Warframe Trinity Guide

Trinity is a support class. However, calling her a support is not entirely correct. She is definitely one of the most useful warframes in the group, but she can also hold her own. And the group needs her much more than she needs the group.

Yes, she is a support, but not the one that heals and restores energy, but the one that will make even the most difficult mission easy and quick to complete, thanks to the ability to take on the lion’s share of damage and at the same time inflict a lot of damage on enemies.

First of all, Trinity is a tank for those who like to go through hardcore missions in solo mode.

Trinity Blueprint

How to build Trinity in Warframe? You can get this Warframe in the shop for 225 Platinum. The Trinity Blueprint can be bought in the market for 25,000 credits, or dropped from the bosses Lieutenant Lech Creel and Captain Vorav in the Iliad location on Phobos.

What is Blueprint in Warframe? The blueprints indicate all the components required to assemble certain items in the Forge.

Blueprints are used to build Warframes, Guardians, and the Orokin Catalyst and Reactor. In addition, there are blueprints for assembling weapons and helmets.

The drawing of this character, like the drawing of any Warframe, is one-time use and disappears after use. Trinity assembly time is 72 hours. Instant assembly costs 50 platinum.



Abilities – they are also skills – Trinity has the following:

SOURCE OF LIFE – This ability creates a source of life from the enemy. When you deal damage to it, the health of allies is restored within a certain radius.

ENERGY VAMPIR – This ability creates a source of energy from an enemy. Pulsing waves emanating from an enemy affected by this ability replenish energy to allies within the range of this ability.

The abilities Source of Life and Energy Vampire can be improved by installing the following modules:

  • simplified thinking,
  • duration,
  • body type.

And you will increase the duration of the ability by cutting the affected area.

Thanks to the modules blind rage and amplification, the amount of energy and health replenished is multiplied.


CONNECTION – Trinity ties itself to opponents with energetic threads.

All damage that she takes during this ability is also received by the enemies with whom she is locked.

The ability is very colorful, but sometimes the battle itself is not visible because of the threads, because they overshadow everything on the screen, like a spider web, which can interfere with other players. And the usefulness of all these threads is not always obvious.

This ability is best improved with the following modules:

  • duration,
  • body type,
  • overstrained,

As a consequence, you will be able to communicate with enemies at a sufficiently large distance, for about 18 seconds.

BLESSING – fully restores the shields of all allies at any distance and gives immortality for a while. The main aspect for a blessing is duration. And it improves with simplified thinking, physique and duration.



To get started, you need to work hard and zero the Trinity polarizations as much as four times. The polarity of the aura is a strip. Two polarities are intended for the ability of warframes – change to stripes. And we polarize any free cell with a daw. Nothing else is needed.

It’s no secret that Trinity is one of the most useful warframes on any team. However, to realize its potential is possible only by proper pumping and a competent combination of modules. Naturally, modifications are selected for each specific case individually. If you choose the role of a support, then you can pump Trinity as follows.

  • energy source,
  • flow,
  • simplified thinking,
  • duration,
  • innate talent
  • energetic vampire,
  • vitality,
  • streamlining,
  • redirection,
  • body type.

There is only one requirement for the team – everyone must wear the “Energy Source” aura. This will allow you to use Trinity’s blessing an infinite number of times.


The Guardian for Trinity is the Bearer. Thanks to him, you stop paying attention to the collection of energy, which allows you to follow the end of the blessing.

Trinti’s preferred survival team are Nekros, Nova, and Sarina. This roster will easily set records for any survival mission.

Thanks to infinite immortality, any mission is greatly simplified. Especially survival of any complexity.

Trinity can also act as a team coach in swinging weapons of warframes, turning from supports into one of the strongest dammagers in Warframe. To do this, you need the following mods:

  • energy source,
  • body type,
  • overvoltage,
  • duration,
  • bioenergy,
  • blessing,
  • communication,
  • streamlining,
  • flow,
  • redirection,

The obligatory Trinity weapon with this modification is the Stag – without it there will be no fun.

Your allies must take any warframes, no matter what level, and put on the “Energy Source” aura.

The preference in missions is defense. All you have to do is turn on the blessing and bond and shoot yourself at your feet nonstop with the Stag pistol. And enemies will die at a very long distance, without even having time to understand anything.

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