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This article is devoted to how else you can get blueprints in the game Warframe.

What are the general ways of acquiring drawings? The first and most obvious ones are, of course, buying in the store, as well as collecting from missions and from alarms. But in this article we will look at a more exotic way. It is quite simple, but somewhat costly if you build it from scratch.

What could it be? Everything is very simple, it is buying blueprints in a clan dojo, if, of course, you are a member of this clan, and it has this very dojo. Each clan can create its own dojo.

What is a dojo? This is a kind of station, located on the outskirts of the solar system, in which you can arrive at any time and hang out there. This is a kind of your clan base, which clan members can build, expand and even decorate to their liking – put decorative trees for meditation and so on.

In the dojo, it is possible to build laboratories that can study certain factions and their equipment. And later it will be possible to use them, as it will be adapted for the warframe.

The dojo flies among the planets, so she can be found among them. You can also enter the dojo using the clan key.

By the way, if you are a convinced individualist and decided to create your own dojo, then firstly, you will need to create your own clan, and secondly, you will just need a huge pile of resources – minerals, money, and so on. In addition to resources, each room separately requires a considerable investment of time to build it.

In general, if you want to build your own dojo, consider whether you need it. Building three laboratories in your dojo – the building, the neighboring grenira and the infected also costs money and time.


How to build a dojo is not a question, if you do it together with your clan members.

In laboratories, you can purchase blueprints for weapons and various equipment, as well as research blueprints for various warframes and collect them right there. But you can’t just buy them – first you still need to collect the resources necessary to create it. In addition, you will still need to wait a few days while all this is being studied. And then wait another day while your weapon is being made.

So it will be much more profitable to join someone else’s clan and take advantage of someone else’s dojo. However, in order to acquire high-level items, you need to match them in rank. There are, for example, such guns that you can only make from the sixth rank.


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