Cheat Codes for Stalker: Shadow of Chernobyl

A list of cheats that will help you get weapons, immortality and money in the game STALKER Shadow of Chernobyl

How to enter codes in Stalker: Shadow of Chernobyl

  1. Open the command console by pressing the “~” key;
  2. In the field that appears, enter the required code.

List of codes for Stalker Shadow of Chernobyl

  • Vg4C9s7H– immortality Allows you not to receive damage from enemy attacks;
  • eJx8IwTd– code for money. Gives 1,000,000 money, helps you get rich quickly and buy all the useful items.

Weapon codes

  • 6kq19bfr– add a gaycc gun;
  • znqt7ui1– add CGI-5k Arrow;
  • o22xz254– add Free;
  • xubr93os– add Lynx;
  • o9s7ipu0– add Shtopm;
  • b4kkkykj– add Grot 5.45;
  • uo75pa9x– add CWU2-A;
  • 46219j0f– add Frazep;
  • l7odzfqv– add Kapabinep;
  • 6n0ozjmb– add Alpiec;
  • 84nwil1m– add SNaypersky VLA;
  • qa39r33b– add Maps;
  • 5lzdvt1b– add Pyzhё EM1;
  • zqrb4exx– add the Tank bullet;
  • 8usgsdfp– add Step opol;
  • e895hi6a– add CPSA-14;
  • tnr46kjs– add RPG-7y;
  • x4fmyvup– add HPCC-1m;
  • z8thb8n5– add Grom 5.45;
  • sl05msee– add UDP “Kompakt”;
  • 53fqosbq– add Walker-P9m;
  • es3qkdpd– add Gaduka-5;
  • ichxtxmt– add a Cnaypersky VLA;
  • rxe0czdt– add Chasep-13;
  • vn171t6d– add PB-1c;
  • 28yinyxr– add Mapta;
  • 05lkdjc4– add PMm;
  • 8lznamzm– add Outline;
  • zhmwq8ke– add CIP-t M200;
  • rs9mtjd6– add Fopa-12;
  • v0l5h4b5– add Kopa-919;
  • zv4fze4n– add Knife;
  • 8o5d61oy– add Big Ben;
  • s6r2p47c– add Side by storm;
  • z5g48a9v– add TPc-301 sniper;
  • mmu36y97– add Name Vintar-VSI;
  • 71eqgvpb– add Anomalous AKC-74U;
  • 6i2i0941– add Grant F-1;
  • 1f6fzbw7– add Smoke Grenade;
  • c90b1dk7– add the Family python;
  • cad6kem2– add IL86;
  • v9z3spfa– add CPSA-14 by way;
  • vpc7xjiz– add IL86 Balance;
  • moifhmmm– add Hadyuk-5 9 × 18;
  • ps8vbf18– add Granta PGD-5;
  • jz09zmvk– add Fopa-15Mk;
  • j237mpvb– add Crazy Viper-5;
  • ie0tq5d0– add Walker

Door codes

  • 3823– code to the door of the Laboratory X10;
  • 1234– code from a closed room in X10;
  • 2345– code for entering the subway (to Pripyat);
  • 5271– code for the door to the laboratory X-18;
  • 4134– code for the door in the dungeons of Pripyat;
  • 4237is the code for the door to the Sarcophagus.

Safe codes

  • 495– code from Borov’s safe;
  • 123– code from Petrenko’s safe;
  • 295– code from Borov’s safe (TD);
  • 471– military-based safe code (Cordon);
  • 437– code of the safe in the room with chemical gases (located in the Rostock location, entrance from the roof);
  • 218– the code from the safe at the Radar location (on the instructions of the Nomad);
  • The safe code in the new bar can be found after joining the Debt grouping.

Codes for bonus content

In the main folder with the game installation, find and run the setup-bp.exe file

Select the installation language and then enter these codes:

  • pseudodog– open bonus number 1;
  • snork– open bonus number 2.

Click the NEXT button and the bonuses will be opened.

Glitch in the game with items

As you know, the player can carry a limited number of

items in the backpack, while the more items in the backpack,

the slower the player’s speed. But the number of items carried

can be easily increased without losing movement speed.

This is done by dragging corpses, which will have

your items. Strange, but the player’s movement speed is completely

does not depend on how many items the corpse has in the backpack.

Always run

Open your console, type:

  • g_always_run 1– you can run as long as you want;
  • g_always_run 0– disable code.

Improving game performance

Find the file:

C: \ Documents and Settings \ All Users \ Documents \ STALKER-SHOC \ User.alx

Replace all the text in it with the following:

_preset Default

ai_use_torch_dynamic_lights on


bind jump kSPACE

bind crouch kRCONTROL

bind crouch_toggle kSLASH

bind accel kLSHIFT

bind sprint_toggle kX

bind forward kUP

bind back kDOWN

bind lstrafe kLEFT

bind rstrafe kRIGHT

bind llookout kQ

bind rlookout kE

bind cam_zoom_in kADD

bind cam_zoom_out kSUBTRACT

bind torch kL

bind night_vision kN

bind wpn_1 k1

bind wpn_2 k2

bind wpn_3 k3

bind wpn_4 k4

bind wpn_5 k5

bind wpn_6 k6

bind artefact k7

bind wpn_next kY

bind wpn_fire mouse1

bind wpn_zoom mouse2

bind wpn_reload kR

bind wpn_func kV

bind wpn_firemode_prev k9

bind wpn_firemode_next k0

bind pause kPAUSE

bind drop kG

bind use kF

bind scores kTAB

bind chat kCOMMA

bind chat_team kPERIOD

bind screenshot kF12

bind quit kESCAPE

bind console kGRAVE

bind inventory kI

bind buy_menu kB

bind skin_menu kO

bind team_menu kU

bind active_jobs kP

bind map kM

bind contacts kH

bind vote_begin kF5

bind vote kF6

bind vote_yes kF7

bind vote_no kF8

bind speech_menu_0 kC

bind speech_menu_1 kZ

bind use_bandage kRBRACKET

bind use_medkit kLBRACKET

cam_inert 0.

cam_slide_inert 0.25

cl_cod_pickup_mode 1

cl_dynamiccrosshair on

g_always_run on

g_autopickup on

g_backrun on

g_corpsenum 10

g_eventdelay 0

g_game_difficulty gd_stalker

hud_crosshair on

hud_crosshair_dist off

mm_mm_net_srv_dedicated off

mm_net_con_publicserver off

mm_net_con_spectator 20

mm_net_con_spectator_on off

mm_net_srv_gamemode st_deathmatch

mm_net_srv_maxplayers 32

mm_net_srv_name BLACKBOX

mm_net_srv_reinforcement_type 1

mm_net_weather_rateofchange 1.

mouse_invert off

mouse_sens 0.32

net_cl_icurvesize 0

net_cl_icurvetype 0

net_cl_interpolation 0.

net_cl_log_data off

net_cl_pending_lim 3

net_cl_update_rate 30

net_dedicated_sleep 5

net_sv_log_data off

net_sv_pending_lim 3

net_sv_update_rate 30

ph_frequency 75.00000

ph_iterations 24

r1_dlights on

r1_dlights_clip 10.

r1_glows_per_frame 16

r1_lmodel_lerp 0.1

r1_pps_u -1.

r1_pps_v 0.

r1_ssa_lod_a 64.

r1_ssa_lod_b 48.

r1_tf_mipbias 0.

r2_aa off

r2_aa_break 0.800000,0.500000,0.000000

r2_aa_kernel 0.5

r2_aa_weight 0.250000,0.250000,0.000000

r2_allow_r1_lights off

r2_gi off

r2_gi_clip 0.001

r2_gi_depth 1

r2_gi_photons 16

r2_gi_refl 0.9

r2_gloss_factor 1.4

r2_ls_bloom_fast off

r2_ls_bloom_kernel_b 0.7

r2_ls_bloom_kernel_g 3.

r2_ls_bloom_kernel_scale 0.7

r2_ls_bloom_speed 100.

r2_ls_bloom_threshold 0.001

r2_ls_depth_bias —0.0003

r2_ls_depth_scale 1.00001

r2_ls_dsm_kernel 0.7

r2_ls_psm_kernel 0.7

r2_ls_squality 0.5

r2_ls_ssm_kernel 0.7

r2_mblur 0.

r2_parallax_h 0.04

r2_slight_fade 0.05

r2_ssa_lod_a 96.

r2_ssa_lod_b 64.

r2_sun on

r2_sun_depth_far_bias —0.00001

r2_sun_depth_far_scale 1.

r2_sun_depth_near_bias 0.00001

r2_sun_depth_near_scale 1.

r2_sun_details off

r2_sun_focus on

r2_sun_lumscale 1.

r2_sun_lumscale_amb 0.5

r2_sun_lumscale_hemi 1.

r2_sun_near 12.

r2_sun_near_border 0.75

r2_sun_tsm on

r2_sun_tsm_bias —0.01

r2_sun_tsm_proj 0.3

r2_tf_mipbias —3.

r2_tonemap on

r2_tonemap_adaptation 1.

r2_tonemap_amount 0.7

r2_tonemap_lowlum 0.0001

r2_tonemap_middlegray 0.6

r2_wait_sleep 0

r2_zfill off

r2_zfill_depth 0.5

r2em 2.

r__detail_density 0.44

r__geometry_lod 1.2

r__supersample 4

r__tf_aniso 12

renderer renderer_r2

rs_c_brightness 1.

rs_c_contrast 1.

rs_c_gamma 1.2

rs_fullscreen on

rs_refresh_60hz off

rs_stats off

rs_v_sync off

rs_vis_distance 1.

snd_acceleration on

snd_cache_size 32

snd_efx on

snd_targets 24

snd_volume_eff 0.8

snd_volume_music 1.

sv_anomalies_enabled 1

sv_anomalies_length 3

sv_artefact_respawn_delta 30

sv_artefact_stay_time 3

sv_artefacts_count 10

sv_auto_team_balance 0

sv_auto_team_swap 1

sv_bearercantsprint 1

sv_client_reconnect_time 60

sv_console_update_rate 1

sv_dedicated_server_update_rate 100

sv_dmgblockindicator 1

sv_dmgblocktime 0

sv_forcerespawn 0

sv_fraglimit 10

sv_friendly_indicators 0

sv_friendly_names 0

sv_friendlyfire 1.

sv_hail_to_winner_time 7000

sv_pda_hunt 1

sv_pending_wait_time 10000

sv_reinforcement_time 0

sv_remove_corpse 1

sv_remove_weapon 1

sv_returnplayers 1

sv_rpoint_freeze_time 0

sv_shieldedbases 1

sv_spectr_firsteye 1

sv_spectr_freefly 0

sv_spectr_freelook 1

sv_spectr_lookat 1

sv_spectr_teamcamera 1

sv_statistic_collect 1

sv_statistic_save_auto 0

sv_timelimit 0

sv_vote_enabled 1

sv_vote_participants 0

sv_vote_quota 0.51

sv_vote_time 1.

sv_warm_up 0

texture_lod 2

vid_mode 1280×1024

Glitch in the game (v1.003)

When you complete the task at Sakharov, he gives an artifact. But if you do not continue the conversation but leave the conversation and talk to him again, he will give another artifact. So you can endlessly, and you can make good money, since he buys artifacts more expensive than anyone else.


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