Walkthrough Watch Dogs Legion – game guide

All Watch Dogs Legion story and side missions walkthrough

Watch Dogs Legion is a new part of the famous series that touches on the topic of total surveillance using advanced technologies. Legion got its name for a reason: this time you won’t have a specific protagonist. You control an entire Resistance that any Londoner can join. And you can choose a new member of the organization to complete the next storyline or side mission. In this guide, we have prepared the complete Watch Dogs Legion walkthrough.

Watch Dogs Legion Walkthrough – Operation Westminster

Move forward and study the control system. Duck on C, get close to the enemy and stun him with the F key. Go forward until you find yourself in a dead end. Press “Space” to get over the fence on the left. After jumping down, eliminate a couple more targets. When you run into the locked door, go down to the right and deal with three objectives. Previously, you could point the crosshair at the door and click on the mouse wheel to see a red line pointing to the terminal. You can set traps all over the place, interfere with open combat with enemies, and so on. Interact with the terminal and proceed further.

Deal with the enemies in the room with bombs, then run forward and examine the door on the right. There will be a blocked terminal. Follow the door on the left, use the V key and connect to the security camera. Download the control panel key from your smartphone on the table. Continue in the other direction, finish off the enemies and climb to the roof. Watch a lengthy video.

Restarting DedSec

Move the crosshair at the spider bot, click on the mouse wheel and, without releasing the button, click on the R key. Control the spider, move forward, jump over the obstacle and make your way through the gap. Hack the shield on the right, get to three nodes and download the data, then take over the tower.

Next, the game will ask you to choose your first DedSec agent. You can take any available character, but remember that there is no main protagonist in Watch Dogs Legion. All DedSec operatives are protagonists, and each has their own unique skills, backstory, motives, and abilities. In general, the choice is yours.

After that, get in the car and drive along the yellow marker. Go inside the bar, press the mouse wheel while examining the red terminal, and then rotate a few nodes so that the entire line turns blue. It’s simple. Go inside the organization’s secret hideout. There are many collectibles here: especially headphones with audio recordings. Walk forward and power on the base. Help Bagley find out everything that happened during his shutdown. There is a suitcase with a mask upstairs. After talking with Bagley, pick up the gadgets and spend the first technology points.

Tech Points can be found in different parts of London. They are used to buy and improve various gadgets and abilities. Now you have 10 points and I highly recommend investing in disguise. In addition, if you purchased the Deluxe Edition, which includes bonus Operators, they will become available immediately after using the wardrobe. To buy new items from the store, you need a special currency – ETO. It drops out when you neutralize enemies or is given as a reward for completing various objectives.

Enter the ring and fight the owner of the bar. Press LMB to attack, then – E to break through the block, and then dodge in time (“Space”) and counterattack. After defeating, you will return to the main base room. And you will see gift agents. Go outside and wait for new instructions from Sabina. The task will end.

A spark will ignite a flame

You will have two markers on the map. The first one points to a data storage point. Go there, go into a closed area and stun all enemies (two on top and three on the bottom). After that, inspect the panel on the closed door, go downstairs and find the flap that needs to be hacked. Having done this, go behind the closed door and download the data on Operation Albion from the terminal.

Go to second place and check out the huge screen with the Albion advertisement. You need to hold down the mouse wheel and select the appropriate action. Then go to the indicated courtyard, climb the lift and hack it through the same mouse wheel. Climbing upstairs, he can pick up a technology point and follow further along the roofs. Jump over to the adjacent building and interact with the server to replace the image on the screen. The task will end.

The trumpet is calling

Go to the specified location and chat with the informant. After that move to the train station, go inside and use V to mark the CCTV cameras for yourself. Hack them, find the drone and take control of it. Fly to the marker, wait for Bagley to finish, and then open the camera (Z) and take a picture (F). Then fly to the indicated table and download the access code, and then load it into the marked device. Watch the cut-scene.

You liberated your first area, Camden. Each time a region is vacated, technology point markers for that region appear on the map. In addition, residents of this area are more willing to join the ranks of DedSec, and one of them, a unique (special agent), joins your organization automatically.

Ready for service

Go to the indicated location, use the terminal behind the red barrier to disable the alarm system. Go to the courtyard area. You can neutralize enemies or just sneak past to activate your augmented reality device. In addition, there are technology points in the yard. Once you’ve done this, leave the area and listen to Bagley. We need to recruit a builder. Drive to the marked place and examine the builders with the mouse wheel. After finding a builder with a drone, talk to him.

The recruitment process will begin. For a person to agree to join you, you will have to complete his task. In this case, you need to remove the debt data from the Ketty gang market. Drive to the desired location and find the side entrance. There are many enemies here, so act carefully. The required shield is located on a hill – climb up the other objects and turn it off. Go inside the marked building and delete the data (stay close until the process is complete). There is also an alternative option to complete this task. When you are near the entrance, look up – there will probably be a drone in the sky. Take over control of it, and then fly inside. If you fly high, then the guards on the ground will not notice you, and the drones encountered will need to be quickly turned off. After flying up and starting the removal process, be sure to deploy the drone – if an enemy approaches,

Then leave the area and return to Connie’s bar (you can use fast travel) to talk to the builder.

You are now in control of a new builder agent. Drive to the desired location, use X to open the weapon wheel and find the construction drone. When he arrives, climb from above and intercept control with the Q key. Fly to the roof of the desired building and touch the server to automatically pick it up. Deliver the server to the truck.

Start the process, and when it is completed, drive to a new location. Repeat the steps in two more places. In the end, you have to defend the truck, and then Bagley will blow it up.

By the way, the drone builder is a great option for moving around the rooftops of the city. Especially if they contain collectibles, including technology points.

Return to base and complete the quest by listening to Sabrina. The next mission will begin.

Ghosts of the past

Go to the marked place and enter the territory where the terrorist attack took place. Kill enemies or not, enter the subway and examine the leg of the damaged spider bot. Next, use the V key and scan to find 3 terminals with surveillance system records. After interacting with everyone, return to the subway and launch the hologram. Study the people from the recording, and then – the spider-bot located in the ventilation above them.

You need to get further, and to do this, hack (mouse wheel) the nearest flying drone. Fly through the ventilation and get to the indicated location. Analyze the cargo in the minibus, and then the people. You can leave the protected area.

Drive to the marked location, New Scotland Yard. Arriving at the place, open the gates and clear the area. Interact with the terminal to get to the first floor, or go up the steps and go straight to the second. We recommend that you clear the premises, and then stand by the window behind which the scientist is standing. He’s tinkering with a damaged bot spider. Hack the spider. The scientist will receive an electric shock. Get out of the room by jumping on tables. To create platforms, open the aquarium lids and black and red grate. Repeat the steps in the other rooms to get through the row of vents. Use yellow pipes and so on.

When you get out of the ventilation, your hero will take the spider-bot. Together with him, go to the marker on the shore. You can look around by hacking the camera, but it’s easier to immediately shoot at the barrel in the middle to detonate the terminal. Go inside and interact with the server. After that, analyze the audio file and the system unit. The task will end.

Lost along the way

Go to the indicated place and go through the main gate, turning off the alarm using the terminal (the V key will highlight the desired terminal). Go inside the CEM and look around. You can talk to the refugee ahead. However, it is enough to walk on the marker and chat with the marked character.

Having done this, go into the passage nearby and go upstairs. Immediately climb even higher up the yellow stairs. The desired door is closed. Go left and find a room with a couple of enemies. Deal with them and load the key using the tablet on the table. Go back and open that very door, and then download the data.

Interact with another terminal from the bottom, then go to the clinic door. It is closed and you have to rotate the knots to open it. Some of the nodes are visible from the side of the door, but you can hack the security cameras and see all the rest (the V key will highlight the cameras). Rotate the nodes so that all the lines turn blue and then go inward. Fire up augmented reality and see two people torturing Angel. After that, run after Angel until people catch him. Here the task will end.

Watch Dogs Legion Walkthrough – New Clan Kelly Product

Go to the incinerator and go inside. After neutralizing the enemies (there are a lot of them here), get into the indicated office, having previously hacked the electrical shield (the mouse wheel will highlight the path). Take the data and go down to the basement using the garbage chute. Walk forward and watch the video. After saving the cop, go to the next room and deal with the surgeon. Use X to open the weapon wheel and “9” to select the camera. And then photograph each of the three corpses. One of them is Angel. For the photo to be counted, it is important to set up the camera so that “Target in sight” appears. Then go to the back room, kill two enemies and take Lao’s documents. Leave the factory to complete the mission.

Bloody Mary Kelly

Get to the mansion with a character who has a drone or who can hack them. Hound drones fly around the mansion, and you need special skills to hack them. Launch the drone through the open window of the upper floor and move through several vents until you find yourself in the desired room. Examine your computer. You need to supply power to it. Fly along the red line and find the point where the power is coming from. Start spinning. You need to set up two branches. The whole difficulty of this task comes down to the fact that in each branch you must first unlock several nodes, and then redirect energy through them. That is, you do not have to do so that absolutely the entire line is blue. The main thing is to feed two blue cables to the knot near the pool table. From there, everything will be much easier. As soon as the blue cable goes into ventilation,

Next, two tasks will appear on your PDA at once, and you can choose which of them will be the first. After choosing a quest in the PDA, you will listen to the briefing information.

Armor gap

Go to the indicated location and listen to Bagley. Hamish’s apartment is mined, so all traps should be disabled first. Walk around the building or float on the water to the boats on the right, above which there are cradles for cleaning windows. Lower them and climb using the far to the roof. Once done, get to the server and interact with it. You will see Hamish’s apartment. Disable the security system by solving a familiar puzzle. And then watch the cut-scene, after which you will have to hide from Albion. I managed to escape through the alley and, turning the corner of the house, hide in the bushes under the bridge.

Inside Albion

Head to the Tower of London and chat with the barmaid, who will give you a lead on potential recruits. This will be one of the Albion soldiers who have their own motives to betray the organization. Chat with him and find out what needs to be done to recruit. And then complete this task.

If the agent is killed during this mission, you will have to look for a new Albion soldier, that is, go back to the Tower. Instead, I recommend to quickly close the game ALT + F4 and restart again.

After hiring a new agent, switch to him and follow to the Tower. Go inside using the mouse wheel (X) to select the overalls. Stay away from enemies and drones, use Q to distract them. Even if you are noticed from the outside, the task will not fail. But inside you will have to bypass everyone so that no one will guess anything. Climb a couple of floors up and examine the locked door. You need a pass, and you can make it in the next room. Start the process and watch the video about Checkout.

Then pick up the pass and open the door. Go to the press conference room. After the video, go downstairs. It is no longer necessary to hide, so you can make some noise or, for example, secretly eliminate targets. Go lower and lower until you find a passage to the catacombs. Jump into the well, find the grate and open it with the lever. Behind it there will be another descent into the catacombs, and soon you will find a way out.

Stealing blueprints

Get to the right place and penetrate the enemy territory. Don’t arouse suspicion, go into the building and go to the upper floor, where you can turn off the protection. Go down two floors, go around the turret, moving behind it, and get to the computer. Load blueprints and leave enemy territory.

In the womb of the beast

Go to Tidees, get inside the building and exit into the courtyard from the river side. There will be boxes along which you can climb to the stairs. Do so, climb up the ladder and pipe. You need a key to open the door to the desired room. Press the mouse wheel while looking at the terminal to realize that the key is hidden by the guard on the floor below. Sneak up to it and press the mouse wheel to select download the key. When the download is complete, open the door at the top and collect data from the computer.

Follow to the first floor and find an elevator. There is a crate with a spider bot nearby. Use it to get through the ventilation around the corner from the elevator and activate the terminal (at the bottom, by direct interaction). Take the elevator down.

You will run into a locked door. Take the bot spider from the box nearby and move through the ventilation. Behind it there will be a room where you need to move along the platforms along the perimeter, and after that – a corridor with laser traps. If you hit the laser beam, return to the beginning of the corridor and reboot. And so I advise you not to rush and act as clearly as possible. Then hack the terminal.

After that you will have to control the microdron Sebastian. If it explodes, you have to start over. Fly forward and open the ventilation grill by shooting at the two glowing nodes in the upper right and left corners. By doing this, you will knock down the grate and be able to fly forward. Further, avoid the fans, which will push the microdron against the electrical walls. Look for barriers behind which you can hide from the flow of air. Also beware of fire traps – the corridors where there are traps, go through only after the maximum heating occurs and cooling begins. At the end there will be a difficult section. Use copper tubing that looks like paths to hide from the fans. Stick to these pipes and in almost all cases dodge the air stream. In the end, you will be able to destroy the cores, and then go to the room and learn about the Themis project. Erase the Cost of Life data and leave the building to complete the quest chain.

Activation sequence

Follow the marker and hack the 404 terminal to find out about the next destination. Get to the club and go upstairs. A little higher on the stairs is a box with a spider-bot. Open it and make your way through the ventilation located here, to the right of the box. Move through a couple of vents. You will need to get close to one of them by jumping on the pedestals. Jailbreak the device and then leave the party in the club.

Go to a new location. Take the moment, turn off the alarm and enter the offices. It is best to secretly neutralize all enemies, and then examine the door on the second floor. To unlock it, click on the panel with the mouse wheel, and then switch to the surveillance camera inside. Rotate the knots so that the three blue wires are fed in, and then open the door. Hack the terminal and get out. Proceed with Watch Dogs Legion.

404: not found

Get to the indicated location. Go to the side of the road and shoot at the explosive barrel, standing near the terminal blocking the door. Having done this, go upstairs, bypassing enemies, and interact with the server to learn about some important goal. But first, Zero wants to be sure of your loyalty. After leaving the area, head to the Nexus Tower. Here you will be asked to turn off the computer that simulates people’s reactions to major events. Go inside the building and turn off the alarm, and then neutralize two enemies.

Go upstairs and see a computer. You can act in the open and shoot all enemies. But this is difficult, and the quantum computer is surrounded by three turrets. An alternative is to go upstairs and inspect the security of the quantum computer using a security camera near it. Hold down the mouse wheel and see the diagram. You need to climb one more floor higher (for example, take a spider bot and adjust the blue lines and nodes at the top of the tower. This is not easy, but quite realistic. One way or another, you can delete data from the quantum computer. And from the turrets you can Defend yourself with special armor-piercing panels hidden in the floor near each gun, then leave the building.

Get to the GBB building. You cannot enter through the front door, so find a window cleaning cradle near the building nearby. Lower it, climb inside and go upstairs. Clear the roof and find the locked door. The key is on the other side (although you could have climbed here using the cradle on the side of the key). Use the CCTV cameras to download it, then go inside and watch the live stream. You will find out who the target is Zero.

Home Sweet Home

Go to the indicated place and examine the houses around the alley. You are interested in a building with a red (restricted) zone in the yard. Go to the main gate. They don’t open. Switch to the camera on the house and look into the gatehouse in the corner of the courtyard to the right of the gate. Download the key from the laptop and go to the gate in the far corner to open it with this key. Next, examine the front door and click on the mouse wheel. Go around the corner to the right and you will see a diagram with nodes on the building. You need to rotate them in a certain way. Moreover, one of the nodes will be protected. After turning it, the countdown will begin, and upon its completion, the node will return to its original position. However, this will not lead to something bad: no signaling, no enemies; just turn the knot again.

When you get inside the house, examine and collect various items. Go upstairs and use the keyboard, then take the elevator down. Go to the house in front. The door is locked, so follow the left and find a hospital bracelet with a code in the gazebo. Go into the house and examine several rooms below. Then go upstairs and look into two open rooms. Go down and see that the door leading to the basement is now open.

Go there, collect various items and inspect new holograms. Finally, go to the back room, watch the video, and help the AI ​​find peace. Get out of the house by visiting the third room on the second floor (it is now open). There is a photograph of Skye and a man. After getting out of the house, you will complete the quest and also start a new task.

Into emptiness

Go to the “Bloom” complex and look into the marked office, having previously connected to the CCTV cameras and hacked the laptop with the key. After loading the key, open the doors and go to the office. Find the computer that stores Skye’s location information. Go to another building. You can get into it from the side of the road, but it’s better to just go through the door opposite the previous office.

Clear the building and get to the central hall using the distant elevator. Here you will find that Sky is trying to load his mind into a neural network. The process must be stopped! Deal with the enemies, and then go to the terminal and click on the mouse wheel. You will see a diagram. Walk to where the blue line goes and then connect to the drone inside. Assemble the circuit by first unlocking the left and then the right nodes. This will power up the central node, and you can open the access panel to reveal the last node underneath. Disable left hemisphere quantization by interacting with this node and terminal. Then do the same with the terminal on the opposite side. When this happens, finish off the guard that appears and go to the back room where Sky’s body is.

Listen to the girl, and then decide what to do with her: turn off the mind using the terminal on the right, or restore the quantization procedure on the terminal on the left. The latter will not please Zero, and you will no longer be able to complete the 404 side quests. From a moral point of view, the first option is more prudent.

The following quests will begin after you complete two storylines related to Albion (Project Themis) and the 404 hackers (and Sly Larsen).


Get to the indicated cafe and sit down at a table. Wait. After talking on the phone, go to the meeting point, but the informant will not be there. Examine the gate on the right, and then solve a simple puzzle with rotating knots. As always, when you apply blue energy to the end node, you can open the door. Once inside, download data from the surveillance system, and then launch augmented reality. Examine the weapons of those who shoot, and then go behind the projection of the car.

Arriving at the parking lot, study a couple of frames (highlighted in yellow), and then watch the video. Then urgently go to the indicated place and clean the upper tiers of the construction site. Use Q to distract enemies. Connect to the camera inside the desired room to download the key to the doors, and then save Malik. Watch the video, then leave the location to complete the quest.

Watch Dogs Legion Walkthrough – Espionage Basics

After starting the mission, return to the DedSec headquarters and listen to Bagley. Get to the indicated building. You need to get to the roof. To do this, enter the neighboring building and turn off the alarm on the right using one of the CCTV cameras (from which the terminal will be visible). Climb the stairs, avoiding the red projection cameras, and then make your way to the server. Keep in mind that the enemies here are strong, so it is advisable to act covertly.

By hacking into the server, you can summon a spider bot. Using it, go to the adjacent hall, go upstairs along the wires to the marker and click on the mouse wheel to see the lines. Solve the familiar puzzle (start at the bottom) and then hack the data. Leave the territory of the complex, after which the quest will be completed.


Malik will get in touch immediately. Go to the meeting point, talk to Malik and move to the closed area. There are several options: you can hack the assistant’s terminal, but if the girl dies, you will have to hack the server. Either way, you will find out the location of the contact. Choose a girl as an agent, go to the bar from the upper street and talk to the contact. After the cut-scene, the task will be completed.

The Hunt for Day Zero

Drive to the meeting point with Malik. Move to the indicated place and go to the forbidden territory. Follow the enemies forward and enter the building, then use the cameras to download the key from the doors. Go inside, stun opponents and start downloading files. Albion soldiers are attacking you. Having defeated everyone, drive to a new place, climb to the roof along the orange pipes and use the cameras to download the key lying on the table. Open the door and connect to the surveillance cameras. You will witness Emma’s meeting with the SIRS people. Follow Emma’s car until you reach 100%. The car will then explode and the mission will automatically end.

Irrefutable evidence

Get to the indicated place and open the garage shutters to get into the trap. Move to the new point and enter the courtyard. Look around and find a window cleaning cradle on one of the walls. Lower it down and ride it up. If you cannot connect directly, use the side camcorder. Upstairs you will need to enter a closed area and find a lever on the roof. Take advantage of it.

Perhaps now one of the most difficult moments of the game awaits you. Of course, unless you took with you a fully pumped agent capable of hacking almost all drones. So, we need to protect the drones that Bagley controls. And you will have to destroy other drones, “Albion”. Several boxes with cartridges (at least 3 pieces) are scattered on the roof, and there should be enough of them to destroy all opponents. When Bagley hacks the system, turn the lever and enter the cache.

Then drive to the construction site where Emma is. Go downstairs, go around the enemies and make your way into the container to meet with the woman and find out what the problem is.

In the line of fire

First, move to the DedSec agent drop-off point, then release and talk to him. Next, head to the meeting point with Malik. Sit on the bench, and when evening comes, climb the steps to the Albion soldier and download the data. When you do this, you learn that Malik left something in the urn. When the conversation stops, take a look at this trash can and watch a lengthy video. Then you will need to escape before you are finished. Jump into the nearest car and drive away. When the opportunity presents itself, get out of the car and run into the alley after disarming the drone / drones. When everything calms down, the task is completed.

Malik’s dossier

Let’s move on to the next stage of Watch Dogs Legion. Return to DedSec Headquarters and listen to Bagley’s plan. Get to the indicated building, hack any drone and fly to the roof. The terminal you want will be there. Press the mouse wheel, solve the puzzle with nodes and blue lines, and then hack the device. Go inside the specified building, using CCTV cameras to turn off alarms. Having done this, download the key from one of the soldiers (you can even kill everyone), and then go to the elevator.

Interact with the SIRS server, but something goes wrong. Hack the drone inside the adjacent room and shoot the rest of the enemies. When all the drones are destroyed, go inside and activate the three server racks.

Note that on the side of the door through which you came here, there is a door to a small utility room with two ammo boxes. You will need them soon!

Kill all enemies and shoot every drone that tries to stop the loading process. The bar will only increase if the drones are inactive (no yellow markers). After that, go back to the main server and watch the video.

Barbarians at the gates

Return to your hideout and chat with Malik. The quest chain is complete.

Uninvited guests

After taking the task, listen to Bagley, go outside and hack the specified drone. Take the cargo dropped from it. Get to the indicated place, go down near the building and hack the server. Connect to the security camera under the man in the chair and see two slaves and slave traders. Then connect to the camera opposite, and then – on the opposite side. Download the key from the tablet on the table. Enter the basement. Go around the enemies and use the door. Behind it you will find a basement with a record proving Mary Kelly’s involvement in the attacks.

Exit here and go up to the top floor. You don’t really need to make noise: the main thing is to sneak up on the enemy marked with a yellow marker, and select the “Download” command through the mouse wheel. After downloading the data, leave this place.

Market closes

Go to the indicated place and get inside the building. Hack the server from above to get dirt on Kelly, and then go down to the basement. To do this, you need to go outside and find a staircase leading downward in the courtyard. To get inside, connect to the camera and hack the tablet on the chair. After obtaining the key, enter the building and use the keyboard. Connect to the cameras and solve the familiar puzzle, then leave this place. The task will end.

Fall from Olympus

Go to Kelly’s mansion and get inside. This can be done in different ways. For example, if you want to open doors locked with a key, look for the key itself in the courtyard. But only a flying drone can get there. Another door is closed to the terminal, and is on the way down to the gate leading to the underground parking. Shoot this terminal through the glass of the door and go inside.

Kill all enemies as you will have to do it anyway. Then go upstairs and lower the lamp hanging on the wall to get into the hidden room, which is indicated by the yellow marker. Interact with the computer and watch the cut-scene. Go downstairs and activate the statue to begin the process of loading the elevator key. Loading will begin, and all this time you will need to shoot back from enemies. Take some comfortable position, but keep in mind that opponents will tumble from all sides. Then take the elevator down and enter Kelly’s room.

Like a moth to a flame

The quest will start after all previous missions. I need to meet with an informant from Albion. Go to the indicated location and wait inside the bar, behind the bar. After the video, follow to the scene of the attack and clear the area to make it easier to act. You can act quietly or openly. And then sneak into the building and download data from the server, and then launch augmented reality. By doing this, you will be able to view the event recording. Examine the driver and the black box. After long conversations, leave the area of ​​the explosion to complete the quest.

Nigel who survived

Follow to the indicated place and enter the territory where the exploded truck was taken away. the best way is to go down from the side of the road, where there is an altar in memory of the victims of the terrorist attack. There will be many enemies here, however you can kill them all. Then examine the marked truck, and then examine the corpse. The desired body is inside the building, in a tent on the second floor. When you examine it, leave the area and listen to the audio recording. You will learn what to do next.

Save from ourselves

Ride the Tower Bridge, climb to the top, kill enemies, and clear the bridges. It is important to do this in advance. After that, activate the two towers and start uploading the virus to the main server. And this is where the most serious problems begin. Combat drones will tumble from all sides, so it is important to have a character with you who can hack them. Otherwise, even at the normal level of difficulty, it will be almost impossible to fight off enemies. After that, leave the area and complete the quest.

#JusticeFor Claire

Follow the DedSec hideout and listen for information from Bagley. Drive to the right place, go around the building and go into the alley with the lattice fence. Find the yellow marker pointing to the closed trailer. There is a spider bot on the side. Hack it and get into the building through the grate. Find Claire’s corpse, and then examine the footprints on the floor, the letter “K” on the wall and the tablet just above the wreckage.

Then drive to the desired place and make your way to the territory of “Albion”. Kill everyone beforehand, as you will have to shoot back from new drones and enemies anyway. Go upstairs and start the hard drive hacking process. When everything is over, complete the remaining goals, go downstairs and view the entry used as proof of Kass’s guilt.

Defenders of London

Travel to the Tower of London and make your way inside the bunker. To do this, you need to hack a server located on a small hill. You can climb to it along the side of the container. After doing this, make your way deep into the bunker and fight Nigel. To begin with, you will need to hide from his drone, shoot back from the Albion soldiers and solve the puzzle with nodes and a blue line. Each time you solve it, an EMP blast will be triggered, which will disable the drone and force it to expose its vulnerable spots. Shoot these places. This must be done 3 times, and the last time you will need to go through almost the entire room. Then defeat Nigel like any other opponent in a fair one-on-one battle. Aim for his head.

DedSec Party

After the victory, return to the bunker and talk to the three assistants, and then Malik. Then listen to Bagley to learn about the Zero Day attack.

Watch Dogs Legion Walkthrough – Enemy Face

Get to the marked van and chase it to download the coordinates. You can cut the van so that it cannot move further, which will make the task easier. If you attracted the attention of the cops, then hide from the crime scene, and then go to the coordinates that you received from the van. Go inside the bunker and solve the puzzle. It is necessary to repeat the combination of monitors’ glow three times, and each time the same combination will be played, but with a slight complication. Here she is:

  • Top left
  • Upper right
  • Bottom left
  • Upper right
  • Left middle
  • Bottom right
  • Top left
  • Bottom left

Move deeper into the bunker, destroying the trap on the floor, turrets and spider bots. At the very end, examine all the highlighted objects to find out who is behind Day Zero. Kill all members of “Albion” and move to the exit, dealing with the rest of the soldiers. The main thing here is not to rush! After getting out, hide from “Albion”. Your best bet is to run through narrow alleys, look for fences, and so on.

Hard reset

Drive to the right place avoiding collisions with cars and road barriers. Go to the grounds and go up the yellow stairs in the far corner. Follow the top to get around the building and find a door that leads inside. Along the way, deal with opponents, call the elevator and go downstairs.

You are now in control of the second agent. Once in BrocaTech, find three valves. Shoot them to reboot the system, then use the terminal. All this will be accompanied by a lot of shootings. And in the end, in order to activate the terminal, you will have to get rid of every remaining enemy (the music should calm down).

The game will switch you back to the first agent located on the Bloom tower. Interact with the terminal through the wheel, and then solve the usual puzzle.

Remember that in order to progress, you sometimes need to go back to previous nodes and look for alternative routes for power supply.

Then start hacking, fighting off the drones, and then go upstairs. Watch the video.

To the first terminal in BrocaTech, climb the yellow stairs in the corner of the main hall, and to get to the second, go through the doors and use the steps. Shoot two red tanks and interact with the terminal. The drone will appear. On it, you can climb up and turn off each Bagley node. Watch the final video.

Watch Dogs Legion Walkthrough – Side Quests

Passage of all side quests of the game.

Finding Bagley

This quest becomes available after completing the main storyline. Chat with Bagley at the DedSec hideout. He will say that he was previously a man. You will get 8 blurry shots pointing to specific locations in London. You need to find these 8 places and take clear photos. You can see these photographs in your PDA, in the section with different audio files, in the DedSec subcategory.

Here are all 8 goals:

  1. Ferris wheel in the Lambert area (shown on the map).
  2. Trafalgar Square in Westminster area (gap on the map). Nearby there is a metro station of the same name.
  3. Next, you are interested in the Islington and Hackney area. There you had to complete the Fight or Flight side quest related to a riot in the area. To the right of Old Street Station, at the crossroads, there is a bar in the courtyard with colorful walls. They need to be photographed.
  4. Then go to Lambeth, to the intersection just above the server marker “404”. This is where the Brixton Sports Complex is located and needs to be filmed.
  5. Then continue to Camden, where there is a Viaduct station at the bottom right of the area. Slightly to the left of it, there is a bar in the courtyard (see the mini-map). Go inside and take a picture of him.
  6. Next, move just above the DedSec hideout in Westminster. There is a park there. You need to photograph the building on the water, next to the bridge and the gazebo. It’s on the right edge of the park.
  7. Then follow to the left edge of Westminster (there is still a small protruding part of the island). You are interested in the Wellington Arch, on which there is a statue with horses.
  8. Move to London Bridge Station, which is just to the right of the marker pointing to the 404 server in Southwark. See the square building just below? Its bottom right corner has Guy’s hospital. Take her picture.

Now it remains to take the last photo. Move to the indicated place, on the right from the “Bank” station in the City area (its lower part). Take a photo of the Walkie-Toki Tower, where the nightclub you visited in the story was.

Bradley finds out where his “source” currently lives, a real person. Enter the hotel, talk to the woman and Bradley. The task will end.

404 contracts

When you help Zero with Sky Larsen, an additional mission marker will appear on the map in Camden. Interact with the ctOS server to take it. Go to the indicated building and hack the server. This task will be repeated as many times as you want. Take it in the same place and hack the server in the next forbidden place. These missions allow you to farm money.

In total, there are four such markers on the map, and each points to the ctOS server, where you can take a contract from 404. All tasks are procedurally generated.

Riot in the districts

Like a clock

To unlock the mission, complete all activities against Albion (red markers) in the Westminster area. I may have problems getting the assignment. If everything is simple with the hostage, then with the server on the roof it is not so obvious. First, hack any drone and fly to the roof. Connect to the camera near the box with the spider bot. Having done this, move through the ventilation and find yourself on the other side. Push the cardboard box to the side of the fence and jump over it. A large black box (with red stripes) blocks the path to the ventilation that leads to the closed room with the server. Reconnect to the flying drone and find a terminal for calling drones on the upper roof. Request a construction drone (if there is a construction character, he will have this drone by default). Once done, lift the load switch to a spider bot and move through the ventilation. With the second propaganda server at Buckingham Palace, everything is easier – take a builder or find a platform for a cargo drone near one of the side walls of the building.

You will have a talk with the specified woman, iditol to the building near Big Ben and go inside. Hack the spider bot and move through the ventilation. In the end, you will find yourself in a clock tower. Move along wooden paths and climb higher and higher using different mechanisms. The path is always pretty obvious, albeit dangerous. If a gear rotates in front, then there are not enough teeth on one of its sides, and this is your chance to go ahead. Or you need to jump on rotating gears. And so on, until you hack the terminal at the very top.

Hit or run

To unlock the mission, complete all activities against Albion (red markers) in the Islington and Hackney area. In the case of sabotage, climb the building and interact with the indicated computer. Finding evidence can be difficult (magnifying glass icon). To get into the garage, you need to destroy the electrical panel in the back room on the side. Take to the air on a cargo drone to get through the gap on the electrical panel.

After the start of the quest itself, meet with the activist. After talking with her, hack the cargo drone and climb to the roof. Connect to your computer to take over control of the modified hound drone. Fly to five different targets (sequentially) and destroy the Albion transport. Each time the time will increase. Remember that you cannot gain altitude for long. However, the available time is enough to fly over the roofs of not the tallest buildings. All equipment is outside, nothing needs to be hacked! And don’t pay too much attention to enemy drones, as your drone flies much faster.

Mind games

To unlock the mission, complete all activities against Albion (red markers) in the City area. Before moving on to the mission, you will need to complete 3 objectives. One of them is to hack the surveillance system. Go into the building and see a server behind a locked grate. You can sneak up to him through the hole using a spider bot, or by hacking the drone and climbing up to find a key behind the red curtain. After connecting to the system, you will find yourself in some kind of bunker with mannequins. Move between dummy cameras. The mannequin on the right has a console. Move the camera away and try to hack it. Password required. Find three system blocks in this bunker and hack them (be sure to bring the camera closer!). One of the blocks is located behind the grate on the side. Having hacked all three, go back and establish a connection to that very console. Another challenge involves photographing evidence. Arriving at the place, hack the news drone and fly into the pipe located there (there is a hole in the grate).

As part of the quest itself, you will visit the same nightclub (after talking with the informant) as during the game’s plot. Having done this, hack the spider bot and go through the ventilation to the server. Once connected, navigate between cameras and hack laptops. There are four laptops to jailbreak. Then use the mouse wheel to study the panel inside the club, connect to the drone and solve the puzzle on the building itself. Everything is quite simple there (first move along the node to the left and down). Then leave the building.

Path to freedom

To unlock the mission, complete all activities against Albion (red markers) in the Tower Hamlets area. The problem may arise with the search for evidence. When you arrive, don’t bother too much with the marker. Go behind the building and find a graveyard. There will be a monument with a grate below, and next to it is a box with a spider bot. Hack it and move under the monument. At the end of the tunnel, you will find a USB stick with evidence.

After the start of the mission, meet with the informant and then take part in the race. You need to drive through the checkpoints avoiding collisions with Albion cars. They will be just mad here, so by all means exclude any blows. You can lower the platforms at the checkpoint or pass between them if you do not want to fly onto the springboard (after a flight from which you can also turn over inadvertently).

Information overload

To unlock the mission, complete all activities against Albion (red markers) in the Southwark area. To replace propaganda at a construction site, use a cargo drone and fly upstairs (select a construction agent). The rest of the missions are pretty simple. In the plane, you will need to switch to the front camera and download the data of the prisoners, and then to the first one and redirect the course by hacking the aircraft control panel.

During the task, infiltrate a familiar place. On the penultimate floor, behind the room with two turrets, there is an electrical panel. Shoot him and go upstairs. Take the elevator and then switch to the drone using the control panel. Fly through the ventilation ahead. Avoid various pitfalls. Remember the route. Once in the offices, fly through the door on the opposite side, go through the corridor with laser traps and run into the locked door. Download the key from one of the soldiers and fly inside. Land on the marked block to pick up the processor. Follow the same route back (in the corridor with the air flow, keep the upper pipes) and drop the block into the hole in the central hall. Leave the tower.

And wrap everything up …

To unlock the mission, complete all activities against Albion (red markers) in the Lambeth area. To get to the panel on the tall building, fly up in the cargo drone until you see a window cleaning cradle. Drop it down and climb inside. Climb to the roof to the marker. To turn off the propaganda, go to the opposite end of the building and climb onto the roof using the scaffolding.

During the quest, talk to the informant and move to the platform on the river. After destroying the turret and the drone, hack the system. While flying an elite drone, kill enemies around the Ferris wheel and destroy four security systems. Then climb up to the wheel and start cracking. While the scale fills up, shoot back from enemies.

Black hole in Battersea

To unlock the mission, complete all activities against Albion (red markers) in the Nine Elms area. All additional goals are relatively simple. After starting the quest, talk to the informant and go downstairs to the channel. Look for a door leading down to one side. Go down and take the elevator to the prison. Hack the news drone and fly into the hole where the pipes go. Open the door on the other side.

Walk forward and get along the platforms to the electrical panel. Use the drone to light your path. You can use V to scan and temporarily highlight platforms. In the next room, solve the puzzle with the blue wires, and then get to the very end (move to the right along the platforms, and use the yellow stairs only if you fall down). After passing through the door, go left to the marker, kill the enemy and free the hostages.

Caitlin Lao’s Quests

Not available

The quest can be obtained from Caitlin Lao at the DedSec hideout. Go to the indicated place, clear the territory and shoot three boxes. And then hide from the restricted area.

Breakdown of the deal

Kill the specified character and the task will be completed.

Dismissal without benefits

Another mission for Caitlin Lao. Free the hostage and escort outside. To open the door inside, you need to climb to the construction site and destroy the electrical panel behind the wooden wall (hit it). Escort the hostage to safety and talk.

Say cheese!

Continuation of the quest above. Drive to the marked building, break into the garage and fly up in the cargo drone. Move up the stairs and boxes to find a room with a spider bot box. After breaking it, move through the hole in the wall and follow the metal walkways until you find the card reader. Hack it.

Hard currency

Continuation of the quest above. Make your way to the bank, kill enemies and hack the server behind the glass, solving the blue line puzzle. After that, shoot back from enemies. When the transfer is complete, leave the building and hide from your pursuers.

The concept has changed

Caitlin Lao’s mission. Chat with an informant near the DedSec hideout. Get to the place of holding the hostage, break the boards and rescue the captive. Get her out of the forbidden territory and talk. Drive to the Royal Courthouse, find the van you want, and then head up the steps on the left. Look for an electrical shield that must be destroyed to open the gate. Ride the van to the Thames and drown it in the river.

Without a hitch

Continuation of the quest above. Get to the indicated location and chase the van. Stay as close as possible for Bagley to defuse the explosives. Go to the construction site, defuse three bombs and climb to the very top to kill Enid Greenwood. She is not so dangerous – shoot her in the head as soon as possible and you can destroy it without any problems.

Quests Zero

Don’t confuse Zero with 404 contracts!


The quest can be taken from Zero in the DedSec hideout. Follow the marker and hack the data from the corpse. Then download the data from any three black cabs (taxi cars). They will need to be chased in another vehicle. Lag behind – you have to start over. Follow to the indicated place, enter the building from the side and go downstairs to the underground parking. Start the destruction process. It will stop three times, and each time you have to destroy a specific car. After that, the task will be completed (you will need to leave the building).

STORMZY – Fall on my Enemies

New mission from Zero. Get to the cinema and press the mouse wheel to see the grid. Solve the blue line puzzle on the cinema building, and then defend yourself from flying drones while the song STORMZY is broadcast. Then hide from the cops to complete the quest.


Quest Zero from the shelter. Get into the territory of the US embassy and hack the server. While the data is being loaded, shoot back at the enemies, and then leave the forbidden territory. Follow the train station, enter the forbidden territory and find the Bolton interrogation room. Download the data and then destroy the three media. Everyone must be shot. One of them will be on top, in a closed room, and to open it, you will have to download the key to the door from one of the mercenaries. Then leave the area.

Human factor

Quest Zero from the shelter. Get to the hospital and talk to the doctor. Infiltrate the hospital grounds and climb to the roof to connect to the server. Switch to another camera in intensive care and break the sign on the bed of the distant patient, near the computer. Then hack the computer itself, but the AI ​​will stop you.

Go to the indicated place and get inside the building. Examine the terminal and follow the red lines. At the bottom, bypass the alarm systems and look for a panel on one of the columns to disable them. There is also a small room from where it is worth starting to solve the puzzle. Disable the AI ​​by shooting back at enemies, and then leave this place. Talk to the rescued agent at the DedSec hideout.

Bolaji’s Quests

Third degree burns

Hack the laptop at the DedSec hideout. The task will be given by Bolaji. Get to the indicated place and take a picture of the evidence: tracks under the car (it needs to be driven away), notes on the bench and a painted-over camera. Download recordings from your camcorder and drive to a new location. Get into the building, turn off the protection of all cameras with a shield and rescue the hostages. The most important thing is to free the journalist and escort her to the exit.

Parks and control areas

Hack the laptop at the DedSec hideout. The task will be given by Bolaji. Make your way behind the scene of the unknown group and disable the surveillance camera with the panel inside the trailer. Download the data and drive to the Albion checkpoint in Camden. Go to forbidden territory. Both doors are locked, so you need to lure the enemies out. Raise the alarm for the enemy to come out with the key. Or any other, and you will already pass the enemy with the key through the door on the left. When you get the key, break open the gate and go down the stairs. Go to the back room and download the data. Walk outside and go through the door on the left to get to the top floor and kill Kingfisher. Leave the territory.

Fist fighting league

The quest can be taken by interacting with the fistfight graffiti, which is marked on the minimap with a gray polyhedron with an exclamation mark. There is such a graffiti on the side of the square opposite the bar where the DedSec headquarters are hidden. That is, you can take this mission at the very beginning of the game, after completing the task “Restarting DedSec”.

There are 5 arenas in total, each with its own name, but the principle is the same: before you fight the arena champion, you need to defeat three simple fighters. In the upper left corner of the screen, a bookmaker’s offer sometimes appears. If you complete it, you will receive an additional reward in the form of an ETO.

In principle, the same tactics are appropriate against each enemy: wait, dodge and counterattack.

Arena Champions are different:

  • Slaughterhouse – When you stun a champion for the first time, three regular opponents will come to his aid. We’ll have to get rid of everyone!
  • “Scene” – this fight will start against two fighters by default.
  • Garden – The champion will use tear gas grenades. Try to avoid exposure to this gas.
  • “Garage” – stun the enemy for the first time, after which he will take up the mount. Try to dodge attacks with a crowbar, as you will receive serious damage.
  • “Basement” – by analogy with “Scene” you will have to fight against two fighters at once.

After defeating the champion, the game will offer to add fighters you have already defeated to the list of recruits. Simple opponents should not be chosen, but champions should be added to the list of recruits. Then you can track them, guided by the list, and then talk to get some kind of task. Complete this mission and the recruit will join DedSec.

Nobody is at home

The fifth task Zero. After talking with her in the bunker, drive to the abandoned building and look for a lift behind it. Use it to climb to the roof, follow up the corpses and ledges and jump into the fenced area where the marker is located. Download the data, then go downstairs and take a picture of the building. Surely you need to do this from the yard. You can break the wooden partitions with “red crosses”.

Royal welcome

The quest will start automatically after the previous quest. Now you need to find 3 empty mansions. Look for the first on the outskirts of Camden, on the left (west) of the area.

After arriving at the place, find a building near which people with placards are standing. Walk to the left of it into the alley and break the plywood with the red cross on the left. Go upstairs, examine the panel at the entrance (with the mouse wheel) and solve the puzzle on the building. It is quite simple, although there is a node that deactivates over time. Once you’ve solved the puzzle, sneak into the courtyard, break the plywood and connect to the ctOS. Having done this, photograph the building from here.

Look for the second building in Westminster, below the shelter. There is a large rectangular area. Even below it there is a building near which activists are standing.

When you see them, go to the right of the building and on your left you will find an alley. Follow there and examine the terminal on the door. I need a key. Connect to the surveillance camera, use V and find another camera near the key. Load the key and enter the territory. Kill the enemies and get to the rooftop where the ctOS terminal is located. After breaking it, go downstairs and take a picture of the building from the side of the road.

Look for the third building just below the second, in Westminster.

Arriving at the place, hack the terminal outside the door. You can just shoot him. Then go upstairs and jump from the scaffolding to the locked door. Examine the panel, use the spider-bot and let it go through the hole in the door on the right. Walk around the plywood panel along the railing and hack the terminal. Download data from the ctOS server and photograph the building from the side of the road.

Once you’ve photographed all three estates, head to Buckingham Palace Stables. Get inside and hack the terminal at the top of the wall, in one of the security booths. Then examine the tablet on the table in Toussaint’s office. Move around the cameras to find and load the key in the room next to the shower room. Return to the cameras in the office and download the evidence from the tablet. Leave the territory. The quest chain is complete!


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