Valorant guide, tips, tricks and secrets

Welcome to our guide to Valorant , the video game with which Riot Games enters the field of tactical shooters for the first time and that will surely become one of the most important competitive free-to-play games of the year 2020.

Valorant is already available from June 2, 2020 for all players for free and we want you to be well prepared to give a lot of success in their 5 vs. 5 games. 5, that’s why we have put together a whole series of tips, help, tricks and strategies so that you shine in it and always come out victorious.


We begin our guide with what is perhaps the most important point of Valorant, its agents . We have a good handful of playable characters that make the gameplay of the title very attractive and varied. Each of them is part of a class and style of play and has unique abilities to create intense situations. Learning to play with each is vital, so take a good look at their details.


  • Unlock Agents Not all are available from the start, but there is a very easy way to get them for free.
  • Best Agents: We list all agents from best to worst in time.
  • Better compositions: we recommend several team formations for different play styles.


Continuing with another of the relevant aspects of Valorant, we have weapons , a mainstay in any shooter. The game’s arsenal has rifles, shotguns, submachine guns, snipers … A whole range of firearms that must be mastered in order to face our adversaries. You can also use any independently of your agent, and at the beginning of each round you must buy them to arm yourself to the teeth. We have also reviewed what are the best weapons in the game.

  • Rifles.
  • Submachine guns.
  • Shotguns.
  • Sniper rifles.
  • Heavy weapons.
  • Hand weapons.
  • Melee.

Tips and strategies

Valorant is a novelty in the way of making video games from Riot Games. We are facing your first first person shooter, with a style reminiscent of classics like Counter Strike , so we consider it important to give you tips and strategies for your beginnings. Whether you are new to the genre or seasoned in it , you have to find out how Valorant works and what are its keys .

  • How do Valorant games work? :for beginners in the game.
  • General advice: a series of small aids that you may not have taken into account.
  • Purchase phase: it is important to learn how to manage money at the beginning of each round, here we recommend how to spend it.
  • Improve Aim: We recommend you follow these steps to improve your aim and kill many more enemies.


Maps are of utmost importance in any competitive game, anyone knows that, right? In Valorant the thing was not going to be less. With the launch of the game we have up to 4 different maps available and all pose a challenge for both the team of attackers and the team of defenders. Here we review the best positions, locations and characteristics of each of the maps.

  • Ascent a floating city amidst the Venetian-style clouds.
  • Bind: set in a city of Arab architecture with teleportation portals.
  • Haven: the largest and most complex map that happens in a Japanese-style town.
  • Split: the underworld of an eastern city.

Shop and coins

In the case of an F2P , Valorant of course has a virtual store and a couple of change coins . As is frequent in the genre, the title offers us a variety of weapon skins, special designs , visual or sound effects and more to customize our experience as we like. If you have any type of doubt with this section of the game, here we solve them.

  • What can you buy in the Valorant store? :We explain how it works and what content it has.
  • Radianite: The free currency that can be obtained by playing and with which you can unlock evolutions of some weapon designs.
  • Valorant Points: The game’s premium currency, which can only be obtained by paying real money and is used to acquire exclusive designs, among other things.


Valorant will be an exponent in the world of competitive shooter in the coming years, and his qualifying games will be there to offer us many emotions. We also wanted to take a look at how the rankeds work , how the ranges are divided for the groups of players and what things are taken into account when moving up or down in these divisions of the Riot game.

Frequent questions

Finally we leave you with a section of frequently asked questions , to clarify questions that can be repeated among the vast majority of players. We hope it helps you.

  • Download and install: here you will find the steps to follow to get the game on your PC.
  • Platforms: We clarify the platforms on which the game is available and which ones will arrive in the future.
  • Battle Pass: All the rewards you can get and your existing models.
  • Error Codes– We collect the most common Valorant errors so you know how to fix them.
  • Riot Vanguard: Here we talk about the game’s anti-cheat system, how it works, is installed or disabled.
  • Drops for the beta: a clarification on how access to the beta of the game was obtained at the time.
  • Minimum requirements on PC: the section to know what you need to move the game on your computer.


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