Is wanting to be rich a sin?

No, wanting to be rich is not a sin but it is dangerous. The Bible warns that the desire for wealth can cause many problems and that wealth does not bring satisfaction. Wanting to be rich should not be the first priority in the believer’s life.

1 Timothy 6: 9-10 reveals that the desire for wealth can lead to ruin. When wanting to be rich becomes the first priority, the believer ends up deviating from the faith. Pleasing God must always be more important than getting rich, for the believer ( Matthew 6:24 ).

Is being rich a sin?

No, being rich is not a sin when the money has been earned honestly. The Bible gives examples of wealthy men who were faithful to God, such as Abraham and Job. But Solomon, who was the richest man of his day, recognized that wealth does not satisfy ( Ecclesiastes 5:10 ). With a lot or a little money, satisfaction is a blessing that comes from God.

Wealth has many advantages, but also many responsibilities. The richer a person is, the greater the responsibility. Many wealthy people are unable to rest because of concern about their responsibilities. Sometimes it is better to have less money with less worry ( Proverbs 15:16 ).

Many people want to be rich because they think they will find security and satisfaction in money. But wealth can disappear in an instant! Putting trust in money is unwise ( Proverbs 23: 4-5 ).

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So, what should the believer want?

The believer must want to please God and have enough to live ( 1 Timothy 6: 6-8 ). Those who cannot find contentment when they have enough to live will also not find it when they have a lot of money. God meets the needs of the believer but does not always give great wealth.

The Bible says that when we care about the Kingdom of God, everything else we need in life will be provided (

Luke 12: 29-31

). The believer’s great goal is to live to please God. In some cases, the natural result will be getting rich, but in other situations, it means getting poorer.

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For example, a believer who decides to do the best job he can, honestly, for the glory of God, is likely to move up in his career and become rich. On the other hand, a rich believer may feel called to donate his goods to the poor, for the glory of God, choosing to live more simply. Both will be blessed by God.

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