Computerization advances in Health system in Holguin

The Health sector in the province of Holguín is one of the most advantageous organizations in the territory in computerization, with a data network with access to medical services that allows 241 units to be connected, 95 of them with Internet.

This growth achieved until the end of October was possible by improving the bandwidth of the Infomed VPN of this province in the east of the country, which made it possible to increase the number of users with email accounts, wiffi services and the Internet; as well as the connectivity from the house that today enjoy 1,800 workers, mainly doctors.

The engineer Eduardo Cuello Martínez, head of the Informatics and Communications Section of the Health Directorate, explained that this development allows professionals to access national and international databases and specialized medical journals for scientific-technical improvement.


As one of the greatest achievements, he aimed to have Vladimir Ilich Lenin, Lucía Íñiguez, pediatric Octavio de la Concepción de la Pedraja and the Military hospitals connected by fiber optic, which allows a notable improvement in the data transfer in these units of Health.

He also said that the projects of great importance in the activity are consolidated, among them, he mentioned the update and exploitation of the Galen Clínica information system in the institutions where it is implemented, such as the three provincial hospitals, in addition to Guillermo Luis Fernández and the Clínica Guardalavaca International.


In particular, he cited the establishment of the digital X-ray service in the three provincial hospitals in which more than 63 thousand 300 studies and 184 thousand 37 radiographic images with economic savings have been made to the budget of these units of some 263 thousand 620 pesos until the end of October, at the time of achieving greater quality in services due to the availability of this medium and effectiveness in diagnoses.

Likewise, the update of the System for Medical Images (IMAGIS) in these institutions, all with territorial scope, has a positive impact on the quality of patient care and work among specialists. At this time it is possible for professionals to visualize digital X-ray studies and reports of the three provincial hospitals from the Health network.

Among other notable results, the Informatics cited the implementation of the Nephrology project in the services of the Lenin and “Lucía” hospitals for the benefit of the specialty program and mainly the transplantology program; as well as the computerization of the Territorial Oncology Center through software in collaboration with the University of Holguin, the exploitation of the Extremely Severe Maternal Morbidity Surveillance System (Halo) and the implementation of the GPS Project for SIUM, inserting to 64 ambulances these equipment, which allows to visualize in real time and deferred the route of those cars in the regional bases of Holguín and Moa and pending certification in that of Banes and Mayarí.

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