Variations of jackfruit

The largest fruit in the form of “jackfruit”, which is grown everywhere in Bangladesh, has the status of “national fruit” due to its high nutritional value, popularity, yield, abundance, easy availability and variety of uses. The English name of jackfruit is Jaclfruit and the scientific name is Artocarpus Heterophyllus. There are many uses for all parts, from jackfruit to agave. Jackfruit leaves are a favorite meal of the goat. Therefore, many jackfruit leaves are sold in the markets of Jessore, Jheneda and Chuadanga.

The wood of the jackfruit tree has played a significant role in making furniture. All kinds of furniture are made of wood. The jackfruit pulses are used as cloves (wood). The roots of the jackfruit tree are used to cure fever and thin sores. The jackfruit fruit is used as a salad in the raw state. Raw jackfruit vegetables are known as “shrimp” in many areas.
The ripe jackfruit is well-known to all as fruit. There are lots of sugars, sugars and vitamin A in the grains. There is no more nutritional value than the price. Nutritional value of jackfruit – Mineral content per gram of nutrients – 0.5 grams kilocalories-1, Amish-0.5 grams, sugars -1.5 grams, calcium – 25m. Gram, iron – 0.5 mg, vitamin B 5-6.5 m. Grams, vitamin B2- 0.5mg, vitamin C-20mg, carotene-1 microgram, tensile-1.2g, fat-1.3g, aqueous fraction-1g. According to human tastes, the Creator made the jackfruit into three parts, namely khava, gala and madrasa or medium creme.
Jackfruit bar is made with jackfruit juice and is made of various types of batter. Ripe jackfruit can be processed and stored in jars for a long time. The ripe jackfruit (mushroom) and mottha (buckwheat) are used as food. The jackfruit shrimp can be eaten as veggies and in veggies. Besides, jackfruit beach has many qualities. The nutritious, flavor enhancer, rich in nutritious, nutritious food can be made, the simple digestive, unemployed industry has many uses of grapefruit, which people of any age can adopt as food, is helpful in controlling a number of diseases including diabetes. In many countries in Europe and in some countries in South Asia, various types of alternatives to jackfruit have been developed. Bangladesh can earn a lot of foreign currency by exporting jackfruit beech.

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