Warframe Excalibur Guide

This Warframe guide is about Excalibur. In it, you will learn how to assemble Excalibur in Warframe, where to find blueprints, an overview of mods, what are the pros and cons of this character. So, let’s begin!

Excalibur is the most average warframe, not sharpened for something specific, but limitedly suitable for any situation. He cannot be called either a damage dealer or a support – he is something in between and is therefore very popular among novice players.

This is one of the most famous and very first warframes that there is. It is he who can most often be seen on advertising banners and in game trailers. You can get Excalibur in one of two ways.

The first is to actually choose it at the very beginning.

The second way is to buy his blueprint, and then get its parts for killing the boss Amboulas at the Hades location on the planet Pluto.

Initially, Excalibur has 100 health, 100 shields, 65 armor and 100 energy. When he is level 30, he will have 300 health, 300 shields and 150 energy.

Excalibur is most often chosen at the beginning because it looks noticeably prettier and more stylish than its closest brothers – Volta and Loki. In addition, it is generally accepted that for beginners this is the best choice at the start. He is quite agile and runs fast. All of its original characteristics have been optimized so that you can get into the game as quickly as possible.


Excalibur, like any warframe in the game, has four basic mods (they are also skills, abilities, abilities, talents). Let’s list them.

Cleaving Dash – allows you to cover long distances in a matter of moments, cutting in half or even in quarters all enemies in your path. Sometimes Cleave Dash is used for damage, but more often players use it just to move quickly.

Blinding Light is by far the most popular ability of this warframe, which is very often useful in PvP, because when the player simply cannot see you, he cannot do anything. Blinding light is often used when you are surrounded by crowds of enemies. Along with the fact that you blind the enemy, he takes additional damage for the duration of the blindness. This mod is especially helpful when your enemies are very high levels.

Super jump – the name speaks for itself. A very useful and yet very low-energy mod that allows you to jump to the upper floors. True, in order for the superjump to be successful, you must first climb at least on some box.

The Hard Landing card allows you to make your jumps even more efficient. If you jump a lot, this mod will stun enemies in your landing radius.

Shining spear – your hero sticks a sword into the ground, which he gets out of nowhere, and fire spears fly out of the ground very effectively and beautifully, which can be enhanced with various additional mods. The ability works well in open spaces, when enemies are not hiding behind cover and easily fall into the area of ​​impact of the spears.

Excalibur Blueprint

How to build Excalibur in Warframe? As I said, for this you need to go through the final boss on the planet Pluto, in a location called Hades. You will also need a blueprint for Excalibur.

What is Blueprint in Warframe? The blueprints indicate all the components required to assemble certain items in the Forge.

Blueprints are used to build Warframes, Guardians, and the Orokin Catalyst and Reactor. In addition, separate blueprints for assembling weapons and helmets.

So, the Excalibur blueprint can be bought on the market for 35 thousand credits. In this case, you will have to wait 3 days for the warframe to be created. However, you can instantly craft Excalibur for just 50 platinum. However, if you have real money, then you can not bother at all and just buy this warframe in the store for 75 platinum.

In addition to the warframe itself, Excalibur’s blueprints include the Avalon helmet, which increases shields, but reduces health.


Excalibur Prime

So, if you’re just getting started, then Excalibur is a worthy choice.

Excalibur has no role in the team as such. Unless he can save allies by blinding enemies. But many other warframes do better with this, for example – Nyx or the notorious Loki.

If you already have well-tuned mods for it, then this warframe will be all the more like you.

But as soon as you get a taste, then you will understand that Excalibur is rather weak for you. At high levels, it makes sense to use this character only in PvP or in missions, when it’s just a hunt to be pinned. However, this is not the case for our next hero!

Excalibur Prime

Excalibur Prime main build

This comrade can do more than his younger brother.

How do I get Excalibur Prime? Unfortunately, no way. It could be obtained until 2013 by purchasing the status of the founder.

Prime’s health and shields are the same as normal ones. But shields regenerate much faster.

It also has an additional polarity slot and an aura.

All his skills are the same as those of a regular Excalibur. If you do not put enhancements, then the ult up to level 30 will no longer be effective.

In general, Excalibur Prime has two advantages that no other warframe has.

First, it is unique. Very few people have it – it is truly rare to meet. Only a select few have the opportunity to play this warframe, which of course adds to its happy owners of a certain status among the players.

Secondly, it looks very beautiful and stylish – much cooler than the usual Excalibur.

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