Seawater energy

We will tell you about one of the sources of marine and renewable energy due to the constant and inexhaustible movement of the water resource, such as tidal energy caused by the gravitational action of the sun and the moon .

It is important to highlight that it should not be confused with wave energy that is also part of marine energy , but that is obtained only through wave movements .

What is tidal energy

It is the energy that takes advantage of the rise and fall of the tides of the oceans product of the gravitation of the sun and the moon , to obtain electrical energy by means of hydraulic turbines that operate an alternator that is what converts it.

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Mareomotive Energy Characteristics

  • The movement of the waters in the sea generates an energy that is converted into electricity.
  • It is produced thanks to the set of wind, sun and moon, which make possible the movement of waves, tides and sea currents.
  • It is produced on the coast.
  • The minimum in water levels is 5 meters high to be able to produce electricity
  • Renewable, unlimited and clean energy source.
  • It is developed through a set of tidal generators known as Mareomotive Power Plant
  • Fights environmental pollution and other environmental problems.
  • Predictable energy.
  • It is sustainable and ecological.

Uses of Tidal Power

Its main use is for obtaining and generating electricity through the marine water resource. This renewable energy source is mainly used in France, Russia, Canada, England, Argentina, the United States and among other developed countries.

How Mareomotive Energy is Generated

It is a type of marine energy, it is mainly generated through:

  • Tidal current generator; It works with the kinetic energy of the moving water with the energy turbine.
  • Tidal dams; It works with the potential energy according to high and low tides.
  • Dynamic tidal energy; It works with the kinetic and potential energies of the tides.

Tidal power plants are responsible for transforming this energy from the tides into electricity by a turbine, similar to that of a reservoir in a river , that when the tide is high, the floodgates that the dike has, which enters the water reservoir; that when reaching its limit and low tide, the floodgates open letting the water pass through the turbines and through the ducts generating electricity.

“Currently, electricity is transported by cables that have been placed on artificial islands”

Types of Tidal Power

  • Live tides or syzygies; that depend on the movement of ascent and descent of the water during the phase of full or new moon.
  • Dead tides or squares; in these there are changes in the levels of the weakest waters and it occurs in the fourth increasing and fourth decreasing phases.

Mareomotive Energy Examples

The main examples of this energy source are: La Rance power station in France, Kislogubskaya Project, Russia, waves, tides and mechanical energy.

Advantages and Disadvantages of Tidal Power


  • Alternative to the problem of fossil fuels.
  • Attractive for electric power generation.
  • Reduce carbon emissions.
  • The supply is safe.
  • Low speed electricity is produced.
  • It does not contaminate the environment


  • Is limited
  • It produces changes in salinity.
  • Very expensive energy and great investment.
  • Visual impact and on the coastal landscape.
  • Impact on flora and fauna.
  • Depending on the amplitude of the tides and punctual location.

It is definitely the kinetic energy of large bodies of moving water or the rise and fall of seawater. It is mainly composed of tidal, dynamic and tidal barrier energy.

This arises for the first time in Rance, France, in 1967 where the movement of the tides is used to produce energy and later with the second largest plant in Kislogubskaya Russia in the Barents Sea 1968 .

Seawater energy; use of ocean tides that is obtained by a joint that is attached to an alternator, generating electricity in a safe and clean way

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