Types of Mind Which Every Person Have: What Is Yours?

In-fact there are different types of mind in different people. You must know which type of mind you possesses. Speaking of the mind means referring to an abstract concept, which is not clear to everyone. It is a word that encompasses processes that take place in the brain: thought, conscience, perception, beliefs, desires, feelings, etc. The mind, then, would seem to be the scenario where conscious, unconscious and functional processes take place .

The mind is reflected in our ideas, our actions, and the various manifestations of brain activity. All this takes place from structured processes. In other words, all this mental activity is not random, but it responds to patterns or schemes that we face throughout our lives. This does not mean that there is no possibility of change. In fact, in the brain , everything can change .

Depending on how these processes take place, some scholars have hypothesized the existence of three types of mind: rigid, fluid and flexible . Each has its own characteristics and obeys different logic. Let’s see them in detail.

The rigid mind: the resistance to adopting new perspectives

Education is the most influential factor in the configuration of minds. Usually, people with a rigid mind are parents of the same characteristics. This rigidity, at the beginning, is a defense mechanism. Fixed ideas give a feeling of greater control and protect against uncertainty. Those who present these characteristics are generally engaged in activities where the discipline factor is central.

However, those with a rigid mind may also be a bit superficial. They are people who do not stop to analyze or thoroughly evaluate their ideas or actions. Take it for granted that everything has to go in a precise direction, already determined .

In this sense, they have great difficulty in creating and usually only repeat, reproduce. They may feel confused and helpless if something or someone leaves them out of their comfort zone . Lack of control over situations is for them a cause of great anxiety and suffering.

Types of Mind Which Probably You Have

The liquid mind: a chameleon perspective

Liquid minds happen exactly the opposite of the rigid minds. They have no consistency, so they adapt to anything. They take the form of the filling tank. This mentality is typical of people who have given up any control over the circumstances.

The liquid mind is typical of people who need something or someone that the Orient, who addresses them. They make too much effort to make decisions and even more to adopt a position towards reality. They do not know what to think, and since they do not know, they delegate this task to those who feel they have the safety they lack .

Whoever has this kind of mind does a lot of effort to persevere. These people do not set goals, but leave the task of deciding and adapting to others. They can be very competent in jobs that require great levels of subordination . In one way or another, they are complementary to those who have a rigid mind.

Flexible mind: a point of balance

Flexible mind is the one you can adapt. This does not mean that, like the liquid mind, passively accept anything. Adaptation is reasoned and creative. Flexible minds find their place within reality without imposing their criteria, but without blindly accepting those of others 

In this case it is the thought to guide the action. Reality is like an object, it is elaborated, analyzed and deepened. Flexible minds are open to arguments and evidence, which is why they can change their minds and ideas. They are somehow humble minds. They do not have the belief that they have the truth in their hands, but they do not even give up irrationality or error for lack of judgment .

All this makes their relationship with the world’s most affable and constructive. Flexible minds also create the conditions for these relationships evolve. Life is change, and the change is positive because it is a challenge and at the same time an opportunity for growth .

None of us has one type of mind. We reflect the characteristics of all three types, although some dominate others. We can not even say that there are “right” minds and “wrong” minds . However, it is worth understanding that there are minds that help us to be happier, while others paralyze or even cancel us.

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