Visage;full walkthrough

Detailed walkthrough of all chapters of the popular horror

In this guide, we’ll show you how to complete the entire storyline campaign of Visage , an excellent first-person horror movie. Although the player explores the same mansion in each chapter, he is constantly faced with new and more eerie nightmares, so that the game does not have time to get bored.

First, a few words about management. The WASD keys are used to move, and Shift allows you to accelerate. You have an inventory that opens by holding down the TAB key. It is divided into two sections. Dynamic items are a kind of consumable, key items are those that are needed to advance through the story. The “Space” key allows you to swap items in your hands. Hold LMB to use an item in your left hand, RMB in your right (for example, light a lighter). If you want to pick up an item in your inventory, then RMB click on it instead of LMB.

Dynamic items include light bulbs, candles, lighters, and medicine jars. Any paranormal activity or being in the dark for a long time will gradually damage your mind. Therefore, over time, you will have to take pills. Also, the madness can increase with prolonged use of the lighter.

Chapter 1. Lucy

After entering, enter the room on the right. This is the trophy room. This is where you will see the key things needed to progress through the story. You get these things at the end of each chapter. Move to the living room and pick up the phone. After listening to the neighbor’s speech, hang up the phone by pressing F.

Telephone in the living room

Move the only way along the corridor where the light bulb will explode. In the hallway there will be a light bulb on a curbstone with a radio receiver. If it does not lie, then start the game over, as this is a mistake (there will be no key item at the top). You can immediately twist the light bulb where the previous one exploded.

Go upstairs and enter the bedroom on the right. First remove the panda drawing from the door. You will see a splash screen for the first chapter. The bedroom has a built-in wardrobe. Open it and on the wall in front you will see a drawing in black colors. On it the inscriptions – Knock-Knock (that is, “knock-knock”). Interact with the wall several times to knock. You will hear other knocks in response.


Go downstairs to the hallway and see a door open on the right. Go through it to the TV room and take the key to the basement from the cabinet on the left . Return to the hallway and open the door under the stairs, next to the radio. In the kitchen and dining room, go to the glass doors and pull back the drawer to make your way to the TV. Also move to another part of the corridor to find a door blocked by a chair. Raise the chair to open the way to the living room with the phone.

Use the basement key to open the door to the kitchen dining room, then open the next door and go down to the basement. Look for white cabinets by the steps. A clock hangs above them. Open the left cabinet and find the garage key . True, in the first chapter you don’t need it.

Garage key

Climb the steps near this cabinet and turn left. At the end, open the door on the right to reveal a staircase. There is another door to her left. Go through and find the closet door nearby. She is signed as STORAGE ROOM. There is a closet in the pantry. All the dynamic objects needed by the plot will fall inside it (yes, there are some). That is, those items that you accidentally threw away.

Walk left along the corridor to the TV and gramophone. Examine the room to the right of the gramophone, return and see how the camera works . He stands on the divider partition. Take the camera in hand and start taking pictures, holding down LMB. You will see black footprints. Follow them through the corridors until you return to the storage room. At the end of the corridor, a ghost of a woman will appear beyond the storage room. She will drop the syringe. Pick it up.

Continuing to take pictures, follow where the woman has gone. Follow the black footsteps into the hallway with the radio, from there – to the second floor and into the room to the right. Black footprints lead there. There is a map on the wall on the right in the study, but you must examine the wall on the left. It will depict a huge drawing of a girl and an unknown creature. Approach it for autosave to work.

Big drawing

Now go down to the hallway and take a look at the door under the stairs. She’s red. Open it and find yourself on the street. Walk forward, climb into the tree house and study the drawings on the right. One of them will say “I want to be your friend, Lucy.” Turn the drawing and find a small key . Open the casket on the floor with them and take out another drawing. The radio will go off, the voice will repeat that Lucy must do this, but her parents do not understand her. Examine the exit and the windows that will be boarded up by boards. Continue until you return to the house.

Go to the hallway and up to the second floor. Approach the door on the right that leads to the nursery. It will be slightly open, but it will slam shut right in front of your nose. Move back and left to go to the bedroom in a different way. Go through the wardrobe to the nursery and examine the wall to the left of the bed. It shows a red door. Rip the drawing by interacting with it and go to the room with the birdcage.

Red door image

Open another red door to enter the furniture room. There is a white door at the other end, but it is locked. A ghost roams here and should be avoided. Somewhere on the left wall, if you move towards the white door, you can find a cabinet in which a key with a keychain in the form of a birdcage is hidden. It will be a wooden table with three pedestals on the left and right. There is a key in the middle cabinet on the right. When you get it, open the door at the end of the room.

Run down the hallway. A ghost will appear, but you continue to follow to the red door. In the room with the birdcage, walk in a circle until both doors are gone. Next, examine the cage to find the doll inside. Then watch out for the girl’s ghost sitting in the corner. Wait for him to disappear, then go through the red door and go to the cabinet in front.

After waking up, go forward and into the room to the left. The jaw of the mannequin will lie inside the sink. Having picked it up, go down to the hallway and go through the door under the stairs. Turn right immediately to go down the steps to the very bottom. Walk left through the door. Ahead there will be a locked door that can be opened with a key from the basement (after that it will disappear). But you don’t need it now. Instead, go left from this door, towards the blue sheet and past the cabinets where you found the key to the garage. To the right of the sheet is a mannequin. Place the jaw on it, then open the closet nearby. Take a picture of it and see the wall disappear. Put out the lighter and take the photo again. The ghost should drag you inside.

Mannequin jaw

Go to the corridor and go right (down). After opening the door, get to the nearest room, enter it and turn around. Use your camera to light up the path. You should see a ghost in the doorway. You will be taken back to the beginning. Now go left and up the stairs. Take the corridor on the right and enter the door on the left to enter a room with scattered things. From here, move along the long corridors (one of them will have a radio) until you get into a room with cupboards.

It is not necessary to look into the cabinets. Instead, in the corner to the right (closest, next to the door), find an open hatch. Go downstairs, go into the bright room and lift the rug under your feet to find the descent even lower. After going down there, get to the wall with the image of the eye and interact with the narrow hole to pull out the bolt.


Go back to the stairs and go upstairs. Go right along the corridor to the very end. Move the chair away from the closet doors and open them. If your hands are busy, then discard the item (hold F and click LMB or RMB to drop an item from your left or right hand). You will return to a familiar hallway with up and down stairs. Walk left to go down the stairs. Open the door at the end of the hallway. You must enter a corridor with many doors. Open each of them until you find a room with a different door.

Start moving through several doors until you come to a room with three doors (and the fourth you went through). Go through the door on the left, go downstairs and open the closet in the room. There will be a rusty key inside . Go back upstairs, open the door on the left and find a hole in the floor. Open the other door using the rusty key and pick up a large plank at the end of the corridor. Take this piece of wood to the hole in the floor and repair it.

Follow further up to the corridor illuminated by red light. Go right, open the door and see a brick wall. Go to the opposite side, up the stairs. Climb the pile of garbage to the door, open it and return to the house. Go up to the second floor, enter the bathroom and examine the far door. It is closed. Another door will close. Walk around the bathroom until the lights go out. The bathroom itself will begin to fill with water. When the bathroom is full, move the curtain and climb inside, interacting with it. If there is no point of interaction, then wait a little longer.

Water-filled bathroom

Watch the cut-scene, then some flashbacks of Lucy and her parents. Finally, get into the blood bath. Back in the house, watch the cut-scene in which Lucy pulls out her jaw. This completes the passage of the first chapter.

Chapter 2. Dolores

To start the second chapter, you must start a new game or complete the current chapter. That is, it is completely unnecessary to go through chapter # 2. At the beginning of the game, move to the hallway, where there is a radio, and remove the key with a keychain in the form of a mirror from the wall. This is how the chapter begins.

Go into the corridor where the light bulb exploded (next), and use this key to open the door on the left. Inside the room, remove the sheet from the item on the left in the corner. A mirror is hidden behind it. You will hear a strange sound. Go to the hallway and find an open door (to the left of the place where the key hung). Go through it and pull the sheet off the item to the right of the TV. But there will be no mirror behind her. Take the basement key from the cabinet .

Go upstairs from the hallway to the left of the bathroom and remove the sheet from another object. You will see a mirror with a rocking chair. Take a look at the ceiling in the nearest hallway and you will see a ring. This door leads to the attic where someone is walking (dust is falling). You can’t reach the handle now. You can take pills from the bathroom.

Go downstairs, go left along the corridor and go down the stairs to the garage door. Read the note hanging on the door that says the key is somewhere in the laundry room. Go to the hallway and open the door under the stairs with the basement key. Go to the kitchen through the next door, open it with the same key, move the cabinet from one door and the chair from the other, as you did in the first chapter.

Moving to the chair that blocked the door, open another door on the right and you will find yourself in the laundry room. Look into the distant washing machine to get the key to the garage . Climb to the second floor, look into the bedroom (twice to the right of the top of the stairs) and collect loot. Return to the stairs leading down to the hallway and see the ghost. It will disappear. Go downstairs and look along the corridor to the left to see a large man. Follow to the beginning of the game. Next time, the ghost will appear in the living room. Enter the trophy room, look into the room on the left and take out the poker from the portrait hanging on the wall .

Go to the living room, turn into the corridor on the left (here you were told about reason) and open the door on the right (using the key with the mirror). This is down to the stairs leading to the garage door. Walk to the left and find the exit to the hallway through the door in the hallway with a broken lamp: that is, we just created a shortcut.


Return through the hallway upstairs, to the left along the corridor and pull the ring using the poker. Go up to the attic, walk along the left wall and find a room with a rocking chair. Walk up to the chair and stop it. Jump down through the hole in the floor and enter the bedroom with the mirror. Take the audio cassette from the table to the left of the mirror. Insert a cassette into the player and listen to it. Examine the sheet next to it with many numbers. The same numbers are shown on the wall. Examine the wall to the left and drop one of the paintings to look through the round hole. Do the same with the other painting.

Pick up from the floor sneakers , go to bed, which is the second sneakers, and apply first. Both slippers should be on the bed. go out into the corridor and wait for the hero to lose consciousness and return to the mansion. Follow the black footprints on the floor to the living room with the phone, go to the trophy room and go down through the hole in the floor (instead of the usual room, it will be some kind of gloomy basement). Follow the only route until you see mirrors standing in a circle. Walk around and look in mirrors. Stay with those in which a walking ghost is visible. Watch it and repeat the action. Turn around to try to see the enemy standing behind. The mirror should break. Climb down through the hole in the floor.

After waking up, go through the door and go down the corridor. Enter the mirror in front. Go from the living room towards the hallway, turn left and go down to the door to the garage. Open it with the garage key, inspect the car and get into the driver’s seat. Take the huge hammer from the passenger seat . Disable the alarm, get out of the car and pick up the hammer. Climb up the steps and open the door with the garage key.

Hammer in the car

Follow to the entrance door to the garage between the living room and the hallway and jump into the mirror to the left of it. Open the door, run down the curved hallway and go through the new door. First go left to the wall with the mirror. Break it with a hammer and go inside. Examine the door, but it will be locked.

Go back, go left and turn right to find the place where the garage key was hidden in the first chapter (in a white cabinet). There is a mirror to the right of the cabinets. Break it down, but don’t rush down. Instead, go to the place where the mannequin was, go into the narrow opening and break the mirror on the right. Enter the kitchen and go to the table where someone is sitting. Pick up a key with a keychain in the form of a tea box from the table . Take the audio cassette from the cabinet to the right of the hole in the wall .

Exit back, go left past the white cabinets, climb the steps and open the nearest door. It is a small bathroom and there is a hole in the floor. Go down through it, go down the corridor and enter the mirror to be in the living room. Walk down the hallway and enter the laundry room on the side. You cannot go deep. Climb to the second floor and climb into the attic, as you did before. Go to the room with the rocking chair, look to the left and use the newly found key to open the box. You will receive a special tea . Jump down through the hole in the floor and listen to the newly found audio cassette. There is a stand next to the turntable in which you can store cassettes. Move them to it.

Curved corridor

Run to the front door to the garage (between the hallway and the living room) and go through the mirror. Follow the curved corridor again and open the door at the end. Walk left and right, turn right next to the pantry to return to the place where the mannequin was in the first chapter (and the blue sheet hangs). Enter the mirror on the right to enter the kitchen, where a woman was sitting at the table. Go to the cup on the table and pour the special tea into it. To do this, you need to free both hands (hold F and click LMB and RMB). A woman will stun you.

Knock down the door to break out of the oven. Pick up the hammer and take the star toy out of the tea cup . Take the crowbar as a weapon. The hammer will automatically move to the pantry. Exit this room through the broken mirror, go left past the white cabinets, go up the steps and go through the mirror on the left. Climb up the fire escape and open the window at the end of the corridor (you need a crowbar). Lift the sash and take the compass from the windowsill . Go down, go forward all the way and to the right. Go up the stairs and break the mirror on the right. Enter it.

You will find yourself in the playground. Walk forward across the landing and left along the road. Keep a compass in hand as it indicates the correct path (red arrow). Follow through the gate on the right and pick up a flower from the bench on the left . Go to the statue in front and turn left from it. Pick up another flower that lies on the bench on the right hand. Continue to find the third flower on the bench to the left. Continue on until the road goes left. There, take a look at the bench on the left and take the fourth flower. Take a couple of steps and turn off the road to the right where the compass is pointing. The fifth flower is on a small tombstone. Interact with this grave to remove the stones and find the box. Inside it you will find a space rocket toy .

Run back to the statue and follow to the left of it, where you haven’t gone yet. A narrow path will lead you to a fenced area with a crypt with a flower lying under the door. Take it and go inside. Go downstairs and open the door. Come out of the looking glass.

Walk left and right. Turn right next to the storage room, immediately enter the restroom on the right and go down through the hole in the floor, as you did before. Go through the door, go out into the living room and use the door next to the mirror. Once in the kitchen, you will see how household appliances communicate.

Communication technique

Climb to the second floor, go left and break the mirror. Go into a wide corridor, go to the very end and hit the floor with a hammer until you are killed by a monster. Go to the chair and pick up the note lying on it. Light the lighter, go to the right and examine the hanging mummy with the image of the “moon”. To the left hangs a mummy with an “eye”, and on the other side of the chair you can find a mummy with a “shadow” pattern.

Walk to the side of the chair to go upstairs to the well. Pick up the handle on the side and use it to open 3 more wells. Go down to the first floor and discover highlighted areas. One of them will have a hole in the floor. Jump down, move underground and return to the house. Go as usual to the closet, but without reaching it, open the doors of the cabinet built into the left wall. There is a mirror inside. Break it and go inside. Squeeze into the hole on the right and open the door in the new room. Crawl under the crosses to the stairs and climb up the steps. Go around the burning candles, find the device and use the same handle on it to raise the crucifix. Pull the knife out of the body at the cross.

Go to the corridor opposite the crucifix and jump through the hole in the floor. Go back through the hole in the wall and leave the looking glass. Go through the door opposite the closet, return in the usual way to the living room and follow through the door next to the mirror. Walk forward through the kitchen, TV room and hear the bell.

In the hallway, go up to the second floor and go to the right of the bathroom (but not into the children’s bedroom, on the door of which there was a picture of a panda in the first chapter) and open the door. There is a mirror on the left. Destroy it and go to the room with the corpse in the chair and knives. Pick up the transfusion bag from the corpse , and then stick in the recently found knife. A small key with the signature “I love you” will fall out of the man’s hand . Go left, move the door and open the next door with this key. Remove the audio cassette from the box inside (you may have to use the same key). There is also a toy in the form of a cloud .

Toy cloud

Look into the previous room and see a man standing. Close the door and open it. The ghost will disappear. Get out of the looking glass, examine the table under the map on the wall and in one of the drawers you will find a key with a keychain and a lightning bolt. Run to the bedroom on the second floor to listen to the audio tape.

Go downstairs to the hallway and go right to the TV room. Turn right to the door, which was blocked by a curbstone on the other side, and on the right you will find a mirror. Break it and head down the stairs. But first, if you haven’t done it before, return to the bedroom on the second floor and look through the hole in the wall on the left. You will see three pictures. Remember them.

Go down the stairs behind the mirror on the first floor, in the TV room. A room with paintings awaits you ahead. There are three “seats” on the wall opposite the front door. This is where you need to install the pictures you saw earlier. They can be both in this room and in the previous corridor.

The first painting hangs in the initial hallway on the right wall (in the middle). Turn your back to the wall on which this painting was hung (also in the middle), go to the door and remove the painting hanging in the left corner. The third painting is lying on the floor near the wall on which you hang the paintings. As soon as you establish the correct order of the pictures, the door will open. Go into the room, hang the transfusion bag on the counter by the bed and take the sun toy .

Get out upstairs, run to the trophy room at the very beginning of the house (where you appeared) and break the mirror on the wall to the right. You will see some kind of long process with a baby. Approach the child and take the sphere . Save, return to the room and wait for the woman’s ghost to kill you. After the reboot, the ghost in the door will no longer be.


Exit the room and open the door on the left that leads to the garage (with the appropriate key). Go down to the garage to the car and open the vice on the workbench on the right. Place a sphere in them. After breaking it, you will find a note with strange scribbles. Exit here, go through the living room to the other door to the garage and use the broken mirror next to it. Walk forward along the curved hallway to return to the TV and gramophone room. Follow the left and on the left hand you will find a locked door. Open it with a key with a lightning bolt on it.

Walk to the right to the shield and switch the upper black lever several times. The light should turn on. Take any route to the living room and break the mirror hanging to the right of the door opposite the phone. Enter the corridor and note the clock hanging on the wall to the left. Take the scribble note from your inventory (obtained by destroying the sphere) to see what time you need to set on the clock. We had it like this: 6 o’clock, half past four, half past one (from left to right).

Setting the clock

Go to another part of the corridor, where plates with images of people hang on the wall to the right. Use the same note and expand these images as shown on it. Also according to the note, the left and right windows should be open. Place the candle on the middle stand and light it. Walk in a circle until a passage to the red corridor appears near the candles. Go there and find a crib with a lot of radios. Take one of them and get out of here.

Run to the hallway, go up the stairs and go to the bedroom with the turntable. Activate the walkie-talkie and hear the password – 50373. Go to the pantry and pick up the hammer that you threw out earlier. On the second floor, enter the bathroom and break the mirror. Walk forward and open the door. You will need to choose one of several routes, guided by the clock hanging from above. It is necessary to take into account the password that is heard on the radio (50373). That is, first go into the passage, over which hangs a clock pointing to 5, then to 0 (12 or noon), then – 3, 7 and 3. Everything is simple.

Go through the door and you will see a crib in chains and a gramophone under it. Interact with the latter and watch the cut scene. Go through the door. The mansion has changed for the worse. Follow through the living room door to enter the kitchen. Follow the only route until you find the same gramophone. Pull the handle out of it and wait for the crib to disappear. Then go back and go to the gramophone near the TV. Apply the handle on it.


Look under your feet and see footprints. Follow them and jump into the hole in the restroom next to the storage room. Continue following the footsteps through the living room to the trophy room and go through the mirror to where you found the orb. Now, instead of a child, there is a crib. Go to her and get the child .

Carry the child into the living room and enter the mirror on the left, where the sofa was. Go to the room with the crucifix (this is where you fall when you jump into the hole) and place the child in the niche on the left. The figure of the saint must fall from the crucifixion. Look at the crucifix and you will find a toy in the shape of a month . You now have 5 toys.

The right crucifix

Having them in your arms, run to the bedroom on the second floor and hang the toys on your mobile above the children’s bed. Start the mobile so that a key with a violin sign appears above it (at the attachment point). Open the box with the same sign on the floor near the mirror (in the same room). Take a vinyl record and take it to the room with the gramophone and TV. Place the record on the gramophone and start it with the handle.

Standing to the right of the gramophone, go to the door, which was opened with the key with the lightning symbol, and turn into the corridor on the right (through the mirror). Open the door ahead. If the gramophone is running, then behind this door you will find a large multi-level maze.

Go like this: left, right, right (there will be a chair), left, left, right, forward (past the curbstone and door), right, straight (ignoring the descent to the right), right (up the stairs), right, right, left, go up up and jump onto the ladder located sideways (that is, on its edge), and go to the center. Continue right, right again and climb to the illuminated door. Open it and move between the beds. Walk forward until you come to a room with three paintings that were seen through a hole in the wall. Look through the hole on the left, then on the right. You will see a woman walk up to the crib and then hang herself.

Exit through the door and find yourself in the bedroom. There is a photograph of a man and a woman on the table on the left, and a record player next to it. Launch a cassette inside it. Go to the door and pick up the mirror lying on the rope. End of the second chapter.

Chapter 3

Sit in the wheelchair in the TV room. If you have previously sewed some video tapes, you can view them using the video player to the left of the TV. You will travel to the past. You can open the door on the left that leads to the dining room to see a man at the table. But the game will not let you inside. Watch the man until he disappears. Go to the dining room and look at the kitchen on the right. Rakan will find a bug in the radio.

Exit through the door in front and observe the scene in the living room. Rakan will take the gun. Go to the hallway and see a ghost attacking a man. You will return to reality. A stool with a glass appeared in the hallway. Inside it is a key with the Omega symbol. Go to the basement and go to the pantry with the electrical panel (behind the room with the TV and gramophone from the second chapter). There is a stool by the window on the left. It is a dynamic, story-driven item. If you can’t take it, it will move to the closet inside the pantry.

Go up to the second floor and see that an eye appeared on the door of the office. A picture hangs opposite. Poke an eye on it, open the door and sit in the wheelchair in the office. You will find yourself in the hospital. Leave the chamber, go down the corridor to the left. Turn left a couple of times and you will find yourself at the nurse’s station. Enter the room and take the key to Room 323 from the table.

Move deeper into the hospital and find that very ward. Open the door with the key you found earlier and look around the room. In the far right there is a niche, in it is a protruded brick. Push this brick out and then examine the wall. You need a tool to break it. Head back past the nurse’s office and straight ahead. On the left, the door of the women’s toilet will open slightly. Go to the back booth to find a broken toilet. Among other things, there is a mount. Take the tool and run to room 323. Break the wall and move to the next room to collect the key from the meeting room 3F.

Leave the room by opening the latch on the door and head back. Rakan will rush after you. Run away from him in a straight line. There will be an elevator in front, but before reaching it, turn right. You will see a door highlighted in red. Open it with the found key (this is the meeting room 3F), after which the chase will end.

Go forward and find a lantern in the back of the room. The key to the transit wing is on the same table. Footprints on the floor and table indicate a door marked EXIT. Push the table (just by moving in its direction, no interaction) and then open the door. Go forward along the corridor, open two doors in front (there will be another EXIT plate above the second) and turn right. Run along the corridor, at the fork to the left (always be guided by the EXIT signs), forward past the nurse’s office to the double door, behind which you can see many EXIT signs. Open it with the transit wing key. Jump through the window that Rakan jumped out of.

After waking up, go through the doorway on the right, then turn left from the hallway and go down to the basement. Walk left and see an illuminated door. Before reaching it, turn into the pantry on the right (there is usually a large freezer there) and interact with the eye in the picture. Exit the closet and go left, past the room with the closet where all the important items are stored. Roll into the basement where the mannequin was in the first chapter and look behind the blue sheet to find another picture with an eye. Squeeze it out. Return to the same illuminated door (in the room where the TV is usually located, and in the second chapter the gramophone was also added). Sit in a wheelchair.

After waking up in the same room, go outside and go to the right, to the dummy. He will run away. Follow the corridor and turn right to see many mannequins. Crawl between them and pick up the ladder key. Get out of here and go forward until the hallucinations begin. Run away from the people, open the red EXIT door on the left (with the found key) and go downstairs. Go through the door.

Go all the way forward, to the right and to the very end of the long corridor. Before the door in front, turn right and look into the room on the left, where the red light is on. Take from the table the key to the basement stairs. Exit the room and run left. You will reach the main door. Exit to the courtyard, go around the stones in the center and open the door on the opposite side. Follow the right, past the racks with clothes and open the lighted door on the left (in a small niche).

Go downstairs, go left and through the door on the right. You will find yourself in the dressing room. The key to the control room is on the chair to the left. Exit here and enter the door on the right at the end of the corridor. Climb through the hole in the wall, along the pipes, and jump into the corridor. Go immediately to the left, behind a screen of sheets. There will be a Control Room double door at the end of the dark corridor. Open it with the recently found key, go to the end of the corridor and open the same double door. A narrow corridor will lead you to the control room. Click on the red button on the control panel.

Run back into the corridor, where you bypassed the screen with the sheet, and follow the left. At the T-shaped fork, turn left and open the double door at the very end on the left. Immediately go through the white door on the right, into the room with the sleeping clothes. Go through the open opening to the right and forward along the narrow corridor. Open the most recent wooden door. At the back of the laundry room, find a washing machine with a fully opaque door and a green light bulb. Look inside to find a magnetic pass.

Go back to the main corridor, to the T-fork, where the barricaded door is. Walk past her forward (the path to the right leads to a screen with a sheet) and call the elevator using the key card on the card reader on the left. Get all the bodies out of the elevator. If you hear disturbing music, run away so Rakan doesn’t catch you. And then enter the elevator.

When the elevator opens, move between the bodies, walk all the way forward, to the right, to the left and to the fork until you see a person in front. Turn right to find a door with many EXIT signs. There will be another wandering body here. Therefore, press against the left wall, and then sharply go around the enemy along the wall to the right. Go through the door. Look around. The room will turn black.

Back in the house, go through the door, go along the gut, to the second floor, until the light goes out. The enemy will chase you. Jump off the balcony, making your way to the place where the railing is missing, and enter the room on the left to gouge out the eye in the painting on the left. Go through the kitchen to the right, to the hallway on the right and to the second floor to the bedroom (twice to the right after the stairs). There will be another picture with an eye here. Then take a look into the bathroom on the second floor and gouge out an eye in the painting hanging behind the curtain of the bathroom itself. Exit the bathroom and head right. Open the door on your right hand and use the wheelchair.

Exit the hospital room and go right. Follow the corridor left, left, and forward past the nurse’s office. You will see a ghost who will show you the direction. Turn right, because now there is an open door. Follow the long corridor to the psychiatric wing. Move left, right and right into a narrow corridor with red lights. Turn right and open the door ahead to enter a room with a panel consisting of several red buttons. Click on the lower left button (5) so that it turns green.

Return the same way along the narrow corridor and continue to the right. On the left there is room 05. Look through the window, and then open the door and take the key from the observation room. Go to the same bright corridor with red lights. Turn right and immediately left. Open the door with the found key and pick up the flashlight lying on the table. Exit the room and return the same way along the narrow corridor. The lights will go out, the walls will turn black. Coming out of the corridor, go to the right, once again to the right (be guided by the black tracks on the floor) and again to the right. There will be a small restroom on the right hand. Traces lead there. Look into the back booth and pull the lever from the electrical panel out of the toilet.

Exit the restroom and go through the door on the right. Follow the trail to the left, enter the far left room, and then exit to get into the trap. So it was conceived according to the plot! When you wake up, raise the flashlight and move through the hole in the wall. Follow the narrow corridors below and below and get to the TV. When Rakan is chasing you, duck and move through the hole in the fence on the left. Run along the left side. At the very end there should be a gurney with a knife. If it is not there, then look for it on the bed in the far right corner. These are two places I know. Walk around Rakan and head back to stab this knife into a huge eye. That will explode, and you can go inside.

At the end of the path you will find yourself in a room with a shield on the right. Place the handle on it and open the door on the left. Immediately go through the door on the right, go in the opposite direction along the black tracks and turn to the elevator on the right. Call him and drive on. Coming out of the elevator, go forward, all the way, turn right and find a slightly open door on your right hand. Enter the office and watch the cut-scene. Move the white cabinet against the wall to the right, bend down and climb through the hole.

Open the door to which black footprints lead. You will see Rakan behind the glass. Rotate in a circle until you find yourself behind this glass. Take the eye out of the door. This is the third item for the trophy room! Then the chapter will end.

Chapter 4

Go down to the basement and go between the walls in a narrow corridor to find a new descent down here. Follow there until you hit a white wall. Pick up a sledgehammer and try to break the wall. It won’t work. Turn around and see a monster. Then he will disappear. When you walked to the white wall, you saw two rooms on the right and left. So you need to go to these rooms by touch and break one wall in each. Having done this, go back to the white wall and take out the part of the mask from it. This mask will end up in the hall of progress. But this is only one of six parts.

To get all the other parts of the mask, you need to find 5 video tapes. Look at a specific tape and look for hints on the location of the new part of the mask. And then go after her. Or use our guide!

Videotape Pride

Found in the bathroom toilet during Lucy’s first chapter. It’s not entirely clear what would happen if you didn’t pick it up in the first chapter. But it is quite possible that she is right now on the second floor of the house, in the bathroom. It may not be necessary to view it at all to get a part of the mask.

After watching the video, move to the second floor and open the hatch leading to the attic. Go to the secret room on the right, behind the toolboxes that you can move. And then open the drawer on the right. Now you can go to the hatch located in the basement. Where the mannequins are.

Greed videotape

Behind the boiler room door, on cardboard. It’s to the left of the TV in the basement. After watching the video, return to the room where you found the tape. Use the stepladder to get to the ventilation hole.

Prison videotape

On the floor at the end of the Rakan chapter. After watching the video, go to the basement where the mannequin is. Return to the kitchen through the hallway. The light will begin to flicker. Just turn around.

Negligence videotape

Look for the cassette in the parent’s bedroom, on the floor behind the door. You can get there through Lucy’s room and the common closet, since the door of the parent’s bedroom is blocked. After watching the video, go to the basement to the TV and examine the paintings on the wall to the left of it.

Indifference Videotape

In a drawer in a white cabinet located between two doors and by a staircase leading to the basement. After watching, go to the five locations listed in the video and collect the picture frames. They are located in the freezer in the basement, the wardrobe in the parent’s bedroom, the progress room, the storage room in the basement, and the area with chairs opposite the laundry room. Take them to the indicated place – go down to the basement from the main door and look for the ragged wall at the end of the stairs.

Videotape Addiction

Look in the second drawer under the rulebook in the basement. After watching the video, go to the parent’s bedroom through Lucy’s room. The blood should disappear and then a hole with a ladder will appear in the floor.

Videotape Affliction

In the bookcase near the starting point of the game, in the living room. After watching the video, go to the basement and take the scrap. Having done this, go up the stairs to the first floor and go to the room behind the door with the mirror, where Dolores’ chapter began. Apply the pry bar to the floorboards.



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