Legends of Runeterra guide, cheats, tips and secret

We are pleased to welcome you to our guide to Legends of Runeterra , the card and strategy game that Riot Games has given birth to based on its vast League of Legends universe . Lovers of this genre will find in LoR ​​a worthy competent free-to-play of other similar titles such as Hearthstone or Magic: The Gathering Arena , with a very particular twist.

Throughout the guide that we have prepared we want to show you the main strengths and characteristics of Legends of Runeterra, accompanying you in the task of discovering its hundreds of cards, its regions, its decks, as well as sharing with you tips and help that for sure they will make the gaming experience more fun. Unroll your scrolls and take good ink of what is coming.

A card game like LoR is entirely based on precisely your cards and regions . In Legends of Runeterra you will find hundreds of cards from up to 7 different regions , each with its own unique features, special abilities, keywords, synergies, attacks and defenses … There are endless strategies that we can carry out thanks to polishing and dynamic game card and game system. Here we try to give you a starting point (especially if you get new to this genre).


  • How do LoR cards work? : wereel the icons and characteristics of the cards.
  • Card types: adepts, champions, spells … it is important to know them all.
  • Create decks: Discover the requirements and conditions for creating decks.
  • All card regions: get to know the 7 main regions of LoR.

In turn, to delve into the card regions and their characteristics, we are also preparing guides for them that you can consult on these links:

  • Stagnant Waters region guide: letters from pirates and sea monsters.
  • Demacia region guide: military cards focused on offensive and attack.
  • Freljord Region Guide Cards with warriors and pores, ready for attack and support.
  • Shadow Islands Region Guide: Terrifying and aggressive units capable of returning to life.
  • Ionia Region Guide An elusive region that is liked by the most strategic players and planners.
  • Noxus Region Guide: The most aggressive and ruthless warriors gather here to smash everything in their tracks in the blink of an eye.
  • Piltover and Zaun region guide: innovation and technology make these cards the most difficult to master, but also the most varied and picaresque.

Tips and help

Have you never touched a trading card game? Are you adept at the subject but have no idea how Legends of Runeterra works? Do not worry, for that we have a section dedicated to giving you the best advice and help . Here we review some of the most important points to keep in mind to be able to progress easily in the game, master your mechanics and win as many times as possible.

  • How LoR games work: We talk about turn management and the rules of the game.
  • Get cards: all the methods that exist to get new cards for free and farm them .
  • Import and share decks: we teach you how to import decks from the community and share your own.
  • Best Decks Discover the 10 best card decks to rampage through your games.
  • Gain experience: We give you all the methods for you to accumulate huge amounts of experience in your account.
  • Chests and Capsules: We explain how to advance through the loot of regions and get your rewards.
  • Weekly Cash: These are the cash levels and rewards that you can claim every Tuesday.
  • Keywords: We collect all keywords so you know what their effects are.

Shop and coins

As a free-to-play video game , it is quite logical and expected that Legends of Runeterra has a store and coins to buy various premium and special items. No need to panic, luckily Riot Games has thought of all users and we can get any card for free simply by playing and getting rewards. Now, if you like to personalize your experience to the fullest or want to advance faster , you will be interested in knowing these details.

  • Everything you can buy in the store: we show you its contents and sections.
  • Shards A type of free currency with which to unlock new cards or play Expeditions.
  • Wilds A valuable item that can be exchanged for cards of the same rarity level.
  • Coins The LoR Premium Coin with which you can make micropayments in the store.


One of the most fun and interesting LoR game modes is Expeditions . It is a recruiting mode in which we create a deck with the cards that the game itself offers us and in this way we face the test of overcoming 7 victories , quite a job. Here we explain what the rules are, how to enter to participate in these games and what rewards there are, among other things.


The guardians of Legends of Runeterra are cute and cute pets that we can use as companions in our games. They appear in a corner of the board and each of them has their own unique personalities and appearances , and we can even interact a bit with our guardian by clicking on their head. If you want to know them all and know how to get them, here we present them to you.


Legends of Runeterra games happen on the boards , it is there where the cards fight for victory. Each player has his own and occupies half the screen, to differentiate the sides. Although by default it is the same for everyone, in the game store you can buy more to personalize your experience. There are quite a few and they have special effects and unique music .

Frequent questions

We offer you a final section with the frequently asked questions that can be asked most often by any player interested in Legends of Runeterra. We hope it helps you to clarify any doubts .

  • Cross-play and cross-save: We answer the question of whether LoR has cross-play and cross-save.
  • Download Android and iOS: We teach you how to easily download the game on mobile.
  • Requirements on PC: know the requirements to be able to play the title on computers.


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