what you should look before hiring fiber optics

You may not realize it at first, but these are all the points that you should look at before hiring a fiber optic rate for your home. Either because you are going to change operator or the first time you do it on your own. It is clear that it will not always be easy and fast to choose among all the Internet rates that the operators have. However, these aspects are key to choosing well.

Does it have permanence?

One of the most important points is permanence . Whether or not the fiber optic rate that we are going to contract has a permanence commitment is a key factor that we cannot forget at any time. Some operators add 3 months of permanence, while others require 1 year of commitment.

For example, we find operators like O2 or Movistar that offer fiber without permanence . Or, also, telcos like Vodafone that have rates for students without commitment, as is the case with Fibra Yuser. In other cases, such as Finetwork, we can choose the option without permanence, although paying the price of installing the fiber.

Choose the speed well

Internet speed is another key point. Although, another factor comes into play here: choosing the right speed for each home. If we are users who need a higher upload and download speed, then we will have to pay more for a rate with 500 Mbps , 600 Mbps or more. However, in most cases, 100 Mbps or 300 Mbps will be more than enough.

However, before signing anything, it is important to  ask what is the maximum speed that can reach our home, so that the rate is correctly adjusted to our needs, so that it is not too short or too much for what we need. really.


In addition to the two key points above, coverage cannot be missing either. More than anything, because there is not a good connection in all areas or homes, since fiber is sometimes not available in rural areas or even in old city centers, since there are many problems with its installation.

Therefore, it is necessary to check if there is fiber optic coverage or what that telephone company will offer us is an ADSL connection. Also, if there is no good coverage, it will be impossible for you to enjoy this most advanced technology .

prices and installation

You have to be smart and pay close attention to the prices of the operators. The rate with 300 Mbps in one company may be much better than in another operator. And so with all rates of 100 Mbps, 500 Mbps, 600 Mbps, 1 Gbps , etc. Although, you have to look at the value for money they have.

In addition to this, if what we want is to have a good fiber optic service with our rate, we will have to make sure that the installation is carried out by the technical team . Although, today, all operators include it for free, but, normally, they give us permanence. Finally, check if the operator’s technical support is good or if they send technicians home when we need them.


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