The virtual encyclopedia is a tool for accessing information that is quick and easy to use. Currently, virtual Internet encyclopedias are the fastest sources of information in the world. The virtual encyclopedias that for us are so common, we must know that they have been in operation for a few years, and before we could not even dream of performing data search operations as “easily” as we usually do to: Inform ourselves, learn, perform work research, or just out of curiosity.

If we did not currently have these virtual encyclopedias that we have, our life would be a little more “difficult” since the search for information would be carried out as our parents and grandparents used to do, through conventional encyclopedias; of books that contain huge amounts of information but that is more complicated to find because it is “hidden” waiting for us to find it and use it as we please. In short, virtual encyclopedias, being a source of free information make our life a little easier saving us time and money.

Examples of virtual encyclopedias:


Encyclopedia Encarta

Digital multimedia encyclopedia published by Microsoft Software company . It currently has more than 43,000 articles and is already discontinued. Currently Encarta is together with the Micronet Universal, the best selling in the world.

– Wikipedia


Wikipedia is a virtual encyclopedia. It is a project of the Wikimedia Foundation (an organization that is defined as non-profit) to build a free and polyglot encyclopedia. The more than 14 million Wikipedia articles have been written jointly by volunteers from around the world, and virtually all of them can be edited by anyone who can access Wikipedia

– EcuRed


Collaborative Encyclopedia in the Cuban network, in Spanish, born from the will to create and disseminate knowledge, with everyone and for everyone. The EcuRed also meets the objective of showing a decolonizing point of view, (which can rarely be found in the media with a “Western” vision and under the power that grants money) and wants to become a powerful educational tool with All the advantages of an online encyclopedia.

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