Undimotor Energy

Many often confuse it with the Mareomotive Energy , but both are part of the use of Marine Energy or the oceans , as an energy potential.

Next, we will explain everything related to the source of Undimotor Energy .

What is Undimotor Energy

Energy wave – power , is one that takes advantage of the movement of the waves to generate electricity.

In itself, it is the energy that is obtained from the mechanical and potential energy of the movement of the waves , while the Mareomotive energy does so through the tides.

Characteristics Undimotor Energy

  • Energy product of sea waves.
  • Started in the 1980s.
  • It allows the generation of electrical energy.
  • Use new technologies.
  • It has more viability between latitudes 40 ° and 60.
  • Energy currently more studied.
  • It is part of marine energy.
  • Renewable and clean energy source.
  • It is infinite
  • It conserves the environment.
  • Ecological

Uses of Undimotor Energy

Its main use is for the generation of electrical energy , where diversity of countries, with coastal areas, take advantage of this renewable and inexhaustible energy source as an alternative to fossil fuels .

How Undimotor Energy Works

This energy is used through generators that are placed on the surface of the ocean , which convert the upward and downward movement of the waves into electrical energy .

Types of Undimotor Energy

Among the main ways to obtain this energy, through the following equipment and devices are:

  • Floats; submerged in the bottom of the sea.
  • Articulated mobile devices; It is a floating device that follows the movement of waves, like the Pelamis sea snake.
  • Deposits; With an opening in the surface of the sea, which expels the air by the waves and moving a turbine generates electricity.
  • Oscillating water column devices; with a turbine that contains an air chamber next to a generated one.
  • Oscillating devices; mainly with a hydraulic motor, hydraulic turbine and a linear electric generator.
  • Float; buoys that run a generator and make a movement between the mast and the float.
  • Rotation; anchored to the seabed and operate pistons that transform electrical energy.
  • Wave collectors; devices that, through a ramp, enter the waves and start the hydraulic turbines.

Advantages and Disadvantages of Undimotor Energy


    • Renewable
    • Can be predicted
    • Responsible with the surrounding environment.
    • It does not generate polluting gases.
  • Autonomous and silent.
  • Greater efficiency in their processes.
  • Without fuels


  • High economic cost
  • Adsorption of mechanical energy.
  • Take time for your investment and operation of the plants.
  • Location in coastal areas
  • Minimum ecological impact

Examples Undimotor Energy

The Motrico wave plant, and Sotenäs Undimotive Power Plant, Sweden .

Finally, it is part of the set of technology for the use of marine energy , where the kinetic and potential waves are transformed into electrical energy . ( Read also: Efficiency in energy consumption )

The main systems implemented for its use are : lotantes (pelamis and floating buoys) anchored to the coast (oscillating water column – OPC) and anchored to the seabed.

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