will be displayed on the minimap. However, keep in mind that he will not notice the crouching enemies.

Use the radar as often as possible to get a better idea of ​​what is happening around you.

Ping objects

Since this is a team game, you should mark important objects and places so that your teammates can find them. Even if you don’t need the item, it may well be of use to your comrade-in-arms.

If a team uses this function correctly, it will always be one step ahead of its rivals.

Find new equipment

This is an innovation for the series that really won’t surprise anyone right now: items and weapons appear on the map that players can equip. Such items are marked on the map with an indication of the time after which they will spawn.

The list includes items that allow you to make an enhanced dash, kill enemies with one poke, and so on. The harpoon and shield are just about the most useful of these, so be sure to learn how to use them.

When searching, the main thing is not to forget that you are probably not the only player interested in this outfit. Get ready for battle.


If you press the squat button while sprinting, you will begin to slide. Why do you need it? Because it’s easier to hide behind cover and not get damaged in the process. Also, it still counts as a crouch, meaning enemies won’t see you on their radars.

Use a harpoon

The harpoon allows you not only to climb hills, but also to cling to other players and their vehicles. Such a useful item can help you do the unthinkable things. So follow the yellow mark on the map and learn the tricks – then say thank you to yourself.

Change control

On both PC and consoles, Halo Infinite allows you to bind new action buttons. Be sure to take this opportunity to make management as convenient as possible for you. For example, put a blow on an additional button on the mouse or a grenade on the right trigger of the controller.

Melee and instant kill

Players often forget about close combat in shooters, but in vain. In Halo Infinite, the melee attack is quite powerful, so feel free to use it. In addition, if you melee an enemy from behind, you will perform an instant kill.

Distinguish between weapons

There are two main types of guns in the game: kinetic and plasma guns The former are “old school”, firing physical projectiles, while the latter are charged with energy bullets. Despite the fact that you can get by with one thing, futuristic guns are only good for dealing damage to armor. Kinetic weapons will easily remove the remaining health from the enemy. Keep this in mind.

In addition, there is also a weapon that deals damage to both health and armor, albeit a modest one. The true potential of these cannons is revealed in battles with vehicles – these weapons are most effective against him.

Throw in excess

For dessert, an unobvious detail: the flag that you carry to complete the task can actually be thrown. What for? To escape from opponents and fight back. Remember: items are not tied to you for life.

In addition, you can drop weapons to exchange them with your partners.

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