What do you want to know when hiring the right sales team

There is a lot of doubt when it comes to hiring salespeople . Understanding the profile of people, composing a multidisciplinary team and building a team that is prepared to leverage the sales of your business, depends on these choices.

It is extremely common to have doubts when it comes to understanding the right time to increase the number of salespeople , what skills your team already has and which new professionals should develop.

Hiring people and building a successful team goes beyond observing each person’s personality during an interview. It is also necessary to understand what kind of profile should be avoided.

Developing a team prepared for the market, that has an ideal commercial alignment and that is deeply committed also comes down to knowing how to interview representatives and hire viable options.

Do you need help hiring people? Calm down, don’t be in despair. Find out what is necessary to have a rigid commercial structure and have a true relationship between teams that perform much more.

What to take into account when you need to grow the team

There is a time within a commercial operation when the number of salespeople needs to increase to meet customer demand. Faced with this challenge, the question that many managers ask is: “How can we grow the team so that we don’t lose control of the results?”

When starting a process of hiring new sales professionals, you need to evaluate how people are already achieving results and what else can happen to improve this.

The question that many ask is what would be the best to do, hire salespeople who are experienced with luggage that they can add or those younger people who have energy as a potential to be explored.

The recommended for any commercial process is to try to mix the two things, when assembling a sales team that is more complete, it is important to sum up the two sides and be able to acquire an important arsenal for all types of sales.

There is no right way. The main question is to measure and understand what type of sale your company has made and has worked best to create a team with a hybrid and collaborative profile.

Competitive teams that create a sense of collaboration

There is absolutely no problem in encouraging competitiveness between teams. The sales world is basically driven by a healthy competition engine.

There is no harm in creating a sense of gamification. When we know that there are other people committed to prospecting daily, making calls and going after potential customers, we are also moved to have better results.

For competition to become something really healthy , an environment must be created in which the bonus is not for doing well while the other is doing poorly. The best way to benefit sales teams is to let them know that common growth is the primary target and that individual results are part of the whole.

In addition, when we create an environment in which we generate independence from the teams we form, we can experience a reality in which management approaches become more collaborative.

To build a sense of community relationship, you need, as a manager, to value attitudes that reinforce the concept that the entire sales team is co-participative in the processes from beginning to end. Making them responsible for certain attitudes contributes to helping each other as a whole.

Sales are the result of a job well done with regard to the competitive environment and the full installation of a team environment that favors the process as a whole.

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Don’t just hire similar profiles

Although you should keep in mind that there is a kind of ideal profile to fill your vacancies, you can also consider that the different can add up to build a more diverse team.

When you only focus on one type of sales representative, you are not able to have the multidisciplinarity necessary for each one to stand out in front of a profile.

That is why we need to understand that hiring the most diverse people possible is not something completely bad, if we can design a sales strategy precisely taking advantage of the skills that stand out in the particularities , knowing how to use talents in their most accurate functions, we can have a more prepared team for different situations.

Remembering that fitting people according to their ability to execute a specific tactic can bring more useful business intelligence. Always keep in mind that managing, leading and motivating teams with different personalities requires a certain skill when it comes to creating a more humanized and efficient management.

Build business intelligence to understand the profiles you need

Have you ever imagined trying to better understand how your management works to train and empower your teams?

In order to be more assertive in hiring, basically you need to understand well how to work your current team and how you can complement skills to further strengthen your team.

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