Successful entrepreneurs always look cool in the eyes of most people, especially for office workers who are still working from 9 am to 5 pm. Most of us will be amazed by business people and entrepreneurs who dare to take risks to set up their own business, until finally they become successful entrepreneurs.


Unfortunately, not many people want to think of complicated situations that can make all entrepreneurs feel stressed and almost crazy about the business problems they face. In essence, being an entrepreneur is not easy. Although indeed we have the opportunity to earn more income than being an office employee.


So, “what do entrepreneurs have to do to stay happy and sane (not crazy because of heavy work stress )?” This article will answer that question! There are 5 ways that successful entrepreneurs can apply to stay happy and sane which we have summarized from the entrepreneur website.


1. Establish Good Relationships with Positive People. 

When we feel stressed or pressured about some business problems that exist, it is very reasonable. All entrepreneurs are human beings, who certainly can feel demotivated and uninspired because of certain things.


However, that does not mean we can not solve this problem right? Humans as living things will never be able to live and survive without other people around them. Therefore, make sure that fellow employers always talk and interact with people you trust, especially when work stress is overwhelming.


Eits! But, make sure we interact with people who are always positive thinking yes. Because if we just interact with other people, this will also present new problems for us. Not everyone can provide positive input for us, people with negative thoughts are already scattered around us.


That is why as an entrepreneur, we need to be selective in choosing the best people around us. So that we remain happy and sane, do not forget to foster good relations with positive people around us , yes.


2. Go to a place that calms the heart. 

If your fellow readers like to go to the beach and feel comfortable every time you visit the beach, try to allocate half or one day to quit the business routine for a while. We can go to the nearest beach and breathe sea air there, if that can indeed make us happy.


Don’t underestimate the feeling of stress that engulfs our minds, because when an entrepreneur feels mumet and stress that reaches its peak, this condition can be very dangerous to their own business.


Unbearable stress can affect our relationships with clients, business partners, and even customers. Not that the more advanced the business, the more there is our business will be more disadvantaged because of a bad relationship between us and clients.

Not only that, unhappy feelings will also disrupt our health. Almost all types of dangerous diseases come from the feeling of stress we experience. So, don’t underestimate this situation, fellow readers.


3. Meditation can make us happy and calm. 

Nowadays, many people are flocking to do meditation after work from the office. Meditation can make our hearts and minds calmer than before. When we meditate, we are indirectly throwing away the burden and feelings of stress that engulf our minds.


There are various kinds of meditation that we can apply . For example, exercising Yoga. Yoga is also included in the sports category which contains elements of meditation that are good for our body and mind. If your fellow readers don’t like to do yoga, your fellow readers can calm your mind by listening to your favorite music, closing your eyes, and reflecting on what positive things we need to be thankful for that day and what negative things we need to avoid.


When we meditate, we also need to remember that “no matter how difficult the business conditions that I experience now, all these difficulties can definitely be resolved properly. I will also remain happy and everything will be fine. ”


4. Having enough sleep is important.

There is a famous saying that is spread among business people that “if we want to be a successful entrepreneur, we must be willing to lose sleep.” In other words, we must be willing if our sleep quota which should be 8 hours a day, turns into only 2 hours. Ouch! The question is, is that saying true? and Is it not harmful to our health?


In fact, sleep has a very important role in our cognitive processes. If we have enough sleep, then the way we think, learn, solve problems and our reasoning process will work very well, compared if we lack sleep. By having enough sleep , our minds will be replenished. So, however busy or stressed, we can still balance our thoughts well. So, even if your fellow readers want to become a successful entrepreneur, don’t occasionally sacrifice some valuable sleep.


5. Do Many Things That Make Us Happy.

When we feel happy, our mental health will also be maintained. So, it is important for us to do many things that can keep us smiling, excited and motivated. To get happiness, we can apply a hobby every weekend or do activities that are still in line with our passion.


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