Understanding Understanding Communication Skills

It seems incomplete if we find out the notion of “communication skills”, but do not understand the meaning of communication first. Well according to Theodore M. Newcomb, communication is a transmission of information or messages from sources to recipients of information. Then, what about the definition of communication skills? Communication skills are abilities or expertise possessed by individuals in conveying the information they have to recipients of information, thus creating effective communication.


People who have communication skills will pay attention to various elements of communication, communication components and other important factors that can help them to achieve the expected communication goals.


In general, there are various examples of communication skills, including presentation , debate, negotiation, and so on. Now if we look at the living conditions of modern times, we can easily see people who are close or far apart, they can still communicate well .


For example, people who work remotely (remote) can still attend work meetings online with other team members who are in the office, or a boss who is on a business trip can still be the meeting leader using video conferencing.


But by the way, talking about technological developments, it doesn’t feel right if we don’t talk about millennial generation too. In fact, in the United States alone, millennial generation has become the largest generation that dominates the workforce there. An analytical study conducted by Deloitte shows that 66% of millennial workers hope to immediately leave their current jobs within the next three years. Meanwhile, only 5% remain confident that they will remain in the same company and job for the next 10 years.


From the results of the above research, we can see that companies and leaders must have communication skills that can specifically bind the hearts of millennials to feel comfortable and safe in their work environment. Generation x, y, z and millennial do have different characteristics in the work environment, but this does not mean that they cannot be understood in any way. Now, instead of reading readers tired of reading some information from millennial generation material or papers, it is better for fellow readers to read this article to the end, because we will divulge a secret, namely communication skills that are useful for binding the hearts of millennials.


What are the Communication Skills that Can Bind the Hearts of Millennials in the Company?

The characteristics of millennial generation are difficult and easy to understand. Especially to find out what can make them comfortable in a company. According to the pinper dot com website, there are 4 communication skills that can help us engage millennials better, especially in companies. Come on, consider the following explanation.


1. Communication Skills: Be Transparent.

Believe me, even though the millennial generation’s character is quite difficult to understand, one thing that is very certain of them is that the millennial really hopes that everything related to him is open, honest and transparent. Recently, there was a survey of 1,000 full-time employees in the United States, where the survey results showed that 81% of millennial workers prefer to work in a company that has a corporate culture of “open and transparent communication”. Transparent communication in this case relates to how the distribution of their benefits, health insurance, food and transportation incentives, membership, and other privileges the company has for its employees.


Now, this is the first and foremost communication skill for leaders in the company to have. Communication skills like this will help attract attention and make millennials more comfortable in the company.


2. Communication Skills: Constructive Feedback or Feedback Routine.

In fact, millennial employees are infatuated with constructive feedback from their bosses. In other words, these millennials want to know “Actually, what I have been working on in the office is correct, right? If it’s not right yet, what are the things I need to fix? ” One study found that 80% of millennial employees were hoping for feedbackconstructive given by its managers, even 75% of millennial workers also really want to have a mentor who is willing to guide them in giving advice and direction so that they can become more professional. If millennial employees get this in their company, they can be sure to feel attached to the company, because in a company like this they believe that they will continue to grow better.


3. Communication Skills: There is Accountability.

Accountability, or what we commonly refer to as accountability, is something that millennial employees crave. According to a study by Gallup showing that 56% of millennial workers feel increasingly involved with the company they work for, because their managers provide accountability that they can fulfill.


Accountability indicates that millennial employees are trusted to do something and this shows that their managers believe they can get the job done. In this accountability, leaders can apply their communication skills by making action plans and checking the performance results with their millennial employees. Oh yeah, this performance check doesn’t need to be done every day. Enough to do it every week or once every three months is also okay.


4. Visual Communication Skills.

Because our target is to win hearts and attract the attention of millennial employees, we need to use contemporary media of communication. Well, the present communication media, one of which is using visual communication. Research conducted by TechSmith found that more than 64% of millennial workers had an easier time understanding important information that was communicated visually, 58% of millennial workers said that they were easier to remember information visually for longer. So, don’t underestimate the communication skills that are conveyed visually yes, fellow readers.


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