Star Conflict Guide. tips for beginners

In this article, I would like to talk about what should be given to novice players to make their way in the game comfortable and successful. These will be the advice I give on human rights, who have been playing Star Conflict for a long time. In this guide, I will talk about the general rules of the game, which remain the same regardless of the patch version.

1. Learn advanced ship handling

Microsoft Sidewinder Gaming Mouse

The first piece of advice that can be given to a novice player is the ability to control the ship in the game. The fact is that while watching all kinds of videos on Star Conflict, I noticed how rarely players use all these rich ship control capabilities that the developers have given us.

Star Conflict is not a Counter Strike or Tanks in Space. A lot here depends on competent maneuvering. Make the most of all maneuvering possibilities.

First, in battle, try to actively use strafe and twists, even if it makes you dizzy.

Secondly, remember that you can hang up and down, left and right turns on separate keys. As a rule, most players neglect this opportunity. However, proper use of turns on a ship, especially one with good maneuverability, can give good results. And if you want to improve your pilot skills, you should definitely use this opportunity. A good help in this can be a gaming mouse with additional keys, on which it is convenient to hammer the pitch and yaw controls.

Remember that the lead marker only takes into account the ship’s current velocity vector. This means that a player who uses a lot of unpredictable maneuvers and movements is able to avoid a considerable part of the damage in battle.

2. Learn materiel!

The second tip concerns knowing the capabilities and features of all ships that are currently in the game.

To play effectively, you need to know the advantages of your ship and the capabilities of the enemy ships.

At first glance, this seems commonplace, but I have seen more than once how players, carried away by the battle, forget that a striker with a shield can painfully burn by dropping particles, that a sniper in close combat can shoot a torpedo, and so on. Or that electromagnetic missiles are twice as maneuverable as armor-piercing – they can easily shoot down interceptors.

All these nuances and details need to be carefully studied. Explore the capabilities of ships, class modules, special modules, characteristics of weapons, implants. And already armed with this knowledge, you will be able to predict the actions of your opponents in battle and come up with counter-tactics in each specific situation. This also includes knowledge of the correct feats and assemblies, which can be learned from more experienced players, as well as found on the game forum.

In general, the Star Conflict forum, due to some features of moderation, is not so much a platform for communication as a knowledge base, replacing the game wiki.

Pay special attention to weapons when learning feats. Now it has become quite difficult to pick it up in the game. There are few truly effective weapons. Each barrel has to be fought against, overcoming its shortcomings.

3. Find yourself a team.

A very important condition for a successful game is the competent implementation of team tactics. A wide variety of roles and modules in the game leads to the fact that competent interaction between the classes of ships can be the key to victory in battle.

Four solo players are notoriously less effective than a squad of the same four players. If you want to achieve success in the game, look for a team – at least a sensible link. Better yet, join a corporation. Fortunately, there are plenty of them in the Star Conflict game.

After the introduction of corporations into the game and the division of ships into roles, the solo game completely lost its meaning – it is both less interesting and less effective. Therefore, if possible, look for a suitable company for yourself in the game. Then you will be able to collect truly effective warehouses from those of your clanmates that are online. Plus, rivalry among corporations in the rankings will increase your motivation to play.

PvP> PvE

PvP is better than PvE. In what sense? For the development of your skills, the game skill PvP is much more effective than flying in PvE.

Actually, PvE content is one of the most important components of the game, allowing you to relax after intense PvP matches and collect money for new modules and ships. However, excessive enthusiasm for this mode does not have the best effect on the player’s personal skill. After all, something can be learned in the game only from a strong opponent, but not from bots that die from one tick of a pulsar.

Therefore, if you strive to increase your personal efficiency and personal skill, play PvP more often. There you can really improve your skills.

5. Donate, which has not harmed anyone yet

Invest money or play for free – it’s up to you

Of course, the game has donation and premium features. However, the advantage of Star Conflict is the absence of total Pay to Win – when a player who invests real money is more efficient than a player who plays for free.

Donate in the game is intended primarily to improve the comfort of the game, and not to increase the combat effectiveness of the ship. However, there are a couple of points here that require attention.

First, it makes sense to buy a premium account in Star Conflict. And secondly, the game has good premium ships, the effectiveness of which is currently higher than that of battleships.

Why do you need a premium? This will improve your financial situation in the game, and you can purchase more powerful modules, more powerful ships and additional devices.

As for the premium ships, the third tek has such tempting ships as the Desert Eagle and Nukem. These are the most effective drummers now. And your game results on them will be higher than on similar battleships. Therefore, if you do not mind the money, be sure to buy it.

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