Understanding E-Learning.

Rosenberg (2011) says that e-learning is a learning forum that refers to the use of internet technology to send a series of solutions that can enhance knowledge and skills. In addition, Jaya Kumar (2002) also gives his opinion on the definition of e-learning. According to Kumar, e-learning is just any teaching and learning that uses electronic circuits such as, LAN, WAN or the Internet, which conveys learning, interaction or guidance content. After knowing the definition of e-learning from the two experts, we now look at the landscape that e-learning has in 2019. Based on the entrepreneur’s website, there are several e-learning landscapes that will continue to develop after 2019.


E-Learning Landscape in 2019

2019 was the year most e-learning loved compared to previous years. Almost all people in the community are already “technologically savvy”, so they no longer need to leave the house to search for the latest knowledge and information, just open their cellphones or laptops, then all the useful information and knowledge they want will be obtained.


E-learning does not only develop in number, but also in innovation or development. There are some specific aspects of the development of e-Learning in 2019 which is predicted to experience a large increase in the coming year. Anything?


1. E-Learning as a Means of Skills Development.

One of the amazing developments in e-learning in 2019 is the availability of alternative courses that can help participants develop new skills or hone previously existing skills.


Before e-learning developed as it is today, people who have the determination to learn new and useful things have to spend deeply and move to big cosmopolitan cities, because high-quality courses are only there . E-learning provides a series of online courses whose subjects are very varied, even subjects that we have never imagined existed too! For example, online courses to learn Korean food cooking, online courses to be accepted on international scholarships, and so on.


Well in the next year and the following years, the number of online course availability is also predicted to increase sharply!


2. E-Learning Offers the Best Mentors. 

Traditional education conducted in the classroom and face to face with teachers is considered to be the best learning tool to date. Some people think that the traditional learning process will allow teachers to provide sympathetic feelings to the participants directly, so there is emotional strength that facilitates learning activities.


However, e-learning has destroyed all these negative stigmas. In fact, e-learning in 2019 has begun to offer many online learning innovations that are taught directly by the experts. A lot of expert thinkers, professionals, and successful leaders have participated as mentors in online courses.


They not only become great practitioners in their respective fields, but also participate in educating the nation’s generation through e-learning platforms. Not only that, several universities in Indonesia in 2019 have also used the online platform in addition to their learning activities in class. How is the development of e-learning in the coming year? We still predict the same thing that is, getting ahead and developing!


3. E-Learning as a Very Interesting Visual Learning Tool. 

People who learn through e-learning or online courses are the same as learning while entertaining themselves. Why is that? The visual learning tools offered by e-learning through video make e-learning participants more interested and easier to understand the information and knowledge delivered by mentors.


E-learning as a whole uses video as the basis for teaching, and this greatly facilitates e-learning participants in capturing the thoughts and imaginations that mentors try to convey through video.


Although some people still refute this because seeing the screen for a long time is not very good for the eyes, but e-learning with videos remains a favorite choice for many people. In addition, the choice of this video is also predicted to be increasingly chosen by e-learning participants in the following years.


4. E-Learning Provides Targeted Testing & Ability Tests. 

Once before e-learning came into our lives, parents were too busy and dizzy in helping their children to determine the talents and interests that would have a profound effect on future career paths. However, now it is no longer because e-learning also offers test testing and highly targeted capabilities.


This is very helpful for us in determining what abilities and shortcomings we have, and what professions are suitable for us to have in the future. The test takers also don’t need to worry about where they should study. Today, we can learn anything from the internet according to the topics we want. Easy and interesting, right?


Even predicted in the next few years, we no longer need to come to the test institutions that test our abilities appropriately, because everything can be done online.


5. E-Learning Offers Specific and Targeted Learning. 

One of the biggest benefits resulting from the development of e-learning is being able to create special programs that are made specifically and in detail that target very specific groups of students and make very definitive programs.


In this case, the e-learning platform succeeded in creating and building highly specialized programs faster and far more efficiently. Not only that, e-learning also provides many other benefits including the price of courses that are more affordable than learning directly in class.


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