How to use the accounting calculator?

Thanks to the development of accounting calculator technology.This calculator is easier and faster calculations.You need to first learn how to use this  accounting calculator.

How to use the accounting calculator?

accounting calculatorFirst, the accounting   that prints allows you to perform the four arithmetic calculations which are addition, subtraction, multiplication and division. It requires the use of an ink roller and a ribbon of printer paper. It allows a reliable and fast calculation. The ”  plus  ” key of the accounting calculator is not made to order an addition operation but to enter the number you have dialed.

It is therefore necessary to always put the addition sign for any calculation even during a subtraction. When using the ” plus  ” or ”  minus  ” signs  , the numbers just written are printed. The total is displayed on the screen but can only be printed if it is validated .

To validate the calculation, it is mandatory to press the T key on the machine which indicates the total. If you want the result to display as shown on the screen, press the “plus” key. The result is therefore saved in the machine memory and can be used for future calculations.

How do we print?

hen using the accounting calculator , its ability to print the results always comes to mind. There are three types of impressions. First, the matrix printing . It prints in two colors: black for positive numbers and red for negatives. The characters are written on a small roller of ink before reaching the paper. In addition, it is quite noisy but reliable.

Second, we have thermal printing which can only be used on thermal paper , a special type of paper for this machine. Finally, we have inkjet printing . It is expensive, luxurious and unusual. For all types of printers, always choose the right papers for each machine.Besides, apart from arithmetic calculations, the accounting calculator can also display tax calculations, percentages and can display twelve letters on the screen. It also allows the display of five digits after the decimal point, but it mainly depends on your choice.


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